MAINGEAR MG1 – Should You Build or Buy a Gaming PC?

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Today's video is sponsored by Intel so The big question should you build or buy A PC and it really depends on your Situation if you're really curious and Want to learn about PCS in general just Do it it's a fun experience and it's Very educational plus you get a sense of Accomplishment when the build is done if You don't have the time like you're 95 Years old like me and you have kids and You just don't want to do that kind of Stuff buy a pre-built there are some Really great manufacturers out there and Today we're taking a look at Main gears Mg1 to show you that you can get a good Pre-built that is just as good as a High-end custom PC the benefit of buying A pre-built PC though is you do save a Lot of time like a lot you don't have to Source Parts you don't have to wait for Parts to come in you can remove the Ability to have any sort of user error So like if you break something it's up To you to go out and buy it and replace It yourself you just submit your order It shipped out to you in about seven to Ten days and you have a brand new Computer now the computer I put together Is crazy high-end like it's using Intel's latest I9 13900 okay and if you Were to buy this from being gear it Would cost around 4 596 dollars whereas if you were to build It yourself it would cost four thousand

Two hundred and twenty seven dollars now That's a 300 difference but you get Peace of mind plus you got to give him Some money because they are building the PC for you and you're getting a better Warranty so for example if a couple Parts breaking your computer you don't Have to talk to two different Manufacturers you just contact me gear Directly and they'll deal with it for You now I've placed the link to the PC Part picker list in the description down Below along with the live configurator For this specific PC build so that you Guys can see that they're both exactly The same they have this wonderful live Configurator on their website that Allows you to choose the exact Parts you Want to go inside your build or you can Choose one of their pre-configured Builds if you just want something very Specific now the I9 3900k got a nice Performance bump compared to last year's I9 12900k instead of 16 cores we're now Working with 24 it's still has eight Performance cores but instead of eight Efficiency cores we're now utilizing 16 Of them Intel's thread director does a Good job of scheduling which cores are Put to work so depending on what you're Doing you might use efficiency cores but If you're using something more demanding It's going to lie on the performance Cores a bit more this also helps to save

Power depending on the type of workload Max turbo boost has also been bumped up From 5.2 to 5.8 gigahertz the media About the 3900k is backwards compatible With the z690 so if you have a z690 Motherboard you can simply take out your CPU put a 13th gen CPU inside of it and It will work perfectly assuming you did The bias update now I mostly game and Edit videos so I tested a bunch of Applications to see how it performs Compared to the 12900k and previous Processors if you're a developer you Will see a nice performance bump Compared to the previous year and right Off the bat using cinebench I'm seeing Anywhere from 30 to 40 percent jump in Multi-threaded performance even single Core clock speeds got a nice performance Boost compared to last year's mod model Another great test is using blender to Render the seeds using only the CPU when I saw a 10 performance jump compared to Last year's processor and even every Single creative application that I used I saw anywhere from a 10 to 15 Difference using the I9 13900k now Granted this is coming from the previous Year but if you have an 11 900k or a 10900k going to the 3900k is going to be An absolute massive jump in performance That's where you'll see it the most now If you're a gamer and you're playing a 1080p obviously you're gonna get a nice

Performance bump with the faster single Core clock speeds and no matter what Game I tested except for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare the 13900k was always Faster and the beauty about this combo Between the GPU and CPU is that you can Play most 4K titles comfortably Regardless of whether it's cyberpunk Red Dead Redemption 2 or even god of war From 2018 this combo is absolutely going To be able to handle it now granted the Other benefit of using a I9 3900k or Most Intel CPUs is the ability to Utilize quick sync this has Hardware Acceleration and this makes a big Difference in some of the creative Applications that you use if you're Rendering files it's going to be a lot Faster using an Intel processor compared To some of the other competitors now for Those of you who want to overclock your System but are kind of afraid Intel has A great utility called the extreme 2D Utility you download it you hit Automatic overclock and it will Overclock your CPU safely okay it Doesn't overdo it it does it safely you Don't have to fool around with voltages Or core offset ratios it does it Automatically for you and it's a great Way to squeeze a little bit of extra Performance depending on how good your Cooling is in terms of fan noise the Main gear mg1 has been great it usually

Sets around 40 or less if I'm doing General productivity the fans are not Too loud the only time it does get a bit Louder is if I'm doing something very Extensive for a long period of time so If I'm rendering a file for like over 10 Minutes then yeah the fans are going to Ramp up is it over 50 decibels to the Point where it's loud and obnoxious no In terms of actual thermals it's been Great you know the cooling on this System is more than attic quit and the CPU is working as intended so hopefully This video answered your question but More importantly shows you that a good Pre-built should run and perform just as Well as a good custom desktop PC if you Have any questions about the main gear Mg1 or Intel's I9 13900k let me know in The comment section down below I'll Place links to both of their products in The description happy holidays like the Video if you liked it subscribe if you Haven't already and I'll see you guys in The next one

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