Lenovo Legion 5 Pro & Legion 7 Pro 2023 – Still the Best?

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So today we're going to talk about the Brand new Legion 5 I5 Pro and then of Course the all-new 7i Pro and 7 Pro the Difference between the seven and the 7i The 5 and the 5i is one comes with AMD The other one comes with Intel but They're not really changing the design a Lot like this is going to look a lot Like the previous version in fact I have The 2022 model of the Legion 5 ipro Right in front of me and the big Difference you notice right away is the Lid design on the previous model you Have these two angular cuts on the new Version they're just keeping it flat so It's going to look very simplified on Top of that they're also introducing a Brand new blue color now this could go Either way like I don't think it's gonna Look okay it's either gonna look really Good or super cheap and it's hard to Tell in these renders it's going to be Something that I get into the studio and See for myself because Blues are tricky Right like Blues could really look bad On a aluminum chassis so it depends on The actual tone and color Hue of the Blue they're using on top of that the Other little change they're making is The design of the grills on the 2022 Model they're a little bit more circular With some rough cuts on the newer Version they're going to be more Hexagonal they're going to feel a bit

More round the port lineup is also Pretty much identical with one slight Change so for example on the right hand Side you have your e-shutter which Obviously closes the webcam so no one Can see you you have your combo Jack and Then of course a USB 3.2 gen 1 Port on The right hand side then on the back you Have your power connector and this Laptop will either come with a 230 watt Power brick or a 300 watt power brick Two more USB 3.2 port HDMI 2.1 you have A type c Port that supports USB power Delivery which can be charged up to 140 Watts this is kind of interesting Because most of the other laptops I've Talked about this week can only do up to 100 Watts it seems like lenovo's pushing It a bit more and of course you get a Full size RJ45 Jack now the slight tweak To Ports comes in on the left hand side With the old model you have two type c Reports one of them being Thunderbolt 4. The Thunderbolt 4 is remaining there and Obviously it's probably going to be USB 4.0 for the AMD model but this other Type c Port is being replaced with a Regular USB a port now the other changes Come down to the keyboard deck it's Going to have the exact same layout it's Still going to have a numeric touch pad There's going to be four zones of RGB That you can change to whatever color You want but they did change the color

Of the keys same Keys same travel Distance of 1.5 millimeters but they're Now going to be all black so you're Going to have a two-tone finish to the Actual deck you still have your power Button that has a light inside which Changes colors depending on which Performance profile you have if you do Want to take advantage of lenovo's AI All you have to do is leave it in Intelligent mode touchpad same position It's going to be glass but the change Comes down to the display options it's Still QHD you still have a 1080p webcam At the top but the difference is you Have two QHD panels to choose from one Is slightly better than the other There's a QHD plus display that can go Up to 300 nits and there's a QHD plus Display that can go up to 500 nits and Supports HDR now the 7i and 7 Pro is Going to sport a very similar design but The big difference is come down to Quality of Life features so for example You're going to have a lot of RGB per Key RGB using their Spectrum technology You're gonna have RGB under the laptop a Lot more customization in that front Port lineup is going to be identical but With the display you have the ability to Spec it with mini LED and that can go up To anywhere around 1100 nits of Brightness now you can get either laptop With an AMD processor or an Intel

Processor with AMD you can spec it with A ryzen 5 7645 HX you can get it with a ryzen 7 7 45 HX or a ryzen 9 78 45 HX with Intel It's going to be your standard 13th Gen Processor so the 13 500 13 700 the 13 900 and they're all going to be h hack So this is like Intel's top of the line Stuff in the GPU Department you can get It with an RTX 3050 which will run at 95 Watts or an RTX 4050 4060 or 4070 which Will run at 140 Watts now if you go for The 7i or the 7 Pro the 7 Pro the AMD Model can only be specked with one CPU The 79 45 HX which is the most powerful Ryzen processor they're offering with Intel you still have access to all three Different options and you can only get The 7i or 7 Pro with an RTX 4080 or 4090 Which means you get a higher tgp of 175 Watts but I think the big difference Comes down to whether you want the Beefier GPU obviously the 7i and 7 Pro Are going to be much more expensive Because you're also paying for these Extra features on top of that you're Also getting access to a bigger battery With the 7 Series 99.99 Watt hours which is the legal Limit of battery size if you're Traveling on a plane compared to 80 watt Hours in the legion 5 Pro you also get The option of choosing a 330 watt Gan Adapter so it's going to be a lot

Smaller than your traditional Lenovo Adapter which will obviously help with Traveling but if you want a vapor Chamber okay you have to go with the 7i Or the 7 Pro because those are the only Two options that allow it just because It has that big 40 90 and 4080 inside You just get the better cooling to go Along with it so I don't know what Performance is going to be like but These new AMD 7945 HX processors look Super interesting they're running on a Four nanometer architecture it's going To be super efficient battery life Should be fantastic on these laptops but It's hard to say how it's going to Compare to Intel I do know that Intel is Obviously going to have faster single Core clock speed so mainly important if You're doing any 1080p gaming but one Thing that I think AMD might do better This year is actually have better Multi-core speeds these 7945 HX Processors have 16 cores but their Performance cores whereas Intel is Running 10 performance cores on their HX Processors plus 16 efficiency cores so It's going to be very interesting on how These two laptops go head to head Another little design benefit of going With the 7 Series is that the display Can go flat or at least 180 degrees this One can only go this far back which is Pretty standard for a gaming laptop

Maybe not so important for most people If you want the best the best you're Going to be going for the 7i and the 7 Pro if you want a really good experience Better bang for your buck and you're Okay topping out at a 40 70 then you're Probably looking at the Legion 5i or 5 Pro I'm going to be reviewing both of These laptops so make sure you subscribe To see that if you have any questions Let me know in the comment section down Below and I'll try to answer as many of Them as soon as I get these laptops in Availability is probably going to be Around March or at least they'll start Shipping in March so stay tuned for that Like the video if you liked it subscribe If you haven't already and I'll see you Guys in the next one

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