Khadas Vim1S Hands On Review, A Fast Low Cost 4K Linux & Android SBC?

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Foreign Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at the cadas vem1s Singleboard computer now this is on the Market not to replace the Raspberry Pi But as you know it's really hard to get Your hands on a pie right now so this Could be a great option it's just an Alternative for now it's actually really Affordable when you compare it to other Boards on the market right now this is Coming in at sixty dollars and there's Already a lot of accessories available For this because it does utilize the Same form factor as the cadas Vim boards So there's already cases add-ons and Hats available that'll fit directly on This SBC and going into this I was a bit Skeptical on what kind of performance We're going to see out of this board but By the end of this video hopefully you Get an idea of what this thing can do And I'll tell you it actually exceeded My expectations given the specs we're Working with here on this singleboard Computer and just to give you an idea of What comes in the Box basically we get The board and the Wi-Fi antenna give you A quick size comparison between the Vim1s and the Raspberry Pi 4. the vim1s Is actually coming in a bit smaller but It is lacking some of the i o ports that The Raspberry Pi 4 has

I've always liked the way that kadas has Laid their Boards out it's definitely a Lot different from others on the market Right now and this does come with emmc Storage and Wi-Fi 5 built into the board So we don't have to worry about adding Adapters or even using an SD card but You could if you wanted to Taking a look at the i o starting from The top left hand corner we've got one USB 2.0 Port we've also got our ethernet Port HDMI which is HDMI 2.1 it will do 4K 60 out USB type-c this is for power In and it runs on 5 volts and we've got Another USB 2.0 Port we've also got that Pwm fan header reset button function Button and our power button an RTC Header in case you wanted to add a Real-time clock battery 40 pin gpio Right there kind of laid out just like The Raspberry Pi a two channel infrared Sensor so if you wanted to add one of Their remotes or a remote that can be Programmed you can always do it here Moving around to the bottom we've got Our Vin input and this is really for Adding a battery to a board like this We've also got a Micro SD card slot and This will support UHS one speed card so It'll do up to 47 megabytes a second now I really do wish that one of these USB Ports up here was 3.0 but you know I can Get by with the operating systems that I'm going to be running on this board

Here and since this is using the dos Vim Layout we do have access to a cooler Which this is definitely going to be a Bit overkill for this board but they do Offer it over on their website it fits Several of their Vim boards goes right Here we've got the pwm fan it can be Controlled from software and this board Also fits in the cases they make for Their Vim series you can pick these up For pretty cheap I think there are a Couple aftermarket cases on the market Also but yeah if you wanted to keep this Thing nice and protected you could use One of these access to all of the ports On the vim1s Checking out the specs here for the CPU We've got the s905y4 this is a quad core Cortex 835 CPU running at 2 gigahertz And it is truly running at two gigahertz We'll take a look at that when we get Into the operating system and by the way This chip does support av-1 for the GPU We've got the Mali g31 mp2 running it up To 850 megahertz they've only added two Gigabytes of LP ddr4 Ram to the vem1s And this really does show when we're Trying to run a desktop operating system They do have a Ubuntu image with gnome And I do notice that it does get a bit Sluggish once I have a few apps open and It's really because we're using up all Of that Ram but with their Android and Their server image really haven't

Noticed an issue with it would have been Nice to have four gigs but this is what We have with the vim1s it's also got 16 Gigabytes of emmc storage built-in Wi-Fi Five it'll support a uhs1 SD card from That slot on the bottom and we've got a Few operating system choices right now There's coralec there's an Ubuntu server Ubuntu desktop with gnome and Android 11. and in order to install any of these Operating systems they actually make it Really easy because these new cadas Boards have a built-in operating system Downloader we can get online using Wi-Fi Or ethernet we're going to boot into it Right now and it's called ooh wow so This is actually really neat you can Connect over Wi-Fi or ethernet and Basically what this is going to do is Scan cadasa's servers for new images or Firmware or operating systems whatever You want to call them for the specific Board you're using so obviously this is Working on the vem1s when I hit continue You'll see that we do have an internet Connection and now it's going to give us A list of all of the operating systems That we can install we've got Android Correlat we've got Ubuntu server and Ubuntu with gnomes so you can run a full Desktop but like I mentioned we've only Got two gigs of RAM here Android is Probably going to be your best bet if You want an operating system to mess

Around with if you're looking to create A small server obviously you could go With Ubuntu server or if you just want To media playback device coralek is Really awesome but for this video we're Gonna go with Android and we do have a Few to choose from I'm going to go with The latest one I can go ahead and Download it right now and it's Automatically going to flash it to the Emmc or SD card just makes it really Easy to install a new operating system Or even update your existing operating System on the SD or emmc All right so here we are with the latest Version of Android 11 for the vim1s uh We do have access to Google play this is Really awesome last time I checked out One of these cadas boards we didn't have Access but I think with all of their Newer images they are including it but Of course if you're not into using the Google apps you can always side load a Third-party Market if you want to not a Problem to do that we can do it from Internal storage SD card or even USB Heading over to settings we do have some Dedicated settings here specifically for These boards we've got display and sound And from here we can rotate the screen We can actually change the resolution From here if you want to and set up HDMI SEC so it's up to you if you want to use A remote like that

Power key definition LED control so we Can have the LEDs completely off or we Can even change the colors of them and We've also got cooling fan control Mindset to automatic but you can go full Blast if you want to and I'll tell you These little cadas fans at full blast do Make a little bit of a wine noise Automatic not bad at all especially on The s905 y4 doesn't require too much Cooling When we open up Ida 64 you can see that This amlogic CPU does clock up to two Gigahertz now I've seen in some cases With these amlogic CPUs they're Advertised as two gigahertz and Sometimes they only clock up to 1.5 or 1.8 but we are getting that full Boost Here so we can get the maximum Performance out of this little chip And I'll tell you when it comes to Performance you're not going to be able To run PS2 on this you're not going to Be able to run GameCube but uh when it Comes to like N64 PSP and Dreamcast it Actually does a really good job 4K video Playback is also phenomenal on this new Firmware they have here really impressed By how it performs and I've had some Really good luck with Native Android Games also And like I mentioned we are going to be A bit limited here running a full Desktop Linux variant on this board

Because we only have two gigabytes of RAM I really wish they would have went With four but I know they wanted to keep The price as low as possible and I Understand but with Android even two Gigs with a lot of the stuff that I've Tested hasn't presented an issue Whatsoever Okay so the first thing I wanted to show Off was a little bit of 4K video Playback and there's one weird little Issue here I'll find a demo and show you As soon as I click on this screen Flashes black for just a second but it Goes right into the video Gotta drop frames listed right here Had a little hiccup there with 11 drop Frames but so far not bad When it comes to 4K video playback on These s905 chips this is definitely some Of the best performance that I've seen And I'm going to kind of chalk it up to Newer drivers with uh you know updated Firmware and things like that but it's Always been touted as a CPU that can run 4K 60 video quite well and that's been The case with some of the other devices That I've tested but it's usually not Great with streaming 4K video but here It's looking great Next thing I wanted to test out was some Native Android gaming and we're starting Off light here with Minecraft I dropped The chunks down to eight and we have

Fancy Graphics off I'm using an Xbox Controller right now and Minecraft for Android is one of those games that Supports controllers really well so yeah I mean if you wanted to play Minecraft On this you could definitely do it Here's Asphalt 9 and we do get a few Stutters here and there but you know Even seeing this game you know booting Up on this chip is still pretty Impressive usually I test out Real Racing 3 and that's one of those games That does work well in the s905 never Had great luck with asphalt until now And finally for the native Android Gaming part of the video we've got dead Cells I know it's a 2d game but this is One of those games that really does Struggle on lower end chips we're not at 60fps we're actually set to 30 but it's Still a really enjoyable experience and Again this is one of those games that Does perform well with a controller Now it's time to move over to my Favorite part of these videos emulation Testing like I mentioned at the Beginning of the video this isn't going To run GameCube and it's not going to Run PS2 so don't get your hopes up but For some easier to emulate stuff it does A great job here's GoldenEye 007 and I'm Using the move pin 64 FZ Standalone app From Google Play This is actually Performing much better than I thought it

Would on this little board Next up we've got some Dreamcast Emulation using the redream emulator I Did try a little bit of upscaling and With some of the easier to run games you Can but I would kind of lead it at Native especially with a game like Sonic Adventure 2 but at Native Dreamcast Resolutions we're running at 60. FPS is Up in the top left-hand corner so we've Got a lot of retro systems that we can Run at full speed on this board but the Most impressive thing that I saw so far Was the PSP emulation I'm using the Standalone version of PPSSPP this is Tekken 6. it's kind of a Mid-range game not super easy to emulate But it's not the hardest for PSP we're At 60 native resolution Vulcan back in I Could definitely play this and not have An issue with it but of course there is One kind of go-to game that we Definitely need to test here and that's Going to be God of War chains of Olympus So with this we're using the Vulcan Backhand 1X resolution and I do have the Speed hacks turned on from the Standalone version of PPSSPP but if you Take a look at the FPS up in the top Right hand corner this is running at 60 Every once in a while I do get a couple Dips when there's lots of particles on Screen but when it comes down to it I've Never been able to run this game at full

Speed with no frame skip on an s905 chip Until now really impressed So obviously the vim1s isn't a high-end Board by any means if you're looking for A high-end board I would go with Something with an rk3588 those are going To range from you know 120 up to 250 Depending on where you get them and yeah I mean you can even run PS2 games on That and run it as a full-fledged Desktop PC but it's going to cost you a Lot more than the vem1s does this is Really put on the market as a cheaper Alternative to some of the other stuff That's out there and you know time where It's really hard to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi 4 for a decent price this Could come in handy for a lot of people But that's going to wrap it up for this One really appreciate you watching if You're interested in learning more about The cadas vem1s I'll leave some links in The description and if there's anything Else you want to see running on this Board just let me know down below and Like always thanks for watching

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