KHADAS Edge 2 ARM PC PRO First Look, A Powerful Next-Gen SBC Right Now!

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Foreign Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at the cadas edge 2 Armpc now previously on the channel We've taken a look at the edge too but Uh they do offer a PC kit for this and Until now it actually wasn't available But they were kind enough to send one Over so we could take a quick look at it And uh when it comes down to it if You're not familiar with the Edge 2 this Is a very powerful arm-based single Board computer it utilizes a high Performance Rock Chip CPU and a really Awesome GPU I mean this is capable of Running a full desktop operating system We can run Android we can run native Android games and emulators up to PS2 on This super tiny single board computer Along with the Edge 2 PC kit we're also Going to be taking a look at a couple Extra accessories that they offer over On their website we'll get to those in a Second but with the Edge 2 armpc Kit You're obviously going to get the edge Too we also get the Edge 2 maker kit The Edge 2 active cooling kit which is Pre-installed on the one I have here and The edge to do yourself case and by the Way they are offering this kit in two Different RAM and storage variants you Can pick up the lower end model with Eight gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes

Of emmc 5.1 storage or you can go all Out with the pro model which I have here It's got 16 gigabytes of RAM and 64 Gigabytes of emmc 5.1 storage now having 16 gigabytes of RAM in a single board Computer is actually really awesome but It's definitely overkill for a lot of People out there and I'd go with the 8 Gigabyte model you can run Android just Fine on it or a Linux based desktop Operating system would be fine with Eight gigs and real quick just to run Down on the key features here for the CPU we've got that RK 3588s it's an 8 Core arm SOC up to 2.25 gigahertz for The GPU we've got the Mali g610 MP4 it's Got Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5. we've got one Full-size USB 3.1 Port one full-size USB 2.0 port and we've also got two USB Type-c ports here here one is only going To support power delivery to power the Board up but the other one supports Power delivery and DisplayPort 1.4 so This actually works in alt mode if You've got a display that supports USBC Video in and power out all you'll need Is a single cable to get this up and Running on that display one of my Favorite things about the cadas edge too The first thing we're going to be taking A look at in this video is The Edge 2 i O module now unfortunately this will not Fit with the case but if you've already Got the edge too kind of purchased it

Separately then this will come in handy Because this actually adds an SD card Reader we've got these four white Connectors 16 gpio pins and a 3.5 Millimeter audio jack now when it comes To the white connectors we've got one Four pin that'll work as USB host we've Got one two pin connector that'll work As an analog speaker output we've got Another two pin connector which will Work as analog microphone input and we Can also set up a dual Channel IR Receiver with this i o module so it can Definitely add some functionality to the Edge too and in order to connect it We're just going to plug these ribbon Cables in and this will attach to the Bottom of the board So you can actually just kind of screw This down and secure it Sits on here really nicely but Unfortunately with the new case this i o Module just won't fit really wish it Would but unfortunately we just don't Have the room Now it's time to move over to the new Case and this is something I've been Waiting on for a little while they've Had renders up on their website for a While now and initially I thought it was Going to be aluminum unfortunately it's Plastic but I'm going to tell you it is Worth it and it looks great seven Pogo Pins here we've got some strong magnets

I was actually surprised at how strong These are you could stick this you know Vertically on something metal and it Would stay up we've got the seven pads On the bottom so we can actually use a Different i o expansion device while It's inside of the case and the top of The unit just looks really good I think They've done a great job with the design On this and you know in the past I've Tested a lot of different cases be it Plastic aluminum or whatnot for Different single board computers Personally I think this is the best Looking case for a single board computer That I've seen so far and remember if You do pick up the PC kit it's going to Come with the active cooling kit which Has a really nice aluminum heat sink and A blower style fan on it and remember The fan here is pwm whether you're Running Android or Linux it's fully Adjustable from software and on the edge Too there are three physical buttons on The unit itself they're fully accessible With the case installed and you're just Basically going to kind of slide this Right down in there make sure all of our Ports are lining up and two screws are Going to hold it in from the bottom These screws are actually going to kind Of hold down the heat sink inside the Unit also so just make sure you have Those out before you put the bottom on

And this will really only go on one way It's going to make contact with those Pogo pins Snap it in And yeah I mean this looks so good I Think they've done an amazing job Designing this case for the edge too and Once we have our screws in we can add The rubber strip this isn't going to Slide around on the table or anything Like that and over here on the left hand Side we've got our power button run Button and reset button fully accessible Plus all of the LEDs on the board are Visible once this is inside of the case And of course all of our main i o ports Are accessible we've got those dual USB Type-c ports two USB ports and full size HDMI so yeah I think it looks great got A futuristic design minimalistic design It would have been nice it was aluminum But you know this plastic here wasn't Really going to help with cooling we've Already got a pretty beefy cooling System on the edge too already And the final new accessory we're going To be taking a look at is The Edge 2 Station now this actually isn't Available for uh order over other Website just yet but it will be soon and Basically what we have here is a docking Station I thought this was pretty cool Uh with the new Edge 2 case it's going To magnetically attach it'll line up

These Pogo pins and it's going to add The addition of ethernet another USB Type-c port and a 3.5 millimeter audio Jack I thought this was pretty cool because Uh basically it just magnetically Attaches and it lines right up I mean When you've got this case installed Remember we've got magnets in the bottom Of that also just kind of snaps right on There and now we've got access to Ethernet another USBC and 3.5 and I'd Say at least in my opinion ethernet was The main thing missing from the edge too In the first place I understand why they Did it they wanted to keep that form Factor down but you know adding an Accessory like this really does help out For somebody who wants to use a wired Connection instead of the built-in Wi-Fi 6. So like I mentioned we do have a few Different operating systems that we can Run on the cadas edge too and first up We've got Android this is the tablet Version we're running Android 12. I'm Not sure if Android 13 is available yet I actually haven't checked for an update But when it comes to this operating System running on the board with the Rock chip 3588 not a problem at all I Mean we've got plenty of power to run Android here's some 4K video playback Really smooth 4K 60 HDR right out of

HDMI on this unit and it'll tell you I've had much better luck in Android Running 4K videos over something like Linux at least at the time of making This video and with this SOC we've got a Pretty modern Mali GPU it's the g610 so Native Android gaming is really smooth Ginshin impact 60fps medium settings Fully playable and I am using a mapper Right now so I can use the controller With the Android version of ginshin Impact personally I like using mantis Body Emulation is also really great on this Board in Android and Linux here's some PSP using PPSSPP 3x resolution Vulcan Back again we've got one of the harder Ones to emulate chains of Olympus and Since we're able to upscale this game The 3x the easier to emulate PSP games Can go up to 5 and 7x really depends on What game you're running GameCube and Wii emulation is still a bit hit or miss On this Ford I do get some stutters here And there but even with something like F-zero GX at least on the first couple Tracks we get a pretty smooth frame rate Now going over to one of the harder to Emulate tracks fire field kind of falls On its face but overall not bad for GameCube and Wii on a singleboard Computer But I gotta say the most impressive Thing about the cadas Edge 2 is PS2

Emulation personally I prefer running it In Android but we can also run this in Linux I'm using ether sx2 we've got Gran Turismo 4 2.5 x resolution upscale using The Vulcan back in very smooth totally Playable and I'm using an Xbox Controller connected over Bluetooth even Something like God of War 2 for PS2 runs Really well at 1X resolution in Linux I've actually been able to take this up To 1.5 x using opengl but still when it Comes down to it I like doing emulation In Android on the arcade 3588 it's just A personal preference And speaking of Linux we do have a few Different distros that we can run on This board personally I prefer using Ubuntu with the gnome desktop and this Also supports alt mode so if you do have A monitor that supports USB type-c video In and power out all you'll need is a Single cable to get this up and running Also known as single cable operation Mode and yeah I have created a full Video kind of showing this board off Running Ubuntu as an everyday desktop PC Now if you're a professional and you Need a lot of GPU and CPU power then I Wouldn't recommend a singleboard Computer as your everyday desktop but if You're somebody who just kind of uses it For web browsing video playback email Checking document editing 1080p video Editing and even some light photo

Editing this little board works really Well I mean I'm surprised by how much Power the rk3588 can put out and with The distros we have available for the Cadas Edge 2 we've got a very stable Platform to work with here but that's Going to wrap it up for my first look at The edge 2 armpc Pro if you're Interested in learning more I will leave Some links in the description you can Head over to the website and see what They're offering right now for this and I'll also leave some links to other Videos I created on the original Edge 2. It wasn't with the kit or the case or Anything like that but you're gonna get The same kind of performance if you've Got any questions let me know in the Comments below and like always thanks For watching

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