Is Apple Giving Magsafe to Android?

Last Updated on January 11, 2023 by Detective Dev

Okay is Apple really giving away magsafe To Android so if you've been wireless Charging pretty much anything for the Past 15 years there's a good chance You've been using something using the Chi standard so I don't know where we Get this press release announcing G2 Which is an update which is supposed to Be much more power efficient and adds Magnets so it turns out Apple has Effectively collaborated with the Wireless power Consortium to contribute The foundations of magsafe to the Standard which is these magnet arrays so Anything that's G2 certified will use a Specific array and strength of magnets To meet the standard including potential Future Android phones yes so why would Apple do this well two theories one is We do see apple slowly moving towards Potentially not having a port at all in The iPhone so if they can slowly Usher The entire industry towards wireless Charging and that's a win for them but Then number two is just control because Let's be honest if apple is contributing To the standard then they will have a Lot of influence over how it works so While magsafe is a little bit more than Just the magnet array they are Effectively giving it away yes and I'm Also looking forward to snapping Android Phones in place on wireless chargers yes Please

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