iPhone 14 Pro Max Review – Almost 3 Months Later!

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It's been a little over two months since The iPhone 14 and 14 pro were released I Started with the 14 pro but switched to The pro Max after a couple of weeks I do This every single year because I really Want to stick to the bigger display and Better battery life especially this year Since battery life is not as good as the Previous generation and since I'm Getting older and I'm on my phone a lot Having a bigger display is always better To look at but look you know like it's Been a very good consistent experience So far I actually started using the Phone without a case I told myself I'm Going to try to do it but I trapped it Twice got super scared and then I put a Case on it like that simple one thing I Noticed is that the front display hasn't Scratched yet with the 12 Pro it Scratched literally within 30 seconds of Having it in my pocket so with the 13 Pro I put a screen protector on it but This guy went back to putting nothing on Top and the reason being is as much as I Love a screen protector to keep your Screen safe you're adding diffusion to It right like it just mutes the colors a Little bit not a lot a little bit and You're also adding a bit of Reflectiveness to it and I want my Display to look as best as possible so I'm hoping I get no scratches the second Thing is because this little external

Speaker at the top is thinner it's a lot Harder to collect dirt I found with the 13 Pro and even the 12 Pro because the Speaker Grille was wider dirt Accumulated inside of that speaker a bit Easier now since this is using stainless Steel like previous iPhones of course You're going to get all the typical Fingerprints along the stainless steel Portions of this device which is along The side not a big deal if you're using A case and of course you could just wipe It down using a microfiber cloth I Purposely did not clean the device to Kind of give you an idea of how it looks After two months the back is nice and Clean obviously but because the camera Is exposed there's just a lot of craft And dirt inside the crevices but Obviously I can clean this in two Seconds overall there's no major Scratches on the lenses these things are Solid but they're obviously being Protected by the case I'm using but the One thing that I notice and I appreciate Is how beautiful this display is like 1000 typical brightness which is the Same as the 13 Pro Max but where it Starts to get very different is Peak Brightness like an HDR mode it can go up To 1600 but when we're talking about Like outdoor use it can go all the way Up to 2000. this is something that Previous iPhones couldn't do so when I'm

Outdoors like this display is the most Visible display I've used on any iPhone But the one thing I don't like is Apple's implementation of the always on Display I keep it off but I have it on For this video and the reason why I have It on right now is to show you what I Don't like to me and always on display Is just showing the notifications the Time and maybe a few widgets this feels Like the display is always on like I can See the background even though it's been Dimmed down and I don't want that Feeling it gives me a little bit of Anxiety not only that it also kills the Battery this was very apparent when iOS 16 was first installed on this phone it Got a little better with a few updates That happened more recently but it still Kills the battery a bit too much the Good news though is with iOS 16.2 it Should be released any moment you can Disable the background so all you can Have is like the time the date maybe a Few notifications just like you would on An Android phone and me personally That's how exactly and always on display Should work now since we're talking About battery life it's good but it's Nowhere near as good as the 13 Pro Max I Feel like I'm getting an hour and a half To two hours difference with this device Like I'm losing that and that's more of A reason for me to use the pro Max than

The regular Pro like last year I used The smaller Pro I never had to worry About battery life like I easily made it Through the day and into the next and I Never had any battery anxiety like I Don't have battery anxiety with the pro Max but I'm ending the day a lot lower Than I would with the previous Generation now granted I hope this Changed is when iOS 16.2 comes out and I Feel like most of that battery Decay is A little bit from the always-on display Not a lot but mostly due to the higher Brightness that this screen can do now I Was 16 was a bit buggy when it was first Released it got really good after a few Software updates and right now it just Feels solid like I have zero complaints I've never had any major issues or Glitches caused the phone to be not Functional it's been good overall Dynamic Island I like I'm used to it I Look out for those animations when they Do happen it's become part of my routine But it's not a feature that I must have On a device like I'm not going to use Another phone if it doesn't have Dynamic Island I do wish more apps utilize it You know like a lot of the music apps do Like Spotify and apple music but a lot Of apps just don't you know like how Cool would it be to open up your chat App and then someone sends you an emoji And you get like some sort of Animation

At the top or if you're like watching a YouTube video in vertical mode and then You get like the exact amount of time Left in the dynamic Island while you're Watching that video I don't know these Examples are ridiculous but there's a Lot of things you could do with it so I Hope developers develop for it but the One thing that I don't like compared to The 13 Pro Max is the camera system like Don't get me wrong mostly this camera is An upgrade but I don't feel like it's as Consistent as the camera on the 13 Pro That 12 megapixel camera had years and Years and years and years of refinement This is the first generation for Apple Using a 48 megapixel sensor and look it Takes great photos most of the time but Sometimes it messes up the exposure and Other times it just gets way too Aggressive like I'll zoom in and it just Looks aggressively over sharpened Something that Samsung used to struggle With in the early days so I just don't Feel as confident in this camera as I Did with the previous iPhone 13 Pro is It to the point where I I get worried When I take a picture obviously not like Every picture still looks good it's just I don't have that sense of confidence as I did last year video still Top Notch I Don't have any complaints there like Video still looks absolutely awesome on This guy probably even better this year

Compared to the previous year in fact This is like my backup b-roll camera Whenever I don't have my main camera on Me this is the device that I'll pull out Over any phone to shoot video with as For performance it feels just as fast as The a15 from last year and it feels just As fast as the A14 from the previous I Really don't notice a difference anymore Going from iPhone to iPhone they all Feel equally as fast and I think that's Just because we're in a time right now Where Hardware is just so good and the Apps that we're using on our devices are Just not pushing the phone hard enough Especially for someone like me who Mostly uses their device to shoot video Read emails I just don't see an Improvement in speed like I'd have to be Some sort of creepy creepy crazy mobile Gamer to actually see a major difference Going from generation to generation Honestly there's not much to complain About here it's still a great phone if You bought a pro or Pro Max or even an IPhone 14 you're probably very happy With your purchase but me personally I Don't think it's as solid as the 13 Pro When it came out last year it just felt A little bit more consistent now don't Get me wrong some of these things will Be fixed with this phone like they're Always on display when it gets iOS 16.2 Will be a lot more customizable and the

Camera experience even though it can be Very inconsistent at times I think will Get better and better with future Software updates especially when Apple's On their second and third generation of Using this 48 megapixel camera I don't Know let me know your experience using Your iPhone 14 or Down below if you have any questions let Me know like the video if you liked it Subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you guys in the next one

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