INSANE Hidden Gaming Dens! #shorts

Last Updated on February 26, 2023 by Detective Dev

Creative ways to spice up your setup is What gets me fired up down here hidden Man caves are the prime example for it FaZe rug built one behind a bookshelf Which only opens up if you put the phase Logo on the right side to trigger a Magnetic lock the setup itself is a Different story but the entrance is very Unique now these next two dens are the Creme de La Creme who can forget about Abuflar's insane spaceship it actually Hides behind an airlock type door with a Fingerprint reader with rust and burn Marks on the walls a separate room with Editing and streaming setups built-in Displays everywhere and of course a Massive elevated Command Center it Really does feel like living on a Spaceship bunkies might be a bit smaller But doesn't lack in creativity and Attention to detail with three massive Screens best believe you're gonna be Sucked into whatever game you're playing Lastly we got willem's seal of approval Secret lair that he shares with his dad And brother the four separate setups That entertainment area are hidden Behind a bookshelf which opens when you Pull on an unmarked book definitely one Of my favorite setups I've showcased on The channel but do let me know which of These was your favorite in the comments Below

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