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Foreign A couple weeks ago I got an email asking To review a literal casket Into ridiculous yeah but the point is I Get all kinds of crazy stuff in my inbox All the time some of it's Tech but some Of it's not even Tech I say no to Literally 99 of the things I get asked But what if Just for fun I said yes To everything So I did for a whole month I said yes to Everything in my inbox including this Beautiful casket so the story behind why It's this casket is this is the model of Casket that Taylor Swift popped out of In the anti-hero music video yeah that One right there that one is a Titan Orion series casket then after this Video came out there were a bunch of Stories about how Taylor Swift Accidentally became the face of the Funeral industry for a second so the Story is that the company Titan caskets Actually has a pretty noble cause so you Might not know this but the funeral Industry most of the companies making Funeral equipment are selling it to Funeral homes who then package it all up And sell it to the customer sort of like A middleman that's how you end up Getting his huge markups and paying five Ten thousand dollars for a casket so Titan now is the fastest growing direct

To Consumer casket company in the US Selling direct to Consumer cutting out The middleman is how you end up with This 1299 casket the Orion from a Taylor Swift music video much better uh also Once that showed up in the music video They added the code Swifty at checkout And so you get like 50 bucks off it's a Pretty killer deal anyway that is why They were in my inbox not because it's Like some high-tech casket or anything Like that it's actually a very normal High quality steel casket with a locking Mechanism and rubber gaskets The Innovation isn't necessarily with the Casket itself although It is pretty comfortable for a gasket Anyway Let's see what else came in okay so this Is a headset for your headset it's Called The Conquest VR the idea here Being you have a VR headset and you put This on you're in the game but if you Want to do audio you need either earbuds Or a headset to go on top of it which Isn't exactly ideally designed And so this is a 200 high-res audio Solution to clip onto the VR headset so Now here's here's where you end up You're in here Ah Obviously it's much better to have a Lightweight headset that's not adding Extra weight

And uh yeah that's what it does so Overall I'm tempted to give these like a 7 out of ten like they work and the idea Is that they would pair and and work With the game and not be extra Cumbersome but they're 200 or 179 Currently and for that you can get a Nice set of wireless headphones that are Pretty lightweight and not have to risk It with these so Seven okay this is uh by a company Called ranvu it is a portable air Conditioner and heater For yourself This is the portable air conditioner It's called the medara the idea is There's fans and batteries inside and You pick a temperature and you turn it On and you put it around your neck I Have found it to work pretty well there Is an app for it that you have to Download and install which is not ideal And then An air conditioning mode right now there You go here this is the maximum Oh that's a breeze right there you hear That right just the bottom of my ears Chilling Oh that's now it's in heating mode and It's it's blowing warm air now so that's The thing it can do so it has a 5800 Milliamp hour battery and it costs 250 dollars I'm trying to think of why It would cost this much like yeah it can

Heat and cool but like you could get a Scarf dang it is warm it's nice that it Can get actually warm but I don't see This being better than just like wearing A Scarf I'm gonna give this a 5 out of 10 Because it works it's just not a good Use of money that's not the only thing This company sent they also sent this This is ranvu's electronic uh hand Warmer um I'm glad it's this color There's a tiny LCD screen that tells you Your temperature hopefully nobody's Judging you too hard because you are the Warmest who 81 battery you're the Warmest person on the bus this is also Like a red flag that it's so hard to Find their website uh 4 000 milliamp Hour battery oh this is like a this is Like a you can buy a bunch it's a Wholesale price 80 bucks I feel like This logo looks a little too similar to The Apple news logo five out of 10. okay These pretty simple Cases and I said we're doing customized Cases send us your memoji I sent one of Me and I sent one of Mac And these are the case sexy Customized memoji clear plastic cases That you get as a result take the Plastic out I don't know That's what you end up with you get a Nice little case sexy watermark on the Corner of your case it might not be the

Highest quality thing in the world but I Guess mission accomplished You This is not the first case that I would Pick here's the other thing when you put A magsafe case on a phone you're Supposed to get the little animation Then you plug it in and it's official Magsafe accessory you can still magsafe Charge your phone with this on but it is Not uh giving The Full magsafe Experience I'll just put it that way Does what it says it's supposed to do Which is say it's your face on a case Thumbs up but yeah as far as build Quality and Whether or not I would get it I'm Leaning like let's go three out of ten Okay this this is uh this one actually Is sort of interesting to me Here's the price 250 right now on their Website and it's basically a seven inch Touchscreen that becomes the Infotainment system in your car it's Clearly meant to be for older cars that Don't have an infotainment system we've Tried it it has some pros and cons right So you do have to plug it in both into Power and into the audio jack in your Car if it has one there are other Methods of connecting it to your car as Well Suction cup mount to put it up in your Dash on the user manual here it shows

That it works with Apple carplay and Android auto now when you actually fire It up and use it it shows a auto and IPlay I actually think it's kind of Solid it adds functionality to your car Right so this is a backup camera that Can see in the dark with an LED light You put this on the back of your car and You find a way to wire this all the way Up to the front of your car and plug it In and now You have a backup camera it's fine for 200 250 bucks like you don't have to buy A whole new car you get most of the Functionality you can listen to music From your phone you basically just have To face the challenge of like how Exactly do you connect it to your older Car yeah I'm gonna go eight out of ten Solid all right So I I say yes to a lot of phones right I review a lot of phones on this channel I you know there's only so many things We can possibly cover and actually use So there's plenty that we also say no to This one it's a it's a real me phone You've seen realme phones before but as You can tell by this absurd looking box It's a bit of a collab I just picture The meeting that I had which was like oh Yeah how are we going to break into the US market we really need to get some More real new phones in the hands of us Customers

I have just the idea so here's this is The phone I'll get to that in a second But it also came with uh the real me cat Again so the roomy 10 Pro is actually a Pretty good phone it's a nice budget Phone Snapdragon 695 120hz display 5 000 Milliamp hour battery with 33 watt Charging 108 megapixel camera but again This isn't just any normal realme 10 Pro It's the half Coca-Cola realme 10 Pro it Just keeps going here's the uh Oh my God it's a sticker pack in the top And then you get the phone itself which You're never gonna believe this but It says Coca-Cola gigantic across the Back of your phone I like red and black So like a little part of me is like yeah That's kind of nice but on the other Hand you are a billboard now for the Coca-Cola phone that's what this is and It keeps going you turn on the phone I'll show you the footage of this but Like the wallpaper included is Coca-Cola The icon packs included are Coca-Cola The sounds that come out of the phone For like the touch sounds and the Ringtone are like Coca-Cola bottle Sounds Stuff You didn't have to go this hard I don't Even drink Coca-Cola I don't even like It but I gotta have a little bit of Respect for the fact that they they did Go absolutely to 11 with this collab so

I'm giving an 11. it's an 11 out of 10. This is the best brand collab I've seen In a really long time even if I would Never buy it we see a lot of headphones Come through here a lot of earbuds this Pair is uh is called it's from Gravastar.com which it says on the case And they're called the Sirius p5s They're 80 bucks and they're like a Fairly normal set of earbuds they have a Ipx4 40 hour battery life electronic Noise cancellation they have a Surprising amount of gimmicks uh to them For the 80 bucks I have a sweater Screwdriver here and you'll see why in a Second first of all this is the case This might be the strongest Spring-loaded case I've ever seen in Earbuds you also notice there's lights On the back of them and lights on the Back of the case so when they're Charging it lights up green to let you Know it's charging the earbuds Themselves they kind of just look like Normal old matte black air pods but They're like heavy and metallic and they Don't really stay in my ears so I would Never be able to use these because It's just not possible so That's kind of a problem for me here's The other gimmick though here's the Shtick right and the case within a case Can actually come out of this And go into a different Design This one

Being metal Chomper here so what you got To do unscrew This Flathead screw And sure enough This whole thing Just pops right out and then you put This tray inside of a different case Like maybe this one but this like Customization thing with earbuds you Don't really see very much especially in The ones we tend to look at which are Likes this Sony is the pixel buds the Airpods that are all sort of locked in They don't sound great and they don't Stay in my ears so again I can't use Them I'm gonna give this A seven All right this one's pretty simple this Is a walkie-talkie read of this we Didn't actually own walkie-talkies and It actually will turn out to be quite Useful for us in car shoots but Initially this company reached out and Said hey we've got these radio frequency Transmitters And I it's like yeah I'm saying yes to Everything so yeah here's the shipping Address and their response was okay Perfect do you have a license for this One I said no I don't think I do I Didn't want to have to go get a license So they they suggested a lower power Model instead we ended up with this uh Very out very functional

Walkie-talkie uh multi-channel it's got The little belt loop it's got an antenna I believe Andrew's in the other room With the other one paging Andrew come in Astro do a dance then for it Recalibrating the idea is uh it works Which is basically all I could ask I Literally don't know what else to ask of A walkie-talkie other than how far can It go so I'll put the number on screen For what they say this will do right There Astro Play Never Gonna Give You Up By Rick Astley I'm currently giving up Next all right last but not least Uh you've always wanted to have a Multi-screen laptop this company reached Out and they make a multi-screen Laptop Setup you just use your own laptop as a Middle screen and then they make the two Other screens that plug into it it's Kind of incredible I've set this up We've gotten it to work unfold it like That this is what the contraption looks Like it's a lot of plastic and hinges And then a display on each side and then It comes with a bunch of cables in here So if I were to use something like this This 16 inch MacBook Pro which it's Actually perfectly sized for with these Other two screens you would literally Just Pop it over the top like this you can See it adjusts in size it folds around

The laptop screen you plug all the Screens in And as your multiple displays it is it's Kind of cool I'm not even gonna lie These are each 16 inch displays with a Max refresh rate of 144 Hertz they're 2560 by 1800 LED IPS they're not bad They also have an anti-glare surface so They kind of match decently with the Macbook Pro not perfectly it currently Works with Mac OS right now they're Planning windows in quarter one 2023 so That may work soon it accomplishes the Goal nine out of 10. so what have we Learned well I actually have some Learnings from all of this saying yes to Pass along to you and for myself so I'm Of course in a very fortunate place Where I can pull this off where I just Say yes to a bunch of stuff in my inbox And some really cool Tech actually shows Up at the studio but it did shed some Light on the experience for other Potential creators see I tried to say Yes to everything but I actually wasn't Able to end up with everything here at The studio see a lot of smaller Companies that reach out and want some Reviews to happen of their products they Have a small allotment of products that They get to give out for reviews and so When they send something out they want To really make sure that they're getting A video out of it and so a lot of them

Will try to make sure they can guarantee A video from the Creator that they're Emailing or even make you sign a Contract saying that you will make a Video on the thing if you receive it Creators don't sign those I did say at The beginning of that I say no to 99 of Things And at the end of the day that's a Really good problem to have I'm glad this challenge is over Thanks for watching catch you guys in The next one peace

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