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Is this thing on how do you how do you Shoot these log videos it's been a while Guys it's been a while but welcome back To the channel hope you guys are doing Well by the time this video goes live It's going to be in January already so I Do want to wish you all a Happy New Year It is currently Christmas day here at The Texas headquarters and I know I Haven't done a vlog in such a long time It's been months and you guys have been Asking for one so I figured we'll do one Final vlog to end the 2022 Year got some Exciting stuff to do today around the House one of which is to update my YouTube Studio we're going to be doing Some custom mods to PC parts for an Upcoming build I do want to show off my New season a Tech Source mouse pads as Well I finally got the box in today We're gonna be opening some Christmas Presents and last but not least I have a Very special announcement to make at the End of the video so let's begin Now before we continue on to the Vlog I Do want to give you huge thanks to Best Buy for sponsoring today's video they Actually reached out and want to share Some awesome deals they are currently Running on their website like this Dyson V8 cordless vacuum I currently own one Myself and I actually got one for my mom Two years ago these are one of the best Wireless vacuums anyone can own and it's

Currently 100 off if your New Year's Resolution is to put on some muscle to Attract that special someone or maybe You're just doing it for yourself to Stay fit and healthy then take this as a Sign because the super popular select Tech dumbbells from Bowflex are 50 bucks Off do you have horrible breath or Yellow teeth if so you need to stop Using your crappy toothbrush and upgrade To an electric one I think it's time That you treat yourself better this year You deserve it the Philips Sonicare Electric toothbrush has a 10 discount Which isn't a crazy deal by any means But this is something that will actually Improve your hygiene so it's worth it if You want to treat yourself to a new Samsung smartphone for the year the Galaxy s22 is currently 150 off and so Is the s22 plus you can find all these Amazing deals and more from Best Buy Linked Down Below in the description Section Oh God Lord have mercy This entire office Studio looks equally As bad as Nadia's setup I'ma show you Myself what can I say guys I have no Excuses I've been living like a twitch Streamer for the past three weeks and God damn it I am sick and tired of it it Ends today okay I'm gonna be cleaning up The office we're gonna be doing some

Changes because I did pick up some new Things like a new overhead light as well As a new external monitor but you're Working on the cable management and just Completely give my YouTube Studio a Makeover that it deserves so normally The office gets this messy after a PC Build but when I do a water cool build It gets twice as messy because there are Twice as many parts involved that's not An excuse because I still had time after The project to clean up before starting Another project so this is pretty much Like three videos piled on top of each Other I didn't give myself any time to Clean up before I start another project Which is normally what I do here is Frosty V3 it's my recent water cool Build if you guys don't have Notifications enabled you most likely Miss the video because YouTube no longer Recommends my videos so the only way to Watch my videos is to have notifications Enabled or if you randomly stumble Across my channel that's the only place You'll find these videos sadly I get Asked the same question for so long even Up until today Ed what do you do with The PCS after you're done building it in The past I used to disassemble it and Save the parts for a future build but Then I realized I was slowly becoming One of those Tech YouTuber hoarders you Know the ones are like a mini micro

Center in their garage or in their Closets hoarding all those PC parts when They know in fact they're not going to Use 90 of those components ever again I Hated who I was becoming so I slowly Started getting rid of the PCS them away Or I would sell them Dirt Cheap on a for Sale section of my Discord server if you Guys are on the server you know what I'm Talking about but there's a section on There where I post all the stuff that I'm no longer using or no longer need For dirt cheap I actually sold a High-end system recently with an RTX 3090 for 2600 the retail on that was 37 100 so almost a thousand bucks off on a Really nice system I even sold the cube Case that I did a video on a few weeks Ago uh retail for that was 2500 and I Sold it for twelve hundred dollars but You guys kind of get the idea this Basically prevents me in becoming a Hoarder while at the same time helping a Subscriber out and saving some money so In reality when you think about it it's A win-win for everyone so naturally I Would do the same exact thing for this PC and I would sell it for like maybe a Thousand dollars cheaper but I've had a Bad experience selling water cool pieces In the past so I'm no longer going to do That so I'm gonna be actually taking This apart because I will be using the Card for a future build

I freaking love this drain valve look How easy it is to drain coolant from This pump all you got to do is pull on The inner ring Oh we gotta let some air inside hold on Look at that beautiful It's so much more minimalistic as well Because you don't have this massive Valve with a handle up top so That will fit in a lot of really tight Builds just got to make sure I don't Spill any coolants on my RTX 4090 Otherwise I'm going to be out 2500 bucks No Damn it that's gonna leave a stain Yeah there we go safe and sound all Right before I make any more changes I Want to clean this place up a little bit Foreign I don't even recognize the office Anymore look how much cleaner it looks I Feel like I can finally breathe it only Took me 45 minutes to clean the entire Office so there are two more things I Need to do in the office before I move On to the next task and that is Cable Management I did pick up a new monitor And a new overhead lights and you guys Can see the cables are kind of just Dangling down and they're plugged into The nearest outlet same thing with the Modern although this one's a bit Dangerous because I have the power brick

Sitting on the Ikea calic shelf so this Always falls down Like that and this connects the cable From the top so I'm going to be Basically routing the cables on the Ceiling across to the Monitor and then Down this wall into these raceways and Into the outlet that way I can control All the lights using my Google Assistant Hey Google turn off all the studio Lights So obviously it said three lights but I Only have two hooked up on the Gobi Smart plug so we're gonna be routing This across the ceiling and into the Third Gobi smart plug so I can just Control the lights with just one command Okay Google turn on all studio lights Got it turning three lights on now I can Just walk in tell Google to turn the Lights on and I can begin filming Ladies and gentlemen what I have here in This box are the new brand new season Eight Texas Mouse band I can't wait to Share them with you okay these designs Are pretty damn cool so here we go we're Expecting to launch these after New Year's so if you're watching this video We most likely have the pads already Uploaded on the dealsource.tech website Here we go Oh wait No sneak peeks no sneak peek so we don't Have any names yet everything is still

Untitled We're gonna start off with this one over Here I'm gonna call this one design number One Can't even hold up that Very cool spaceship rocket Vibe for any Purple themed setup I think this will Look really cool Um it's kind of got the similar Vibes to Our original rocket design if you guys Remember we had that in cyan or sorry a Light blue and pink So this one's kind of a different color Palette but we might make different Colors depending on how popular Depending on how popular the pads are so That's design number one this one's more Like a minimalistic mouse pad very Similar to I think our Beacon pads Actually So this is the monochromatic theme this One's a little different a lot of you Guys want more green themed mouse pads So decided to do something a little Different it's a bit more on the Abstract side I think there's a bunch of Like slime or goo or volcano erupting I Have no clue what's going on here but it Looks pretty damn cool So this is designing number three it Will fit beautifully in a in a nature Nature themed setup here's the same Exact one but in a different color

Palette so black and red we don't have That many black and red color scheme Mouse pads the only one we have on the Website is Bushi so we're going to try And include more because a lot of you Guys really really really loved bushy I Think it's our number two seller right Now so pretty happy with that oh this One's cool this one's really cool I love This one this is not personally one of My favorites with new season 8 designs Oh look at that it's more of an art form At this point than a mouse pad That is so gorgeous look at that got the Blurry leaves over there the Japan Setting probably even Um the cherry blossom season who knows But it's a purple color scheme so I'll Match the purple themes a lot better This one we might do different color Palettes just because I love the artwork That went into this I'm not sure what's Going on with these spots over here I Don't know I don't think that's part of The design I think it's just a misprint So we're gonna get those Adjusted or fixed before we obviously Put the final up so these are just the Rough samples by the way this is not What you're going to see on the on the Website aha so here's the color The colored version of the uh of the First design that we checked out so this Is more of a black and bluish

Color scheme to fit those types of Setups but I think this one looks so Much better I think colored mouse pads Honestly are so much better but of Course they are only tied to a certain Color scheme so that's one of the Downsides last but not least I've been always wanting to do a hexagon Geometric mouse pad and I'm really happy With the way this one came out super Cool super futuristic we're going to be Doing different color schemes of this as Well depending on how popular this is But Um I love this design a lot I think this Will fit In pretty much any type of setup Depending on what color you pick up of Course so one two three four five six Seven we got seven new pads but only Four new designs actually we have one More color scheme of the uh the volcano Or slime I still don't know what this is I don't know what the mouse pads are Going to be called but we don't have a Black and yellow mouse pad so I don't Know if this will be the final design We're just going to kind of see what What works and what doesn't but if you Guys are watching this video that means We do have the pads available on the Website dealsource.com store if you guys Want to check it out these are just the Rough samples the ones you see in the

Website are the final which are approved By me so yeah I'll drop a link below if You guys want to check it out My God this is all the stuff I removed From my office that is insane no wonder My office is starting to look like a Twitch Screamer's house there was just So much crap condensed in such a small Space so now that we got everything out Of here we're gonna have to organize it Into my inventory which is currently in My one car garage some of this is Actually trash like the ones in the bags I'm gonna have to toss away but all of This I need to carry over to my garage And organize until I can use it for a Future project so I got my trusty card There to help me take it from my Backyard all the way to my garage this Is probably only going to fit like one Or two big boxes so I'll start with the Smaller ones first Foreign Oh God it's too short Ah we're off by a few inches No No Ah Oh well we'll take care of it next time I mean it's definitely not my proudest Cable work that's for sure Um the raceways aren't exactly even and They're not really parallel to the Acoustic panels on the ceiling

Uh I could have used a razor or maybe Even a Dremel to cut the raceways to Keep them even more straight and precise But you know overall I'm pretty happy With it the whole the whole goal was to Keep the cables from the ground and also To keep it hidden at eye level so the Camera doesn't catch it so yeah I mean I'm satisfied with the way this turned Out it's a lot better now that's for Sure I mean this doesn't even look like The same office from earlier today so I'm really happy with the transformation And I'm gonna do my best to keep it Clean moving forward all right the next Thing on today's agenda is to mod a few PC parts we're gonna be basically Painting a graphics card and a cooler so This is the Asus RTX 4090 tough I'm Going to be painting the Shroud the fans And the back plate in white so it Matches the color scheme of an upcoming PC build that I'm working on in the Brand new height y40 case it's currently Under NDA so I can't show the case but We can basically prep the build by Painting a few parts so that's one of The things is gonna be painting the next Thing we'll be painting is this badass Cooler from Deep cool this is their new Lt720 AIO I really like this cooler it's Got a badass pump design over here but I Don't like the color and the only habit Of one option so I'm gonna have to do

Some of my own modifications to make Sure that it fits the color scheme the Color scheme is white and red by the way So we're gonna get rid of these fans We're gonna paint the radiator and Whites and we're also going to cover or Paint the cover of the pump in white as Well and cover the tubes in white Sleeving so I think if we do those two Modifications it's going to look so much Better inside the build so let's start Off by taking apart the GPU now normally I wouldn't mod such an expensive car Like an RTX 4090 because it's a very Expensive mod and if something were to Go wrong I'm pretty much out 2400 which is how Much the tough is currently going for This one time I have to make that Exception because I know will make such A big difference in the PC build if I do Paint it in white and there aren't that Many 40 90s out right now at least Available to purchase that are in white I know Galax came out with one which Looks really nice the Asus strix 4090 And white is also coming out very soon In fact Ace is going to send me one but Um it's going to be at least a few weeks Until that arrives here can't wait Because I got to get this bill done in The next week or so so modding it is the Only option right now Foreign

I currently own the tough is actually The easiest card to paint because of its Boxy shape or boxy design so it's going To be really easy for paint to stick on This So I'm going to be painting the Shroud As well as the fans because we're gonna Be mounting the graphics card vertically And you're going to be able to see the Fans so if I leave them gray it's going To stick out and it's not going to Really match the color scheme so the Only left to do is remove the back plate And looks like it's being held by two More screws Oh no there are Two more screws All right back plate is off we are good To go with that uh the only left to do Is remove the fans from the Shroud Because I want to separate them that way The paint gets applied evenly on each of The fans I don't want any spots to have More paint than the others in the past I've usually just kept it on the Shroud And sprayed over it but then I realized After there was a lot of uneven spots And I don't want that to happen On this one So it does look like all three fans are Daisy chained together and Asus actually Taped up these two areas where the fans Connect so I'll have to take apart the Tape so that I can add frog tape that

Way paint does not get on them Because pin could definitely damage The cables All right now to cover up all the areas Where I don't want paint to get on you Definitely want to cover the cable So let's start from the center Also got to make sure to cover up the Thermal pads don't want any paint to go On these that's for sure Okay Next thing to prep is the AIO Okay if this comes off I think it'll Make my job so much easier Yes it does beautiful and we still have The plastic cover on here so I'm going To leave it on there for Extra Protection and I'm just going to go over It with some more frog tape Um as far as the radiator itself we do Have a couple Clips over here for the Tubes I'll paint these in white as well And this entire rad Will need to be painted in white except The fins the fans are going to be Covering the fins so I'm not too Concerned about that Let's wrap these tubes real good All right everything is finally covered In painters tape well at least the parts Store I don't want any paint to go on Everything is precisely covered next Thing to do is to take this all outside And paint it because obviously I don't

Want to paint it inside my studio Because of the fumes and the paint I'll Be going with is a Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover paint and primer most of you guys Are probably familiar with my past work I've painted PC parts in the past I Don't know five to six years and I've Tried a bunch of different brands But Ultimately the Rust-Oleum is the one I Always come back to you because this one Just seems to stick really well with the Parts that I'm using so I'm going to Apply about three to four coats of the Semi-gloss white on the components I'm Going to wait about 10 or 15 minutes Between each coat and then once Everything is fully dry I'm gonna hit it With two or three more coats of the Clear gloss what this does is it Basically seals the paint it gives it a Really smooth finish and it's a bit more Difficult in scratching or chipping off The paint so I recently started doing This actually about a year ago so this Is something new I've been trying and It's been working out really well with The uh with the paint jobs are you Freaking serious right now It's raining when the hell did it start Raining I was in the office for like an Hour Out of all the freaking days seriously Today don't get me wrong guys I love the Rain okay here in California we don't

Get that much rain so when it does I Feel very happy it's very therapeutic For me and I actually get a lot of work Done in the rain but The one time where I have to be outside To paint PC parts and this freaking Happens so Uh I don't know what to do now We'll try we'll try and figure something Out Dang it it's still raining hard I think the only thing I can do is move My car out into the rain so I can use This space to paint the PC parts that's My only option today unfortunately plus My car could use a watch so I think it's a win-win to be honest Surely hold on why am I driving this car I'm not a scrub let's back the car up Using my app because why not Oh my God I haven't used this feature in Such a long time it's so scary Oh my god well that worked a lot better Than I expected all right now I gotta Set up the painting table Pretty sure I have a resin table here Somewhere here it is I knew this table would come in handy One day Foreign That is really short Please tell me you can raise it oh you Can okay thank God

I was like this table is made for Leprechauns Success much better I'm also gonna be Using this very thin piece of cardboard To kind of protect the resin table from Getting paint on there also I'm going to Be using a smooth surface because the Painted Parts aren't going to get stuck On it so this is going to be perfect So the first thing I want to paint is The radiator just because it's the Biggest part and as I'm going around Spraying I don't want any of the paint To kind of spill over to the nearby part So I want to make sure I get a very even Paint across the surface this is how It's going to be mounted in the case so I know exactly where the paint is so I'm Going to paint this side over here the Bottom part where the whole the mounting Holes are and then this side that's Pretty much it also a quick tip for Anyone who is interested in painting PC Parts make sure you guys are using your Microfiber cloth and just wipe down Whatever it is you're painting a couple Times to make sure there is no like dust Or dirt or even the breed that's stuck On there otherwise you're going to get a Bunch of like these tiny paint bubbles And that is not pleasant Foreign Successful I'm going to let this dry for About 10 minutes and I'm going to come

Back and hit it two or three more times Before finishing off with the uh the Clear gloss okay while we wait 10 Minutes to apply our second coat on the Radiator I thought we can use that time To apply the first coat on the rest of The parts Foreign Oh yeah look at these Beauties first Coat is officially done the GPU shroud Is actually turning out a lot better Than I expected the paint is sticking on The Shroud a lot better than it is on The actual back plate as you guys can See we have some spots around these Corners over here those will be gone After the second or maybe even the third Coat I know guys don't judge me please Okay this is the only way I can hang the Radiator in my garage there's no other Way for it to dry but yeah looking Really good we got super smooth first Coat Orbee on the side as well as the Bottom I think it's ready for its second Coat actually yeah everything's good Let's go and take this And do our second coat Okay so I'm gonna let these babies dry Up before I apply the next two three or Four coats I'm not gonna bore you guys With any more painting montages so I'll See you guys once they're all ready to Go oh yeah these came out perfect Let's peel this off

Cables look good badly looks perfectly Even The back plate I'm not too concerned About because you're not going to even See it Since it's going to be facing towards The inside of the case The Shroud is going to be the most Visible and I'm really really happy with The way the Shroud came out Such a perfect smooth finish Unfortunately the camera doesn't really Do it justice and we still got that Tough logo over here kind of sticking Out of the Shroud so The Branding is Still there all right let's check the Pump cover Peel this off See if any pain got through the tape I Really hope that all this Becomes worth it Okay tape is off let's go ahead and peel Off the plastic cover as well Oh that's beautiful look at that Nice snow paint got inside Cables look good Yeah this is gonna look so nice once It's powered on I can't wait to show you Guys the build all right last but not Least let's take a look at the radiator It didn't bother painting The bottom part of it since you're not Gonna even see it so I just basically Focused on the areas where it's visible

Inside of the build Oh look at that satisfying feel Oh let's go baby no paint leaked over to The fence which is good I mean even if Paint leaked over it's not gonna you Know make a huge difference but look at That guys such a perfect Paint job such a smooth surface on the Sides over here as well Oh and it's beautiful all right it's Time to put the graphics card back Together obviously I'm not going to show You what it's going to look like fully Assembled you guys are just gonna have To wait till next week to watch the full Build guide if it's available right now I will drop a link to it down below or You can click on the top right corner to Check it out all right I think it's time To open up some Christmas presents let's Go and start with our daughter Sheila if We can just get her To come over to the Christmas tree Shayla it's time to open up the presents Please Addie come on Follow the balloon Follow the balloon it's the only air We're gonna get her here come on come on Come on come on come on all right first Present who is this one from It's from us Mommy's gonna help you okay Wow it's a fishy board game and fast

Food Yeah you have to match the shapes You love these games okay here's another Present from Mommy and Daddy What go ahead oh my God we have a baby It's a baby It's a baby like you Oh my God we got more toys from Mommy And Daddy It's a bowling ball set Sheila Your first ever bowling ball set you Like it this one's yours too oh my God Wow what is this it's a dress-up playset You like it say thank you mommy daddy Who's more interested in the wrapping Paper you don't open up the rest of your Presents all right we'll open it for him Oh four pack cute plush unicorns let's Open up one of these I I think you're Gonna like it look what's inside yeah Baby ponies You like them There's more I know look there's a white One there's a pink one this is from Mommy and Daddy you want to open this One leave the babies alone Foreign This package has been lovingly wrapped By Nina oh we got some clothes Guys Versace with a baby pin nice Tenzo with a giraffe oh Sergio this is From my homie Sergio to Shayla Sergio was originally a subscriber then We became best buds

Afterwards Oh we got some swag Shayla look at that Got some sneakers I think they're a Little too big for you now but once You're old enough you can wear them we Got another big one this one is also From my buddy Sergio Oh oh she's gonna love this one It's a Cozy Coupe look it's a little Shopping cart yo Sergio I appreciate the Gifts man thank you you didn't have to But we really do appreciate it shayla's Gonna love these toys one final gift for Shayla this is from my mom this is from Your grandma Shayla oh we got some Burberry clothes Very nice and pink with teddy bears Yeah that's your favorite you like teddy Bears Yeah they're baby they're baby bears And we got a matching sweatpants with it Very nice thank you Mom okay let's move On to your presence shall we all right I Got my wife some really nice gifts this Christmas Because you're deserving you help around So much around the house because of it So Uh I don't know if I can actually show You any of that you can put that stuff Aside before YouTube demonetizes me You know we can't show that But there's something else you can show The new iPhone 14 pro Max and purple

Your favorite You're welcome it's a nice upgrade from What you have her phone is completely Destroyed right now thanks to Shayla It's all cracked the lenses cracked the Screens cracked it's a nice upgrade I know you always wanted it you're Welcome all right now it's time for your Boy Source from edtech to open up his Gifts we do have two packages from Sponsors so I'll start off with the you Green box these guys have been a very Loyal sponsor these past few years so I've worked with them a couple times I'm Guessing that's probably just a bunch of Chargers and charging cables if I had to Guess because that's what they sell Power up your holiday season Oh very nice packaging Oh it's a power cable or a power strip I Should say You got USB threes USB type c A couple cables a wall charger and a USBC adapter that looks like thank you Guys are you green for sending this over You can never have too many Chargers Alright this next one is from Asus Another amazing sponsor that I've worked With so many times the past few years we Got the obligatory holiday mug and a Fancy purse Now it's a bag it's a carrying bag thank You Jesus you guys are awesome next one Is from my beautiful darling wife

I knew it Oh look at that Is the most blingest shirt I've ever Seen we got a sweater from Louis V I like it Like the Colors oh another really cool Shirt look at that I love the bling on here these little Rocks on here look shiny very nice good Taste thank you Good taste as always Ladies and gentlemen have a very very Special announcement to make I want to welcome Our newest member of the family Weighing in seven pounds this is The Asus Strix RTX 4090 She's currently asleep we cannot wait to Put this baby to use in an upcoming Video Thank you So this is Olivia She's currently five days old Four days old She is a newest addition to the Texas Family God has blessed us with another Beautiful baby girl and an amazing Friend for Shayla of course She's currently jealous of Olivia And she's kind of scared of Olivia she Doesn't quite understand so another baby So it's gonna take some time to get used

To but overall we're very thrilled to Have Olivia and our family and this is Her first Christmas she was born on December 20th Around four four o'clock uh seven and a Half pounds so very healthy baby you Want to say hi to my subscribers She just has some milk so she's a little Tired but she is awake say hi to my Subscribers I think she wants more milk but yeah Wanted to share this awesome surprise And exciting news with everyone that's Watching I hope you enjoyed the Vlog Thank you for watching as always and I'll see you very soon in the next one Say goodbye love you Just Actually before we go we have a few more Presents for Olivia that we want to open Up so we'll start with this one which is Also from my mom this is from her Grandma Super cute What is his dress From jewels Oh we got leggings as well very nice This is also cute everything's in pink Of course Very nice oh we got more We got matching leggings also for that Thank you again mom Olivia is gonna love it This is from my friend Sergio Minnie

Mouse seems to run the family we got Some more Minnie Mouse outfits over here For Olivia she's gonna match her sister Now because because Shayla has a bunch Of Disney and Minnie Mouse outfits so Very nice thank you Sergio you are the Man my guy last but not least another Gift From our cousins to Olivia Oh that's cute got a nice little blanket Look at that Really soft I like it Got some leggings Another nice cute dress Very nice thank you guys And some PJs right these are PJs very Cute Very cute thank you guys so much

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