I Built my wife her Ultimate Dream Gaming PC! (Finale)

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What is happening guys I forgot what I was gonna say welcome to Part two and the finale of building my Ultimate Dream wife her building my wife Her Ultimate Dream gaming PC I mean She's technically an ultimate wife too So it still makes sense but yeah this Will be mounted above her Ultimate Dream Setup I only started part one of the Series if you guys missed it you want to Check it out click the bubble on the top Right corner but we finally got all the Parts I was waiting for I'm super super Excited the final finish just you guys Let's get started Just to recap for the parts I went with The Intel Core I9 at 13900 KF with 32 Gigs of Vengeance Pro RGB Ram running at 6200 megahertz and the strikes RTX 4090 I didn't cheap out on any of the parts And went with the best in class for each Component except the operating system I Cheaped out and instead of paying full Price for one I did what any smart Person would do and buy a Windows key For around 15 bucks using your cdkey.com If you're building a PC or you want to Upgrade your OS to Windows 11 make sure You guys are using my code ts20 to get That extra 20 discount after you check Out they will send you the key almost Immediately and all you have to do is go Into your Windows activation settings Enter the key and you're good to go so

Yeah this is pretty much where we left Off in part one of the video but if you Guys pay attention closely you'll notice There are a few things different number One we are missing the white 490 strix And the power supply is also not Installed that's because we got our Custom cables from cable mod so so we're Going to plug these in the phantix power Supply number two I'm not gonna go with The RTX 4090 strix white because I'm not A sociopath guys okay I'm not gonna take Apart such a beautiful card just to Throw on a water block makes absolutely No sense so we're gonna be going with The strix 4090 black we're going to be Taking apart the uglier card and I'm Going to be tossing in the glacier G40 From fantex by the way shout out to Fantex for sending over the water block If you guys are looking to do water Cooling for your 40 series card check These guys out they have you covered I Think they got a block for pretty much All the 40 series cards available I Could be wrong but they have different Color options which is what's so awesome About them they got silver they got Black and of course white which is what We're going with today in addition to That check this out guys we got the Brand new Lee and Lee strimmer plus V2s for the 40 Series card they've got an eight light

Version and a 12 light version and it's Basically a 12 VH power cable extension That plugs into your 40 series cars this Is going to look absolutely insane once We plug this in all right first thing I Want to do is take apart the 4090 strix So you can put on the water block check This bad boy out guys tell me that is Not one of the cleanest GPU blocks You've ever seen and it's going to shave Off a pretty big portion of the card Pretty much one third almost one third Of the card is going to be shaved down And look how thin it is to you by the Way Oh man oh man that's gonna be so Freaking awesome look how much thinner The block is a lot of you guys actually Been asking me about uh this screwdriver You've seen previous PC builds this one Is actually custom-made just for me it's Got my Tech Source logo on here and Everything so you can't actually buy This exact one but fan Tech does sell This exact same set just without my logo And I'll drop a link below if you guys Want to check it out but this is the Screwdriver set I've been using recently Because it's so compact check this out Click on here Screwdriver comes out And you got all your bits inside here Super convenient but one of the things I Love about this one the most is that it

Actually comes with uh extension bits so You can get into those really tight Spaces but more importantly check this Out tweezers so if you want to pluck Your eyebrows while you're building a PC This thing will come in handy but yeah I'll drop a link below if you guys want To check it out this is not a sponsored Spot I just see a lot of you guys Commenting in the comment section so I Thought I'd link it for you guys Thank you Off goes the back plate Now it's got a Separate the PCB from the heatsink while The PCB is actually a lot smaller Than the GPU block That's about two-thirds the size of the Entire GPU that's crazy Another really cool feature about this Screwdriver kit is that you can Magnetize or demagnetize your tip so Check this out I'm going to rub it in Here a little bit And now the tip is magnetized And when I remove a screw it's going to Stick on there so it doesn't fall down Pretty dope right All right heatsink has been officially Disconnected And all we are left with is the PCB wow This is actually a lot smaller Than I thought Yo this is actually pretty cool check

This out everything is labeled right Here on the manual all the pads have Been pre-cut and there are numbers on Each one to basically tell you where They go on the GPU Thank you Oh Yes look at that oh my God she's Beautiful She is beautiful phantix definitely Knows how to design a water block that Is for sure unfortunately we're not Going to even see the back plate because The GPU is going to be mounted Vertically like this but it's nice that They provided the same color as the um As the GPU block so if you guys do pick One up and mount it horizontally you Don't have to worry about the colors Mismatching but yeah this is going to Look freaking amazing in the build it's Going to pop this inside the case all Right let's pop the Riser back in Oh that does not look safe Oh you know what the GPU sag bracket Needs to be adjusted just a little bit So let me tighten this first All right much better You know what I just realized I don't think this is going to work you Guys Oh man it's way too close the GPU is way Too close to the case I'm gonna have to bend this

A lot in order to Fit it behind the GPU Let me tell it fit unless I wrap it in The front like this But it's going to cover the graphics Card I don't want that Do not want that you know what let's Let's see a little this oh this is a bad Idea I can't really tell I wish the case Would have given us more options on how Close we want to mount the GPU to the Case oh you know what no you can't do That because the pegs are really short So it would have it would have come in Contact with the glass so I can see why they did it But unfortunately it just doesn't work With the scrimmers it seems damn it man I waited two months for no reason I Could have just finished the build If I can't even use these trimmers yeah That's this is this is pretty much Pointless I do have custom cables made just in Case so This is gonna be our plan B Let's see if this even works dude even The cables are such a tight fit what How are you supposed to do this I don't Think this case was designed with 40 Series cards in mind Oh man oh man Dude what How was this even possible am I gonna

Have to do horizontal mounting for the GPU I don't I cannot do that That kind of just defeats the whole Purpose of this case I think Edgar come On you better than this it's going from This side let's do this God that looks so freaking weird I mean It's better than nothing honestly It's better than nothing yeah Unfortunately I can't do the same with The scrimmers it can go sideways ah it's Such a shame too Oh well I'll save you for another build A few moments later I really want to go With the screamers though guys okay I Don't want to settle for the cables I'm Not saying it looks terrible but I Really do think the streamers are gonna Look much nicer especially since we're Going to be going with the 24 pin Scrimmer for the motherboard I feel like If we just go in from the bottom and go Over the GPU block we can make it work But it's gonna cover a portion Of the GPU that's the only thing but you Know what I'm willing to make that Sacrifice because I really think it's Going to pay off at the end so screw it Let's go in from the bottom so in order To do that we're gonna have to flip the Scrimmers the other way around Okay Um yeah I think this looks better than

Before but some of you guys might not Agree with me which is completely fine Obviously comes down to preference at The end of the day but I think once the PC is done with all the lights on I Think this will look so much better and It'll complement the 24 finish grammars Up there I just didn't like how the Cables are going over like a rainbow and Then into the back Of the GPU block I personally think just Going over even though it's covering a Portion of the GPU block is still going To look much nicer at the end and it's Not going to cover any of the um the Ports to do my tube runs but yeah we'll See time will tell once the build is Complete but I am definitely satisfied With this approach unfortunately there's Not much I can do with the angle of the Streamer is because the GPU Sac bracket Is pushing the streamers to the left a Little bit Um ideally I would want to go straight Down and it is bothering me just a Little bit but I'm hoping it's not going To be as obvious once the entire build Is done because I'll be too distracted Admiring the rest of the beauty at least That's what I'm hoping for all right Let's pop the custom cables inside the Power supply and then we can hook it up On the case and begin our two runs we're Making some pretty good progress so far

Guys We should be able to finish Within the next few hours I think By the way guys I've been reading the Comments section of part one of the PC Build and to my surprise a lot of you Guys really enjoy the commentary of the Story of how I met my wife Um I took a show in the dark not Expecting anything to be honest and I Was pleasantly surprised that more than 95 percent of you guys actually enjoyed The story so that kind of got me Thinking What other story should I share with you Guys or give me a topic in the comment Section down below it could literally be About anything you want to know how I Got started on YouTube what my life was Like before YouTube how my life was After my wife came here to the states I Mean really anything if there's anything You guys want to know about me let me Know in the comment section below All right now it's time to plan the two Brands luckily with the case design and How the components are laid out we're Just gonna do A Clockwork pattern so We're gonna start with the CPU block Head on over to the top red top red to The digital plate digital plate to the Pump pump to the GPU block and back up Into the CPU block so pretty Straightforward let's get started

Foreign Thank you Thank you I'm not a successful custom water cool Build completed and now ready to move on To phase two of building the Ultimate Dream setup for my wife for the most Part everything went smoothly except one Minor teensy-weensy mistake on my end When I was trying to fill the system With coolant like an idiot I forgot to Plug one of the ports in the pump after I was finished with my leak test and Well you can pretty much guess what Happened coolant started to gush out From the side but luckily the pump was At the lowest point of the loop and it Didn't pour onto any of the nearby Components it got really close to the GPU but luckily the projectile coolant Didn't reach it otherwise that would Have been a very expensive mistake but Other than that everything else was easy Peasy Breezy the system runs perfectly Fine and fairly quiet for the most part Except the area where the water drips Into the reservoir It might sound therapeutic for most but It actually has the opposite effect with A water cool build because it sounds Like water is dripping somewhere that Noise is causing me anxiety in my mind I'm constantly thinking there's cool and Dripping somewhere but in fact it's only

In the rest but luckily there is an easy Fix to that I'm just going to top off The res with more coolant unfortunately One bottle was not enough to completely Fill the system so I ordered a second One which will be here in a couple days And I can just completely fill up the Res so I won't have that issue anymore In addition to that I'm also waiting on The lien li 24 pinch trimmer to arrive Because I noticed recently that they did Not include one with the other scrimmers So I decided to use the custom cables in The meantime and that's kind of why I Did this u-shaped bend over here I Wanted to make sure to leave enough room Where I can comfortably plug in the 24 Pinch trimmer without having to drain The system speaking of streamers I Really really really love the 12 VH Scrimmer cable from Lee only I think it Looks freaking awesome in the build plus With the 24 pinch trimmer cable I think They'll complement each other really Nicely right now it just kind of looks Out of place unfortunately it does block Out a portion of the GPU block but this Was the only route to take because you Guys saw earlier the custom cables just Didn't look good with the build so this Was the best route to take for my wife's PC another thing I'm waiting on is a Tinted side panel for my wife's PC I Currently have the clear one which

Doesn't look as good personally I think A tinted one looks a lot better Especially with very bright RGB lights My current case is also tinted and it Looks freaking awesome during the day And night so I'll be using this one Temporarily until the tinted one arrives I think in like three or four weeks when It comes to temps I was a bit worried at First considering I was only using a Single 360 millimeter radiator with High-end components but I knew the Open Air Design of the case would impact the Temps in a positive way and I was right The Asus strix 4090 peaked at 53 degrees Celsius for a few seconds if I dropped Back under 50. it actually averaged Around 48 to 49 degrees during in most Of the Benchmark a CPU on your hand Peaked at 71 degrees with pretty low Utilization since I'm using a synthetic Benchmark unfortunately I didn't have Time to download a full game to test it But I'm definitely loving what I'm Seeing so far really cool temps and a Really quiet system I'm very interested To see how this will do in gaming Specifically more demanding titles like Call of Duty 2 war zone 2.0 even Diablo 4 that's coming out I think in a few Months as well so I'll be doing a lot of Gaming tests on this bad boy in part two Of building the Ultimate Dream setup for My wife so yeah make sure you guys are

Subscribed so you don't miss out I'm Gonna take this into the office and hook It up on the wall right now so I can Continue I'll drop a link to all the Parts I use down below thank you guys so Much for watching and as always I'll see You very soon in the next one Thank you

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