I Built a Full Gaming Setup for $1000 using only Amazon!

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Gaming setups can get very expensive you Guys we've seen what people can do when They have extremely high budgets but What if I told you you can build a fully Functioning setup that will allow you to Game over 144 FPS and 1080p High Settings all under a thousand dollars Well that is exactly what I'm doing Today I'm going to be building a 1 000 Gaming setup using only Amazon and yes The PC is already included So you just build a brand new shiny PC And you're greeted with this nasty Notification on the bottom right corner Of your screen well instead of going out There and paying full price for a Windows key you guys can actually get One for less than 15 that's right you Guys can get a Windows 10 Pro CD key for Less than 15 dollars by visiting your Cdt.com or by clicking my link below and Using my code ts20 for that extra 20 off They also sell Windows 11 and Microsoft Office keys and the same discount code Applies now once you get your CD key all You have to do is go into the activation Settings on Windows then put in the new Key and watch The Watermark disappear so Just like building any setup it always Starts with the desk you always want to Buy a desk that's going to support your Setup as well as any upgrades you plan On doing in the next few years The worst thing you could do is buy a

Cheap desk and then decide next year That you want to upgrade to a better one Then when you do get the new desk you Have to take apart everything and then Start all over and nobody wants to do That So for this setup I picked up the cold Zone 47 inch modern desk I got this for Seventy dollars and they do come in a Variety of different color options but I Decided to go with the Vintage just to Try something different and also I Really do like the look of it all right Let's see how fast I can put this all Together Start the timer [Music] Done [Music] That had to have been less than 10 Minutes right that was probably the Easiest desk assembly I've ever done All right so first impressions of the Desk it's an extremely light desk you Guys I can grab it with just one arm Um And because of that it's very flimsy I Can already feel the Bowing in the Center it says it supports up to 110 Pounds I don't want to sit on this Because I'm pretty sure it's going to Crack I'm 177 so I don't want to send This in for a replacement but I mean you Can't really ask for much it's 70 it

Does come with a headphone anchor that You can install on either side of the Desk so that's pretty cool and I really Do like the vintage look Of the countertops so overall I mean Yeah it's a nice desk can't complain For 70 bucks unfortunately it did arrive A little damaged looks like a piece of The table top was chipped off over here In the corner Um the best part about buying this on Amazon is their return service is Amazing so I can technically reach out And send this out for a free replacement But it's such a small area on the desk That I'm not gonna even bother with it To be honest okay so after the desk the Next thing you guys should budget for is Always the monitor because the monitor Is the most used part of any setup and It's also going to affect how you're Going to use your setup ultimately I was Able to pick up a 27 inch gaming monitor From scepter this is a 165 Hertz refresh Rate one millisecond response time IPS Gaming Monitor and I got this for a Hundred and twenty dollars an absolute Steal for this setup when you guys are Shopping around for a monitor you got to Make sure that your PC can handle it Basically if you're buying a high Refresh rate monitor like this you're Gonna need a capable GPU to help push Those games on here

The rule of thumb is to achieve one FPS Per refresh rate of your monitor so Let's say you have 165 Hertz refresh Rate monitor you're going to need to be Able to push at least 165 FPS in your Games to take advantage of the refresh Rate of your monitor [Music] So one of the things I like about the Step the monitors are the way they do Their ports it's horizontal as opposed To Vertical that you would find on most Monitors if you plug the cables in from The bottom you can usually see the cable Hanging down from the front of monitors And I don't like that so that's why I Like the approach that septic took you Plug the cables in directly from the Back and it's gonna be a lot easier to Cable manage so it's not going to be as Visible from the front if this monitor Is somehow out of stock or the price Change by the time you guys are watching This video I'll drop a link to an Alternative down below alright moving on To peripherals believe it or not you Guys but I was able to pick up both a Keyboard and a gaming mouse for less Than forty dollars A 60 percent Mechanical gaming keyboard for 30 bucks And a wannabe model o gaming mouse for Ten dollars the keyboard actually comes In a variety of different colors but I

Picked the most color neutral option for This setup so it doesn't stick out as Much so I went with the black and gray With linear red switches it doesn't have Any RGB but the keys are backlit which Is nice and you get double shot PBT Keycaps and a detachable USBC cable the Main reason why I bought this keyboard Other than the price of course was the Fact that it has dedicated arrow keys And that is an absolute must for me okay The setup is definitely still missing Something the peripherals look very Naked on there I think we should Definitely add a mouse pad not only to Protect the surface from getting Scratched but also provide the mouse a Really nice surface to glide on but Which design will fit this setup the Most let's see We do have mostly black components so I Think we should go with a color neutral Black and white or even a black and gray Color scheme design maybe the camo Let's try the camo Oh it's a big pad there's going to be Some overlapping from the monitor Which isn't A very big deal it's actually going to Cover most of the surface which is what We want it's not bad I mean yeah the Camera would look really nice with it I Like how the gray accents on here match The keycaps this is a good option but I

Do want to try one other design so this Is from our new season 8 collection of Tech Source mouse pads this is called Dusk And I like this design the most because It's minimalistic but it also has some Gray tones in there which will Complement the keycaps On the keyboard a lot better Oh yeah this is something about this Mouse pad design that I really really Like oh yeah this is the one this is the Perfect pad for this setup you got the White complementing the wall and then You got the black and gray accents from The river that complement the keycaps Peripherals and even the Monitor and the PC once we put that on there but yeah This is the perfect pad for this setup You guys can grab this exact same design Or choose from our many other designs From my website dealsource.tech store so If you guys are looking to spice up your Setup with a high quality mouse pad or If you want to just support the channel Definitely consider picking one up okay Let's set up the audio gear from the Setup we're going to start with the Speakers uh it was an easy Choice going With the creative Pebbles just because Of the sound quality offers for the Price you just can't find better value Speakers than the creative Pebbles V2 Out there right now what I love about

The pebble so much is that they're Extremely small so they don't take up Much space on the desk they also sound Really good we get Crystal Clear highs With a decent enough base for less than Twenty dollars I mean come on what more Can you ask for also it's going to match The color scheme of the setup the black Will match the monitors and the Peripherals and the gold accent will Match the countertop now even though we Have a primary audio source for the Setup which are the speakers it's always A good idea to pick up some headphones For a bit of privacy as well as a more Accurate spatial awareness while gaming While you're gaming you always want to Use headphones you never want to rely on Your desktop speakers so along with the Sony MDR zx110s because these are 10 on Amazon and judging by the reviews a lot Of people seem to like these there is a Mic option which is eight dollars more But we're not gonna need that because I Did pick up a dedicated mic as well I'm Really actually interested to check out The sound quality on these so I'll be Testing these out at the end of the Video Oh that's cool I had no idea to actually Fold So these will be pretty cool for travel As well so we'll plug these in the PC Once we bring that out but in the

Meantime it's going to hang it over here On the side So I didn't get the headphones with the Mic option because I wanted to pick up My own dedicated mic in case I wanted to Do voiceovers for Content creation or Just better my quality sound during Gaming I was able to pick up this Bigfoot All in One USB condenser Microphone for less than thirty dollars It was a pretty damn good deal if you Ask me ideally I would want to hook up This microphone to a boom arm but we Can't afford it unfortunately that does Not fit within our thousand dollar Budget it's going to put us right over So I'm just going to use the built-in Mic stand That came with this oh wow it actually Kind of reminds me of the blue yeti in a Way Oh wow yeah it's a pretty big microphone Geez we have a gain control up top and Then we can choose with directional Pattern the microphone picks up the Audio I'm definitely be doing an audio Test with a microphone at the end of the Video once I review the setup All right it's time to bring out the PC That I built on the channel a few weeks Ago I do want to put this on the desk We gotta make space for the PC on the Desk Oh it's super close actually

You know we should be able to make it Work just gotta shift a few things over To the left side Speakers let's bring the mouse pad to Actually hold on [Music] Oh nice beautiful beautiful so this is The 600 gaming PC that I built on the Channel a few weeks ago it's an absolute Little monster that tears through 1080p Gaming if you guys missed the video Definitely check it out because you'd be Surprised at how well this custom PC Performs for its price I did buy all the Parts for this PC on Amazon as well and It's still within our one thousand Dollar budget so I'll drop a link to This build down below if you guys want To check it out as well as a build guide In case you guys want to build this PC Or any PC really no setup is complete Without some cable management I picked Up some double-sided tape cable clips And a powder strip to help me manage the Cables underneath the desk I'm going to Slap the power strip underneath here Using some double-sided tape and I'm Just going to plug everything into it I Got this one specifically because the Outlets are located on the side this Means when I plug the cables in and They're not going to be sticking out From the bottom so it's going to look a Lot cleaner underneath the desk plus

We've got USB ports as well which is Great if you want to charge any device It's got two USB 3 and a type c so You're covered for smartphone charging Headsets Wireless mice or anything last But not least we're gonna need a chair To sit on I found a pretty decent office Chair from Amazon for only thirty Dollars and it actually kind of looks Like the chair I used in the wish setup I wouldn't be surprised if it's the Exact same chair It's the exact same material used in the In the wish chair Oh no the arm bars are different But the mesh backing looks the same it Could be from the same manufacturer for All I know but let's go and assemble This and see how comfortable it really Is [Music] Foreign [Music] Dude this is the exact same chair as the One from wish you got memory foam Padding on the bottom here Mesh backing with lumbar support The wheels don't go across the carpet as Smoothly that's the only difference but Other than that yeah it's pretty much The same chair it's comfortable the Armrest that a little too low for me I Don't even know the point of these to be Honest I feel like it's a little too

Small for me but it's extremely Comfortable I like it it's the perfect Height for the desk as well For 30 bucks Can't complete All right so what are we looking at for The total 900 196 dollars we made it guys just four Dollars under our budget Not bad not bad okay let's give it a Test drive So just like all setups I build on the Channel I gotta spend a few days testing It out so I've been playing Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 for a couple Days now and here are my final thoughts Starting with the desk I really like the Desk it does what it's supposed to and Nothing more it's 45 inches in width and 20 inches deep which is big enough to Support a 27 inch monitor a couple Speakers and still have space for a mid Tower case it's a bit on the flimsy side The tabletop is extremely thin and Wobbles quite a bit so I wouldn't put Anything heavy on the desk I do like That it comes with a headphone anchor And a variety of different finishes that You can choose from but for seventy Dollars I think it's a decent desk and It's gonna be pretty hard to find Something better within this price point Moving on to the peripherals starting

With the keyboard I was actually Pleasantly surprised by it it's got a Really nice build quality PBT double Shot keycaps and a smooth and responsive Typing experience [Applause] I'm also a fan of dedicated arrow keys On the bottom right and the fact that Each key is backlit is really nice the Only downsides is that the lighting is Not RGB you only get light blue which You can turn off by the way if you want And also the switches are not hot Swappable so you pretty much stuck with Whatever switch you choose but they do Have Blue switches as well in fact they Have a bunch of different color combos On Amazon but do keep in mind that each Color scheme is tied to a specific Switch you either get blues or Reds the Mouse on the other hand is garbage Look I'm sorry okay I know it's a 10 Mouse and I shouldn't expect a high Grade sensor in here but this mouse is Pretty bad in every possible way the Best way I can describe playing with This mouse is downgrading from a 60hz Monitor to a 30 Hertz monitor on top of That it doesn't even Glide that well the Feet that they used on this mouse does Not slide well on fabric mouse pads it Feels very scratchy just for comparison My model o Wireless is so much smoother It Glides much better it is night and

Day between these two and I know one is A seven dollar Mouse I get that but I Just wanted to show how bad the t98 Really is Also the side buttons are very mushy With horrible feedback the only cool Thing about this mouse is the RGB Lighting and the honeycomb design if You're into that but that's pretty much It you really are getting what you pay For here and I would strongly advise Against buying this mouse spend an extra Ten dollars and just get something Better the mouse pad was definitely a Great purchase and strongly recommended For all setups to prevent the desk from Scratches and also provide a nice Surface for the mouse to glide on but The pad size is way too big for the desk And the monitor is forced to overlap it Which is why I have to deduct one point From it speaking of the monitor I had a Lot of fun gaming and watching content On it it's extremely fast with its 165hz Refresh rate and the colors are amazing Thanks to the IPS panel this means you Get exceptional viewing angles and Excellent color reproduction it's also a Nice little looking monitor with very Thin bezels all around and it's Basically compatible so you can mount it If you choose the only downsides I found With the monitor are the color accuracy And the amount of ghosting that was

Present even though it's an IPS panel They used a very cheap panel to cut Costs not even scoring 100 of srgb color Space and only covering 77 percent of Adobe RGB also despite advertising a one Millisecond response time the monitor Still presents noticeable ghosting which Is disappointing the spool is more like A three to five millisecond response Time display instead of a one as Advertised that being said given the Price you're not going to find any other Monitor out there with these specs 27 Inch 165 Hertz refresh rate on an IPS Display with thin bezels Visa Compatibility and built-in speakers I Wouldn't pay more than 150 dollars for This monitor okay let's shift over to The audio gear starting with the Speakers I've used the pebble V2s my Many times before and I always recommend These to people who are building a setup On a budget you just can't beat the Value that these offer twenty dollars For a pair of great sounding speakers That don't take up much space on the Desk you're an Avenger [Music] You have a daughter But you've lost a lot of time Like me you are USB powered so you just Have to plug the USB cable into the back Of your PC and the 3.5 millimeter cable Into the audio jack in the back these

Headphones were actually quite Surprising only because I've had Terrible experience with similar price Headphones in the past so that's why I Was pleasantly shocked at the sound Quality I can see why 99 000 people like These so much the build quality I'm Gonna be honest it's extremely cheap and Flimsy but I get that they had to cut Some Corners obviously to be able to Sell these and still make a profit these Sit right on your ear with pretty Comfortable ear cups I would say but They don't block out any outside noise There is a lot of bleeding so it's not The best to use when you're traveling However for gaming and watching content They're awesome one thing to keep in Mind is that the cable is extremely Short so you're gonna have to plug this In the front panel of your PC this leads Me to the microphone the Behringer Bigfoot is an awesome microphone for the Price I was able to snag it for 28 Dollars which is an absolute steal Unfortunately I didn't have enough Budget left over to buy a nice boom arm So I just keep it in the corner of the Desk when I'm not using it but I did Leave some extra slack that way I can Bring the mic closer to me when I'm Actually using it alright so here's what The microphone sounds like directly in Front of my mouth I would say I'm about

Six inches away from it I am using the Cardioid pattern to capture audio Directly in front of the mic and this is All recorded without any background Noise and editing alright so now I'm Leading back into my chair and the Microphone is to the left of me which is How I'll be using a microphone while I'm Working or gaming at my setup and even Though the microphone is sitting at an Angle on my desk I'm still able to Capture my voice without any problems Finally here's a sample of me talking to The microphone while I'm gaming on my Keyboard and mouse And as expected you can probably hear my Keyboard and mouse clearly it is a Condenser microphone after all so it's Going to be next to your keyboard and Mouse it will pick up the noises This is why I recommend going with a Boom arm that way you can move the Microphone further away from the Peripherals I've got the link to an arm That pairs nicely with the microphone Down below for anyone interested the PC Part of the entire setup is a 600 budget Build that's equipped with an Intel core I3 12100f 16 gigs of RAM running at 3200 Megahertz and an MSI RX 6600 it's able To run most games over 144 FPS and 1080p High settings it's even got a little bit Of RGB if you guys want to see how the PC performs on all the popular games out

There make sure to watch the full build Video you can click on the bubble on the Top right to check it out and last but Not least let's talk about the cable Management so I used some leftover Bell Toy straps to tie the keyboard and mouse Cables to the monitor mount just so it Looks nicer I also routed the rest of The cables underneath the desk using Cable clips and I hooked up a power Strip under here using some double-sided Adhesive and finally I ran the power Strip cable down one of the table legs Using some velcro straps it's not the Cleanest cable work I've done but you Know it's pretty damn good considering I Didn't use any raceways or cable racks The chair isn't terrible but it's not a Great chair either the armrests are way Too low making them absolutely useless To me and the wheels don't exactly roll Over carpet easily it is comfortable However my butt cheeks are extremely Happy with the memory foam padding and My back appreciates the breathable mesh With lumbar support I also love the Option of leaning back on the chair However you can lock this using the Lever on the side so with all the Ratings calculated we have an average Score of 8.7 for this setup but I would Love to hear what you guys think about The setup let me know what your rating Is in the comment section down below is

There something you would have done Differently please keep in mind I only Had a thousand dollars to work with for My next setup build I want to do a Really clean all white gaming and Streaming setup if that's something you Guys are interested in seeing let me Know by tossing a like if this video Gets 10 000 likes I will make it happen Thank you guys so much for watching Subscribe for more awesome setup coming Your way and I'll see you very soon in The next one [Music]

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