Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck! How Does It Actually Run? Best Settings

Last Updated on February 12, 2023 by Detective Dev

Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at performance of The newly released Hogwarts Legacy Running on the steam deck so I've Personally been having a blast with this Game and keep in mind it was only Released a couple days ago as making This video so performance will increase On all platforms it's just a matter of The developers you know finding those Bugs and different ways to make it run a Little better on different systems but I Gotta say out of the box we're getting Some decent performance be it at 30 FPS Low settings and when you're indoors or Sparsely populated areas like we're in Right now it runs at a steady 30. in Fact when you're indoors you can Actually take this up to 40 FPS and run In it at 40 does make for a better Experience but unfortunately at the time Of release I mean a couple days later That's what I'm making this video we're Still gonna get dips under 30 with these Default settings in certain areas but There are a few tweaks that we can do to Try to kind of alleviate that it's not 100 Surefire right now depending on the Area you're in but uh it will help out With performance kind of across the Board so I want to show you real quick What I'm talking about here So we've made it over to hogsmeade still

Using those default settings and you Know there's just a lot going on here You're going to see this dip down to Even 25 FPS in some cases now sometimes It's a split second comes right back up But usually you know taking corners and Things like that you're definitely going To feel these dips there's a couple Things we can do here to try to Alleviate it and the first one would be Set a manual GPU clock from the Performance menu on the steam dag set it To 1600 megahertz that seems to help out A little bit but you got to keep in mind That you know the steam deck is already Going to try to take it up that far and This is a very GPU intensive game Especially given that we're working with The lower end igpu here on the steam DAC But what I've tried to do is just go Into the settings here and as you can See default we're going to be using FSR 1.0 I set this to FSR 2.0 and then Either go to balanced or performance and To tell you the truth between balanced And performance I don't notice much of a Difference there so it's really up to You you can kind of experiment with it I Also turn off film grain because I'm not A big fan of it but now we're still at 30 FPS low settings and we've actually Taken the internal resolution down a Little bit by going to balanced and We're actually using FSR 2.0 instead of

1.0 Doesn't dip down as far but as you can See we still get down to 29 FPS from 30. And I'm sure this will be fixed in later Updates I don't see why they couldn't Come up with some kind of Shader cache Or something that would help out with This on the steam deck and with it set Up like this right now we can get around Two and a half hours of battery life I've been checking out total system Power draw you know from the battery That's with the screen brightness and Sound everything kind of included but if You don't mind losing out on a little More battery life there's one more thing We can do here From the settings FSR 2.0 we're actually Going to go with performance just to be Safe and we're going to set the frame Rate limit to 60 FPS now obviously this Game isn't going to run at 60fps on the Steam DAC but it will run at a pretty Decent 40 in a lot of places we're going To open our performance menu take the Refresh rate of the steam deck screen Down to 40. make sure we're set to 40 Here And there we have it this is how I've Been running the game and it's few and Far in between where I'll see it dip Under 60 FPS but even at 40 indoors it Just makes for a much smoother Experience and yeah I mean this is how

I've got it set up right now and I Figured I'd go ahead and share this with You But overall been having a really good Time with this game on the steam deck Now I'm really hoping for a couple more Optimizations just to keep a nice lock 30 for everybody but as you saw until Then there are a few tweaks that we can Do to this and if you've come up with a Better configuration let me know in the Comments below I'd love to test it out Once they put out a couple more updates Or patches I will be doing another video So keep an eye on the channel but that's Going to wrap it up for this one and Like always thanks for watching

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