Hands Down The Most Powerful Small Foot Print Ryzen 6000 PC Yet! HX99G First Look

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So yeah this Mini PC is definitely Putting down the power being able to run Forza Horizon 5 at 4k on this thing is Absolutely amazing [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today I am super Excited because I finally got my hands On the all-new Menace Forum HX 99g now a Few months ago you might remember a Similar PC known as the hx90g and that Was powered by a 5900 HX CPU but with The HX 99g we now have ryzen 6000. in Fact this is using the ryzen 9 6900a Jacks and we also have a dedicated Radeon GPU here so this is a Full-fledged gaming machine we're not Working with integrated Graphics we've Got a discrete GPU here and I'll tell You this thing puts out some amazing Performance so when it comes to the Overall design hasn't changed much or if Any at all from the hx90 always been a Huge fan of how this thing looks and They do give you a couple options when Setting this up you can actually set it Horizontally on the desk we've got the Rubber feet here on the bottom or you Can use the included stand and that's Exactly what I like doing I think it Looks really good sitting vertically Inside of the Box obviously we'll get The a hx99g it also comes with a 280 Watt power supply now this isn't your

Normal power supply with a 5.5 Millimeter Barrel Jack this actually Utilizes a four pin connector because we Do need to send a lot of power to this Unit given that we're working with the Discrete GPU and a high-end mobile CP With 8 cores and 16 threads it's not a Super low power consumption Mini PC it Will require some juice but when you Compare it to a full-size desktop I mean This really isn't pulling that much at All I've just mounted it up on the Included stand and this is a carbon Fiber stand and if you look closely at The unit itself you might notice we've Got a little more carbon fiber going on Here so what they've done is where the Bigger exposed areas are we've got Carbon fiber armor and the whole case Itself is made of a carbon fiber Reinforced plastic not exactly sure how Much carbon fiber is mixed in with the Plastic or how they go about doing this But either way I still think it looks Really good and the carbon fiber armor Where they've placed it it's very Tasteful and I think it kind of sets the Whole unit off when it comes to I up Front here we've got a full size USB 3.2 Gen 1 Port we've also got audio in and Out USB type c 3.2 and obviously we've Got our power button here but a lot more Is happening around back because we've Got 2.5 gigabit Ethernet three more USB

3.2 gen 1 ports two full-size HDMI ports And two usb4 ports so overall we can Connect four displays here two 4K and Two 8K 60 displays using usb4 and by the Way both of these ports are 40 gig Protocol so if you did want to connect An external GPU or really fast storage Not a problem at all I wanted to give You a quick look at the internals and Getting the side panel off is quite easy In total to get down to the m.2 drives And the ram it's going to be eight Screws and with this one we are using Ddr5 they've added some heat sinks to The ram that comes included with this You can buy it with 16 up to 64. we've Also got two m.2 SSD slots here here so We can easily add storage to this unit And of course when it comes to the specs Of the HX 99g we've got the AMD ryzen 9 6908 Jacks an absolute Beast of a chip 8 Cores 16 threads up to 4.9 gigahertz now With this we also get built-in Radeon 680m graphics based on rdna 2 and since We're using an HX variant chip these are Actually clocked up to 2400 megahertz And you could get some gaming done on This if you wanted to but that's not the Big claim to fame when it comes to this PC because we've got a dedicated GPU This actually utilizes a Radeon RX 6600m We've got a base clock of 2060 megahertz And a boost up to 2416. we've also got Eight gigabytes of dedicated G ddr6v RAM

And I've already done some testing with This this is a great 1440p High machine Older stuff you can go up to 4K but if You want to Max everything out at Ultra 1080p is definitely where it's at but I'm going to be sitting at 1440 to 4K With everything we're going to be Testing and I've been more than happy With the performance this thing puts out And like I mentioned the HX 99g utilizes Sodium ddr5 I've got 16 gigabytes at 4 800 megahertz in here but you can get This with up to 64 gigabytes this Supports two m.2 SSD drives we've got Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.0 and for this video I'm going to be running Windows 11 Pro And I'm really excited to get into some Testing so let's jump over there now So I've been testing this out for the Last couple days and you know when it Comes to these mini PCS I usually Mention these are Snappy this thing's Actually fast I mean we've got plenty of Power here from the CPU and GPU and even If you just wanted to use the integrated Graphics for some light gaming you could Definitely do it but we've got that RX 6600m which is really going to up the GPU performance in this Mini PC now the Very first thing I always like to look At with these uh ryzen based PCS is just What we've got for a TDP on the CPU side Of things this is looking outstanding Because we've got a boost up to 75 Watts

With the 6900a Jacks and it kind of just Plateaus off around 55 which is more Than enough for gaming it'll keep the Clocks up on all eight of those cores And one thing I really like about this Is even though you can push a lot of Power to that CPU it stays nice and Quiet now with this it's got a dual Heatsink dual fan setup one is designed To cool the GPU one is designed to cool The CPU and this is one of the larger Coolers that I've seen on a mobile chip Plus they use Liquid Metal which boosts That cooling performance seven copper Heat pipes here dual fan setup and even While gaming at 1440p pushing as much as We can out of this thing it's a really Quiet system and not to mention you know Just everyday normal use photo editing Web browsing email checking document Editing even video editing this thing is Whisper quiet and if you wanted to use It as an everyday PC just keep in mind You've got more than enough power to do Basically anything you'll ever need to Do on a machine like this but obviously This Mini PC was designed for gaming so Let's see how it performs And we're going to start off strong here With cyberpunk 2077 1440p High settings No FSR you can expect an average of Around 68 FPS out of it and if this Isn't enough for you we've always got FSR that we can mess around with I'd say

Taking it the balance would bring you up To around the 78 average performance We'd be in the 80s to the 90s but Personally with a machine like this I Wouldn't mind setting it just like it is Turning vsync on and playing it at 60 All day long before we test out some More games I did want to check out some Benchmarks and when it comes to Geekbench 5 single core 1601 Multi-9740 I actually expected to get in The 10 thousands with multi-core but you Know we're real close and single is Looking amazing for a mobile chip Checking out some GPU benchmarks with 3D Mark first up night raid 47 749 fire Strike 21 644 and finally times five with an 8836. obviously with these synthetics it Tore up these benchmarks this is no Slouch given the form factor here we are Getting some great performance but we Need to test out some more real world Gaming And next up we've got Spider-Man Miles Morales High settings 1440p now I Mentioned at the beginning of the video That this is more of a 1440p high Setting or an ultra 1080p machine and There's really no other way to put it Now of course with FSR a lot of this Stuff will do over 60 at Ultra but I'm Trying not to use FSR here just to see What we can get in an ultra with most of

These games I mean we're right there on The edge of 60 kind of Dipping into the High 50s God of War 1440p High settings we can Get an average of around 81 FPS now this Is one of those games I really do like To test it does kind of tax that CPU and GPU and going up to 1440p on a Mini PC Like this is really impressive [Music] And this machine can even handle older Games at 4K very high ultra settings or If you're into fighting games then this Is a good little machine here's Injustice 2 4K very high which is Basically maxed out I don't think we Have an ultra setting here you'll see That frame rate dipped down to 59 to 60. If that wasn't on I'd never notice it And another one I tested was Street Fighter 5. of course we can Max that one Out at 4K and Mortal Kombat 11 very high Settings Dirt five is one of those racing games That gives even newer PCS a run for its Money so I definitely want to throw it In here 1440p High settings we can get An average of around 78 FPS looking Really good if you did want to go up to Ultra again taking it down to 1080 is Really the way to go [Music] And of course since we're on the racing Genre Forza Horizon 5 4K High settings

71 FPS on average really great Performance and this is without FSR you Can go up to ultra with FSR set to Balance but I think High still looks Great here especially at 4K And the final game I wanted to test here At least for this video was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I love using this Built-in Benchmark we're at 1440p Ultra But once you set this to ultra it Actually does turn on FSR or dlss if You're using an Nvidia card and with This it went to the Quality preset and We got an average of 97 FPS a low of 54. So we did dip under 60 in some instances With that Benchmark so just going Through and taking some of those Settings from Ultra to high is probably The way to go The next thing I wanted to take a look At was total system power consumption With a Mini PC like this it's definitely Going to be pulling a lot more than some Of the other mini PCS we've seen with Ryzen 6000 and it really comes down to This GPU pulling around 115 Watts at Max Load while I'm doing my testing I have This plugged into a kilowatt meter at The wall at idle pulls around 26 Watts 1440p gaming on average 172 watts and The maximum that I could get this to Pull was 236 watts and that's maxing out The CPU and GPU at the same time I also monitor CPU temps while I'm doing

My testing and I can't stress it enough This is a really quiet PC when you Compare it to others on the market we Have those dual heat sinks with dual Fans kind of keeping it separated and at Idle the CPUs around 38 degrees Celsius Average gaming we only reach 71 degrees Celsius and in a 10 minute sentiment Stress test 87 degrees Celsius so with Everything I've thrown at it so far I Never saw thermal throttle with this Unit First impressions of the minutes Forum HX 99g loving the performance this Thing's putting out I mean it's Definitely a gaming machine 1440p High 1080 Ultra and with some of the older Games or more optimized games on the Market 4K is totally in the realm of This thing I love the look and design I Will always have this in a vertical Position but remember we've got those Rubber feet on the other side so you can Set this horizontally and all of the air Is actually pulled in from the top of The unit and pushed out of the sides so You won't block off any kind of Ventilation if you have it sitting Horizontally really up to you but Personally I think it looks really good With this stand there are a couple more Videos that I have planned with this Machine and you know when it comes to Emulation I can do a full emulation

Video I mean we've got power here this Is going to run anything at 1440 to 4K It'll handle PS3 it'll handle switch It'll handle Xbox and even Xbox 360 but If there's a real interest I can do a Dedicated video just let me know in the Comments below but what I've got planned So far is at least the Linux video I'd Love to install steamos 3 on this and See if we can kind of get the same 1440p Performance and Linux that we just saw In Windows and if you've got any kind of Requests at all just let me know in the Comments below there are more PC games That I love to test out on this machine It's just kind of running short on time And I've already gone over a lot of Stuff with the HX 99g in this video here But overall I'm a huge fan of this PC And if you're interested in learning More I will leave links to minus forum's Website in the description below keep in Mind this was the HX 99 and not the hx90 That one has a 5900 HX this is using new Ryzen 6000 and they also have a 5800 H Version but they all have this dedicated Radeon 6600m so GPU performance will Kind of be the same across the board it Really comes down to your CPU choice and The price you want to pay for something Like this I'd love to know your thoughts In the comments below what did you think About the performance form factor and Look of this unit but that's gonna wrap

It up for this one if you're interested In seeing more make sure you hit that Subscribe button and think about turning Notifications on and like always thanks For watching

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