Hands Down, One Of The Best Minimal Steam Deck OS PCs You Can Build Right Now

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Of course with a rig like this you could Always just go ahead and run Windows on It but you know having steamos 3 just Kind of makes it a whole different Experience at least in my opinion and Being able to play a lot of my favorite Older games at 4K and the newer AAA Stuff at 1440 really does make this an Awesome Linux gaming rig [Music] A prime bag here again today we're going To be taking a look at steam deck OS Otherwise known as Steam OS 3 running on My open air minimal PC that I recently Put together so I've done one video with The assembly we ran Windows on it great Performer we've got a 6 core 12 thread Ryzen 5000 series CPU and a Radeon 6000 Series GPU and in the grand scheme of Things it was a relatively cheap build To put together I utilized used parts From eBay when it comes to the Motherboard RAM and CPU but since then I've actually been taking a look at Prices on this GPU I have here and you Could pick these up for about 70 dollars Cheaper than I paid I actually bought a Brand new Radeon RX 6600 for this rig But yeah they're available on eBay the Non-xt variants and they perform Absolutely amazing with Linux gaming not To mention if you just want to go with Windows with it that'll be totally fine Also handles high-end emulation at 1440p

And 4K depending on the emulator you're Using and it runs a lot of the newer Triple play games at high Ultra 1440p Some of the newer stuff if you want to Go to ultra you'll have to drop that Resolution down a bit but high 1440p for Most of the stuff that's on the market Right now is totally possible with this Machine Taking a quick look at the specs for the CPU I opted to go with something a bit Cheaper than an X variant I went with The ryzen 5 5600 non-x we've got six Cores 12 threads and a boost up to 4.4 Gigahertz this is actually one of my Favorite 5000 series chips on the market 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 3200 Megahertz running in dual Channel a used ASRock b450 Mini ITX motherboard from EBay I've got the ASRock Radeon RX 6600 With eight gigabytes of gddr6 vram a one Terabyte Kingston m.2 SSD a 550 watt Power supply and I just used an open air Test bench kind of case that you could Pick up on AliExpress for around 20 Bucks I actually really do like the way It came out the first video I made on This rig we did the build tested out Windows with some AAA gaming and some Emulation if you're interested in Checking that video out I'll leave a Link for that in the description but in This one we're running steamos 3 and in Order to get this up and running we're

Going to be using an operating system Known as Hollow ISO unfortunately valve Hasn't released a public steamos3 or Steam deck operating system that we Cannot you know get our hands on so the Team over at Hollow ISO basically took The steam deck recovery image reworked a Bunch of stuff in it so we can run it on Different systems now at the time of Making this video you definitely want to Use an AMD GPU be it a dedicated Graphics card or even an APU because uh Nvidia cards just really aren't that Compatible with game mode right now but I've had a really good experience with This operating system I really enjoy Using it and since we've got that steam Deck UI does make a great couch gaming PC So I've got the operating system Installed and I've already done a lot of Setup here it's really easy to install Actually if you've ever done any kind of Operating system installation then you Shouldn't have an issue installing Hollow ISO you can install it from a USB Drive you can even run it from a USB Drive if you wanted to or you could Install it to an internal drive or External drive usually I have an External drive set up with it that way I Can test on a bunch of different systems But right now I've got it installed to The internal m.2 SSD here and of course

Using the official steam controller Would make you feel a lot more at home But unfortunately I'm just not a huge Fan of it so I've just connected my Xbox Controller over Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi Bluetooth module that came pre-installed With this mini it export does work with Linux it's based on Intel so there was No further setup I mean everything's Just working right out of the box with Hollow ISO the only thing you're really Not going to be able to control with the PC from Steam OS itself or game mode Here is the TDP for the CPU or GPU we Can't set up any kind of power profiles Yet inside of steamos 3. now if we swap Over to desktop mode we could always Download a third-party application be it A CPU tune or even something like rise And adjust and we can fully control the TDP on the CPU from there but you know Having a slider ready to go like you do On the steam deck just doesn't work yet In Hollow ISO but since we're working With the desktop system this thing's Going to be running at full boat anyway The CPU I'm using here is a 65 watt part And yeah we can boost up to 4.4 Gigahertz on all of those cores while Running our favorite games So with all that out of the way it's Time to see how this thing performs and We're going to jump right into it with Elden ring

All right so here it is at 1440p high Settings unfortunately maximum settings Here just doesn't work out very well With the RX 6600 at 1440p but if you Need to go to Max we can always drop That resolution down to 1080 run it at 60 all day I know in the 6000 series Carts were initially released there were A lot of reviewers complaining about the Price and performance but these are Going for around 230 dollars and I Really don't think it's a bad deal for What we have here especially with the Linux compatibility and if you wanted to Go used with it you can actually get one Of these for around 160 on eBay and Check out the cyberpunk 2077 performance 1440p High we can get an average of Around 73 FPS out of this game and you Know I don't mind locking these games Down at 60 turning vsync on and playing These AAA games at 60 High settings at 1440p and again with basically Everything that we're going to show off Here if you need to go to ultra or Maximum settings 1080 is where it's Going to be With Horizon zero Dawn at 1440p high we Got an average of 72 FPS absolutely Beautiful game this is one I played Through on the PlayStation 5. loved this Game and just seeing it running in Linux Like this is really awesome Now I want you to find some rocks that

Fit the cup of your hand why And gather the rocks I will show you how To use them good that's it Obviously The Witcher 3 is an older game And I suspected we'd get great Performance out of this I was actually Hoping we could do 4K at high with this But we're right there under 60 at 4K With the newest update we do have access To DirectX 12 and we've also got some Scaling options so if you don't mind Setting FSR to something like Performance at 4K High settings you Could run this just fine but I still Think it looks great at 1440p high I Don't have an issue whatsoever with the Quality right now God of War is another one that performs Great 1440p high and to tell you the Truth I mean with everything that I've Tested here in Windows and Linux I'm Seeing about a 10 to 15 FPS drop in Linux compared to Windows but it's not Enough to kind of you know sway me to go Back over to Windows because I'm well Over 60 with all of the games that I Want to run and you got to remember We're using proton here so we've got That compatibility layer to get these Running in Linux so there will be a Little degradation in performance but in My opinion it's totally worth it having This really streamlined operating system That we could just run on our big screen

TV in the living room so with Miles Morales I actually went up the very high To see if we could you know hit that Steady 60 with it I got a few dips Really close to going under so I just Enabled FSR at that quality preset and Uh we're good to go it still looks great And plays just fine in Linux So when it comes to all of the newer AAA Games that we've taken a look at so far 1440p High has kind of been The Sweet Spot there but when it comes to the Older games or more optimized games 4K Maxed out is totally possible with a lot Of this stuff Project cars 2 4K very hot we can get an Average of 84 FPS And I also wanted to throw a really old One in there we've got left 4 dead 2. This is maxed out at 4K and I do get Some hiccups here and there I'm not Exactly sure what's going on it could be Those Vulcan shaders but on average we Got around 180 FPS but if you take a Look we do get some micro stuttering Going on and you know probably playing Through this a little more it might Alleviate that but it was a bit odd just Going straight into the game So obviously we're getting some amazing Gaming performance out of this machine Using Hollow ISO and we've also got Another layer to this operating system As a lot of you already know we do have

Desktop mode so we'll head over there Right now and when it's time to get some Work done or you know you just want to Kind of browse the web check out some 4K YouTube video playback we can use this As a full-fledged Linux PC so uh from The App Store here we could actually go Through and download video editors photo Editors basically anything we can do on Windows we can do here and there's Always a free application for it browse On the web super Snappy I do have Wi-Fi 6 here or you could go with ethernet if You want to but if you wanted to do some 4K video playback from YouTube or an External drive or internal not a problem And of course emulation so just heading In here we do have an emulator section And we've got more than enough power for PSP PS2 GameCube Wii Wii U PS3 even Xbox And switch emulation would run really Well on this machine in Linux So in the end I do think that this is a Great combo for gaming in general Whether you want to do it in Windows or Linux the choice is really yours and That's the great part about PCS nowadays We've got a lot of different choices That we can make with our operating Systems and the way we want to play our Games but that's going to wrap it up for This video I really appreciate you Watching if you're interested in Checking out how this thing performs in

Windows link for that video is down Below and if you want to put together a Similar rig I'll also leave links in the Description just so you can kind of pick And choose I think it's a great combo But you know in the end it's really up To you I'd love to know what you thought About the performance here with steamos 3 in this build and you know if there's Anything else you'd change about it let Me know down below but that's it for This one like always thanks for watching

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