GPD Win 4 First Look, The Ryzen Power We Needed In The Palms Of Our Hands!

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So yeah this thing is pretty amazing I Mean it's like the steam deck and the PSP fell in love got married nine months Later the GPD Win 4 popped out [Music] What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again today I am super excited Because I finally got my hands on the GPD win 4. now this is something I've Been looking forward to and I know a lot Of you have also but if you're not Familiar with this device basically what We have here is the world's smallest Ryzen 7 6 800u-powered handheld gaming Device now obviously they took a lot of Inspiration from one of the best Handhelds ever made and I'm sure a lot Of you already know exactly what that is But don't let the size fool you because This thing is putting out some really Great performance now even though we've Got such a small form factor handheld They didn't have to compromise on the Power that the 6800u can put out with That new Radeon 680m rdna 2 based eye GPU the cooling system they implemented Here is absolutely amazing for the size And you know like I mentioned it did Take a lot from some of the best Handhelds that were ever released on the Market the PSP and the PS Vita we've got More of a PSP design here but there are Some cues from the PS Vita like the D-pad hat itself it's actually using the

Same one that the Vita uses and I'm a Huge fan of this one it uses Dome Switches underneath and I've always Liked it for fighting games and Platformers I found it really accurate We've got the same exact feel here by The end of the video we will do some D-pad testing with some fighting games Just to show you how good it does work On this unit but it's really hard to Believe how much Tech they've packed in The small form factor here with the win 4. like the fact that we've got a Backlit full qwerty keyboard under the Six inch display and by the way this is Using an hips display and personally I Think it looks absolutely amazing but One of my favorite things about this is We've actually got a couple modes that We can swap through when it comes to the Refresh rain we've got 40 Hertz 60 hertz And recently it's come to my knowledge That we've even got a 75 Hertz mode but That'll only work at 1080p 40 and 60 Will work at basically any resolution Now before we get into it I did want to Give you a quick size comparison between The Steam deck the most popular x86 Handheld on the market right now and the New GPD win 4. as you can see the Win 4 Is coming in a lot smaller than the Steam deck and uh you know they do Consider this a pocketable device it Does have the analog sticks coming right

Out of the front here but yeah I mean it Does fit in my pocket even when I'm Wearing jeans I can actually slide this Thing right in there and of course it Does have a smaller screen than the Steam DAC the wind 4 is coming in at six Inches the steam deck is at seven but The wind four screen is far superior to The steam deck screen that they're using Right now even in the 512 gigabyte model Now taking a look at the overall design Like I mentioned we've got that V to D Pad so it is using those Dome switches Behind it always like these it feels Great on this unit and we've also got Our analog stick over here now instead Of using Hall based analog sticks like We've seen in some of the newer Handhelds on the market these are using The Alps or the Alps 3D analog sticks And you know I've been using these for Years and all of my controllers and Personally I love them they work great Moving down just a bit we've got a Switch here that we've seen on previous GPD devices basically we can swap Between controller mode and mouse mode So we can actually use the built-in Controls as a mouse but you know when It's time to game all we need to do is Flick this switch and everything's going To detect these controls As an X input Device so it'll work with 99.99 of Everything that you can run on this

Device and as you can see we've also got A Micro SD card slot over here this is Good up to two terabytes and it's using A uh S1 interface so it'll do 160 Megabytes read and it'll do 90 megabytes Right so we can get a really fast card For this unit now moving over to the Right hand side obviously we've got our A b x y we've got our other analog Sticking right under that analog stick We've got a little touch sensor now this Is in a fingerprint sensor this is Actually an optical finger navigation Sensor so uh think of it as kind of a Track pad and it works out a lot better Than I thought it would it definitely Works better than the Nubs on the older Lenovo laptops this was actually Something I was surprised to see and It's actually great to see that we've Got a bunch of different ways that we Can navigate this handheld and keep in Mind we've also got that touch screen so If you just wanted to use the touch Screen to navigate the operating system No problem at all and of course up top Here we had to talk about the bumpers And the triggers as you can see behind The bumpers we do have some RGB which Really does set it off and these are Linear triggers with 27 degrees of Movement this is great for racing games And I will show this off because I Actually really like the way these

Things feel and finally across the top Here as you can see we've got a 3.5 Millimeter audio jack a full-size USB 3.2 Port which is something that I Personally think is a must on a handheld We've also got usb4 up top and this is Using 40 gig protocol so an egpu does Work with this handheld quite well and Of course we've got our volume rocker And our power button these are physical Buttons up top and they've given us Another USB type-c port here at the Bottom this is actually USB type c 3.2 It's full function 10 gigs and it will Support video out in around back we've Got two extra remappable buttons you can Do this from software but just taking a Look at the back we've got a lot of Ventilation you can see that fan and I've already mentioned it but the Cooling system that they've implemented In this handheld is really awesome the Stock TDP is 15 watts they consider Gaming mode around 28 but I've been Doing some testing at 32 and still Haven't hit thermal throttle with it and That was the main thing I was worried About given that this is such a small Form factor unit we've got a Full-fledged ryzen 760 800u that didn't Have to be dumbed down in this unit Because we've got a sufficient cooling System And of course I mean there's a lot more

To it if you want to head over to the Indiegogo I'll leave some links in the Description I'll also leave a link to Their website but uh basic specs here We've got the ryzen 7 6800u this is Based on Zen 3 plus we've got eight Cores 16 threads and a boost clock up to 4.7 gigahertz along with this we get the Radeon 680m igpu this is based on our DNA 2 with 12 compute units and it runs At up to 2200 megahertz they do offer a Couple different RAM and storage Variants you can go with 16 gigabytes of RAM or 32 but all of them are using LP Ddr5 running at 6 400 megahertz and They've set this up so it's actually Running a quad Channel configuration With that LP ddr5 the Out of the Box Storage configurations are either one Terabyte or two terabyte but this is Using an m.2 SSD pcie 4.0 speeds plus We've got that micro SD card so I mean If you wanted to replace this m.2 you Definitely could or just add storage With that micro SD as you've seen the Display in the wind 4 looks great we've Got a 6 inch hips we've got a resolution Of 1080p it's got an aspect ratio of 16 By 9 and we can swap between 40 or 60 Hertz and now at 1080p we can actually Go up to 75 but you're not going to be Wanting to do this with AAA games Indie Stuff it should work out great but Having that 40 and 60 hertz mode is

Really awesome now in the past on Different handhelds we could always use A third-party application to kind of Achieve this but directly from Windows We can actually swap between 40 and 60 And with those harder to run AAA games 40 Hertz is great on this display and You know when it comes to these Handhelds I think some of these Manufacturers do Overlook the sound but This thing has some amazing little Speakers in it I'm actually blown away By how loud and clear this thing gets These are the loudest and clear speakers That I've heard out of any x86 handheld On the market right now they're using Double AC super linear dual stereo Speakers here and it's pretty awesome to Hear hear this thing at full volume I Mean I actually had to turn it down when I was recording because it was just Overpowering this also has a six axis Gyro built in we've got vibration Motors Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.2 and when it comes To the battery we've got a 45.62 watt Hour battery with 65 watt fast charging Capabilities does come with a 65 watt Charger in the Box okay so I wanted to Jump right into some gameplay here and We've got Forza Horizon 5. I've got it Locked at 60 hertz here on the display And from the game itself and we're at 15 Watts 720p medium settings and I've also Got the total system power draw from the

Battery listed here with afterburner We're right there at around 28 Watts so We're on par with what the steam deck Pulls at 15 watts and I also wanted to Show you these linear triggers I'm a Huge fan of racing games be it arcade Racers or simulators and having these Linear triggers really does help out Especially with drifting to get that Control out of the brake and the gas And I'm not sure how well the speakers Are going to transfer in a YouTube video I'm at about 60 volume here and it is Really loud and I'm actually really Happy that they're front facing um GPD Has done a bang-up job with the screen And the sound on this handheld so far But right now like I mentioned 720p Locked at 60 medium settings we're good To go And just because we're here I figured We'd go ahead and take it up to 28 Watts I went to 1080p with this game still at Medium with vsync turned completely off And keep in mind I'm not using FSR right Now we could get around 90 FPS with some FSR set to around balance but we're Averaging 75 FPS medium 1080p 28 Watts As you see our total system power draw Has significantly jumped up we're gonna Get right under an hour of gameplay out Of this at 28 watts playing this game Like it is right now but at 15 watts Locked at 60 we're gonna get right under

Two hours of gameplay which isn't bad at All given that we're pushing this much Power out of a super tiny handheld So obviously we've got a very portable Device here but we've got a lot of power With it so if you wanted to use this as A PC you could now you could connect it To a larger display if you want or you Could use it with the built-in six-inch Display in Mouse mode we can use this Right analog stick for our cursor and a Few of these buttons are going to work As a right click and left click we've Also got the touch screen so you could Use it like this but personally I really Like this Optical trackpad that they've Used now it does take a little bit of Getting used to and it is kind of Sensitive I mean we could always change The sensitivity from Windows settings But the way it's set up out of the box It's very usable I mean I really do like This and this is actually how I've been Using the unit Plus we've got that built-in qwerty Keyboard and it is backlit we can Actually turn the backlight off if we Want to and it's using Dome switches Kind of just like the d-pad does I do Like the keyboard on the Win 4 a lot More than the win 3 and you know when it Came to the win 3 I never really went to The keyboard because I just wasn't a Huge fan of it

But with this it's actually really easy To use I mean you want to search the web With it you want to search through your Game Library not a problem at all and we Can always close this screen down get Rid of that keyboard all together now I Will admit I wouldn't want to type up an Essay or something like that with the Squirty keyboard but you know for little Stuff it actually works out great even Taking notes this is something I've been Using because it is built into the Handheld Next thing I wanted to do is show you This d-pad in action so we've got Street Fighter 5 1080p with a low medium mix at 15 watts we can go to full medium with It at 1080 at about 20 watts but we're Just right there at 15 and pulling off These special moves is no problem at all With this Vita d-pad I've always really Liked the Vita d-pad for fighting games I mean the Vita itself had some really Great stuff come out and uh you know Even playing platforms with this very Accurate I mean if you just need to hit That up and right you can always do it And since this utilizes Dome switches we Can actually feel when we're in the Right position Now it's time to turn our attention to The 40 Hertz mode that this display Offers now when it comes to God of War This is a hard game to run on any Apu

That's on the market right now and of Course this will run at 60 FPS but you Need to be at about 35 to 38 watts and You're going to be at low settings Battery life isn't going to be great but With that 40 Hertz mode turned on with The display we're at 15 watts original Settings 720p locked at 40 FPS the game Still feels really smooth here because We're matching the refresh rate of the Display and it looks great at 720p given That we have this 6 inch hips display so That 40 Hertz mode really does come in Handy with these harder to run AAA games When do you want to get better battery Life But if you're not worried about battery Life or you've got a power source close To you we can go up to 28 Watts here Cyberpunk 2077 720p steam deck presets Locked at 60. so we're playing cyberpunk On a mobile handheld here at 60fps I Mean this is really awesome and remember I mean we're only at 28 Watts here I've Been doing some testing at 35 and this Will help out with performance because You're going to get better clocks on the CPU and GPU but again battery life is Going to be a big factor when taking the TDP up that high Another one I always like to test is Injustice 2 and I'm gonna tell you right Now if you've been messing around with This screen refresh rate from 40 to 60

When you go to a fighting game make sure You turn it back to 60. for about two Minutes playing this game I was at 40. I Couldn't figure out why but uh right now We're at 1080p 15 watts with a low Medium mix and this runs great on the 6800u High on life is one of those games that Actually can run at 60fps on the 6800u But uh just like a lot of this AAA stuff We have to take that wattage out so Again a game like this that 40 Hertz Mode is going to come in really handy We've got a low medium mix locked at 40 And this is one of those games you can Have a lot of fun with on this handheld All catholians have a different kind of Trick hole my mine does this next up We've got Spider-Man Miles Morales again We've got that 40 Hertz mode turned on But we're at 28 watts and we've got a Low medium mix this game can run at 60 On the 6800u with higher wattage but at 28 40 Hertz it still looks great and Plays just fine on the GPD win 4. And the final PC game I wanted to test For this first look video was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I'm just using The recommended settings I let it Pre-configure itself and we're at 28 Watts with it set up like this we got an Average of 103 FPS but of course I also Wanted to test this at 15 watts so we're Using the same exact recommended

Settings I've just taken the TDP down to 15 and we got an average of 75 with the Benchmark so yeah I mean we could Definitely get much better battery life At 15 watts and it would be fully Playable Okay first impressions here with the GPD Win 4. I love the form factor it is a Smaller handheld some people aren't Going to be in this but I think the Screen size is perfect coming in at six Inches beautiful screen by the way I Mean I have to say it again we've got Amazing viewing angles with this hips Display having that swappable refresh Rate on the screen itself is definitely A big plus and I think we're going to See this more in the future with Different handhelds and one thing I'd Actually love to see is just kind of a Full variable refresh rate or even a Free sync display in these handhelds Like I mentioned these are the cleanest And loudest speakers that I've heard From an x86 handheld and I really wish More manufacturers would kind of jump on Something like this it's really awesome To see this and you know it's something That a lot of Manufacturers I think Overlook but the sound on this is Absolutely awesome now I definitely want To spend a little more time with this But I've got a couple more videos Planned we're definitely going to be

Doing a full emulation video I want to Run Linux on this checking out steam Deck OS would be pretty awesome and I Would also love to do a dedicated egpu Video with the Win 4 so if there's a Specific GPU you want to see running on This over usb4 let me know in the Comments below I've got a bunch of Nvidia and AMD to choose from but we've Got that 40 gig protocol usb4 so it'll Match the speed of a thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 Dock and I think we can Get some really great performance out of This with the correct GPU Now battery Life with the Win 4 can definitely be All over the place depending on what Kind of games you're playing the TDP You're set at if you're locked at 40 or 60 hertz but on average at 15 watts I Mean total system power draw here is Right on par with the steam DAC so we Can kind of get around two hours of Gameplay out of this at 15 watts 60 Hertz and of course at 28 Watts 60 hertz You're going to be looking at about an Hour of gameplay out of this battery Here now going with Indie stuff that Doesn't need to pull so much wattage you Could net up to four to five hours Gameplay depending on what you're Running it really depends on how hard You need to work that Apu and how much Is going to be pulled from that battery But if you're really interested in

Checking that kind of stuff out Definitely check out the foxes video It's either up now or it's going to be Up very soon I'll leave a link to his YouTube channel in the description he's Going in depth with the GPD win 4. he's Going to be testing at 60 hertz 40 Hertz Battery life TDP all kinds of crazy Stuff he loves his Benchmark so Definitely check his videos out he's got Some great content over there and I Highly recommend subscribing to his Channel if you're into this kind of Stuff but that's going to wrap it up From my first look video at the GPD win 4. if you're interested in backing the Indiegogo or maybe just learning more I'll leave some links down below to Their Indiegogo and their official Website but definitely let me know in The comments below what you think about The win for is this something that You're interested in is it too much of a Thick boy is it too small is it not Putting out enough power are you gonna Wait for the next rendition of these Ryzen apus maybe with our dna3 I'd like To know your thoughts in the comments Below and you know if you've got any Questions or if there's anything else You want to see running on the win for Also leave it down there here but that's It for this one like always thanks for Watching

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