Gmail Tips and Tricks – Part 2 #shorts

Last Updated on March 8, 2023 by Detective Dev

Here are three more Gmail tips and Tricks that you probably didn't know About part two the most underrated Feature of Gmail is the undo button Which a lot of people don't know about This can be Lifesaver if you Accidentally send you nudes to your boss You can change the default 5 Seconds Window to undo an email and make it a Full 30 seconds just in case you decide To make changes last second tip number Two you can find out which website sell Or share your information for marketing Or spam Gmail ignores any period in your Email address it also ignores a plus Sign and anything that you put after it So let's say this is my email and I want To sign up for a cringe newsletter I can Enter the first part of my email plus Cringe and if I ever get an Email from another source to that Address I will know that my data was Leaked from that website tip number Three is delegating your account just go Into the settings accounts and click on Add another account type the email Address of the person you want to Delegate to and send email to Grant the Access after accepting the invitation The person will be able to manage your Gmail whenever it's needed without Having access to any other information On your Google account

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