Gmail Tips and Tricks – Part 1 #shorts

Last Updated on February 10, 2023 by Detective Dev

Here are three Gmail tips and tricks That you probably don't know about we're All familiar with the signature feature But did you know that you could add Custom Discord emotes into it all you Need to do is copy the text with the Email that you want to display from Discord paste it into the signature and Background color white and all the other Font and color changes you'd want it Will not only make your emails pop more But also leave a great first Professional impression tip number two You can send disappearing emails by Clicking this lock icon at the bottom of Your composed email you can toggle Confidential mode and set an expiry date By which time your email will disappear From the recipient's inbox the recipient Won't even have the option to forward Copy print or download the email plus You can remove access to it earlier Manually if you want to by going to your Send folder tip number three learning The shortcut keys to become a Gmail Pro Simply press shift and the question mark To see the default shortcuts and the Additional ones that you can enable at The bottom what other cool Gmail Features you guys know about let me know In the comment section below

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