Geforce NOW supports RTX 40 Series Cards! #shorts

Last Updated on February 3, 2023 by Detective Dev

Imagine cloud gaming but on steroids Nvidia themselves are upping the game by Already including RTX 4080 gaming Rigs And they're 20 a month GeForce now Ultimate membership tier but is it worth It for you Gamers out there it's a No-brainer if you're using a Mac or a Regular laptop non-gaming PC you get Access to the currently most sought After performance for a fraction of the Price but here's the catch you're gonna Need a stable internet connection at Least 45 megabits per second if you want To stream up to 4K 120 FPS and you'll Need at least 35 megabits per second for Streaming up to 1080p 240fps do I have Any GeForce now viewers watching this Video let me know your experience in the Comment section below

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