FydeTab Duo Hands-On, An All-New Open-Source Arm-Based Hackable Linux Tablet!

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I will tell you one thing the screen on The fade tab is absolutely beautiful I Mean the colors really do pop [Music] What’s going on everybody it’s ETA Prime Back here again today we’re going to be Taking a look at the fade tab Duo this Is an arm-powered hackable Linux tablet Capable of running fade OS several Different variants of Linux and even Android 12. now I’ve actually had a few Weeks to spend with the fade tab Duo This is a prototype that they sent over It’s actually pretty fleshed out for What it is they’ve got their Indiegogo Running right now and this is coming to Us from a company known as fade who Specialize in making an operating system Known as fade OS which is based on the Chromium project but with all of their Updates and all of their security Patches this thing is actually really Quick but we also have the option to Install a full-blown Linux distro on Here and even Android 12. so like I Mentioned this is powered by an arm CPU It’s actually using the Rk3588s and we’ve got a lot of power Here given that we’ve got an arm champ On the channel we’ve tested a few Arm-based Chromebooks in the past from Bigger names and yeah they get really Really bogged down because the hardware They’re using isn’t all that powerful

But with this they opted for a newer Rock Chip CPU that actually puts out Some amazing performance so what you’re Seeing on screen right now is fade OS Which is based on the chromium project If you’ve used a Chromebook before you’d Be very familiar with this operating System here but even though it’s based On chromium we still have access to the Android subsystem which will allow us to Install Google Play and run our favorite Android apps and games plus we’ve got The Linux subsystem which in turn will Allow us to open up terminal and install Our favorite Linux applications directly In fade OS but I can’t stress this Enough it’s not the only operating System that we can fully run on this System so if you’re not into fade Os or Chromium in general we can always Install Android 12 and at the time of Making this video they also have a Debian build that’ll allow us to run a Full-blown Linux operating system Directly on the fade tab Duo and the Hardware they’re using here is actually Top Notch we’ve got a full aluminum body A 2K IPS display over here we’ve got our Power button and our volume rocker it’s Got dual stereo speakers built in and Over here on this side we’ve got a 3.5 Millimeter audio jack and USB type c This is actually a full function USB Type-c port it will do display out we

Can also charge the internal battery or Sync it up to another device and it Supports Thunderbolt 2 protocol and Seeing this on an arm-based tablet is Actually pretty awesome we can also Connect the included Folio keyboard with Built-in trackpad right here it also Comes with a stylus and a cover for the Whole unit you can opt for black or red We’ll take a look at it in just a second And when it comes to the specs for the CPU they opted to use the new rock chip Rk3588s this is an 8 core arm SOC we’ve Got four cortex a78 cores and four Cortex a55 cores up to 2.4 gigahertz the GPU is the Mali g610 mc4 we’ve got eight Gigabytes of RAM a 12.35 inch QHD IPS Display with a resolution of 2560 by 1600 and up to 500 nits of brightness We’ve got a 42 watt hour battery with 45 Watt fast charging does come with the Charger in the Box Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 4.2 A front-facing 5 megapixel camera dual Stereo speakers a 3.5 millimeter audio Jack and the USBC Port here is full Function so we can do data in data out We can also do DisplayPort out so if you Wanted to connect a hub of some sort Let’s say HDMI out we can always do it With this unit here operating systems Right now at the time I’m making this Video we’ve got fade OS Android and Linux there will be more Linux variants Down the road I’m actually really

Excited to see Arch running on this So this also comes with a folio keyboard With built-in trackpad and your back Cover plus we get a stylus they have a Black version and a red version I’m Actually a huge fan of the Red version I Just think it looks really good and Everything fits together really nicely So we’ve got those Pogo pins on the Folio keyboard itself it’s going to Attach right here using some really Strong magnets we can attach the back And this can be taken off at any time Plus we’ve got this fold out stand which Makes it really easy to prop it up and Overall I mean you can definitely Transform this into a little laptop it Works out really nicely In this video we’re going to be taking a Look at fade OS and Android 12. I do Have a dedicated Linux video coming up Because there’s just so much that I want To test there I think it deserves its Own video and it does function amazingly On the fade tab duo with this rk3588 but First up we’ve got fade OS this is the Operating system that’ll come Pre-installed this is kind of what they Specialize in like I mentioned it’s Based on the chromium project so if You’ve ever used chrome then you’re not Going to have an issue using this Whatsoever we’ve got 10 points of touch Here with this 2K IPS display so if you

Wanted to use it in tablet mode you Could or we could connect this keyboard And you could even go Bluetooth or some Type of wireless mouse and keyboard Combo if you wanted to and with fade OS We do have the Linux subsystem so we can Open up terminal right here we can set Up a dedicated partition for all of our Linux applications that we want to Install and we’ve got access to Google Play so we can install Android Applications and games directly in fade OS but a lot of people might just be Using this you know as a little Workhorse email checking document Editing you can sync all of your stuff Over all of your Google accounts if you Wanted to that way you could bring up Sheets and everything that Google does Offer for free and we’ve got Wi-Fi 6 Here so connecting online is actually Really quick we’ll just head over to Fade os’s website real quick I actually Really love their website it’s laid out Really nicely and you know if you’re Interested in learning more about fade Os I’ll leave a link in the description You can actually download the operating System and install it on basically any X86 based PC and if there’s enough Interest I can do a full tutorial Getting you set up with Android and Linux inside of fade OS on an older Let’s say Dell Optiplex or something

Like that but overall I mean it’s Definitely a very Snappy experience We’ll head over here to YouTube I’ll Show you a little bit of a 4K video Playback now we’ve got a 2K display But we can take this up to 4K if we want To And Playback is really smooth here I Really do like this display 2560 by 1600 It does have a little over saturation But I’m actually a huge fan of that just Brings those colors out keeps those Blacks nice and dark and as you can see I mean it does look really nice So yeah I mean when it comes to video Playback on this device you’re not going To have any issues I’ve tested several Different single board computers with The rk3588 and in fact this chip will Actually do 8K 60fps playback but you Know we’re already pushing it here at 4K Given we’ve only got a 2K display here The next thing I wanted to show off was A little bit of Android gaming in fade OS I’ve got Call of Duty mobile Installed you can use the built-in touch Screen or you could connect a Bluetooth Controller and yeah this is perfectly Playable I’ve got the graphic settings In the game set medium and I’ve got the Frame rate set to very high so we should Be at 60 and I mean it’s really smooth And using the built-in Android subsystem With fade OS we’ve got access to

Thousands and thousands of applications And games that are going to run fine on This tablet but remember we’ve also got A full-blown Android operating system That we can install on this it’s based On Android 12 and again it’s still a bit Early so we don’t have Google play but I Did want to show you that real quick And here it is this is an early version Of their AOSP Android 12 operating System super clean I mean since we’re Using AOSP no bloats installed Whatsoever we’ve just kind of got a file Manager a webview browser and I’ve Installed some other applications Hopefully by the time this is released They do have official Google Play Support but you know we could always Install it here personally I didn’t do That right now what I did was just Install a third-party app store to get a Few emulators up and running I use Apkpure but uh through here we’ll head Over to YouTube I’m using YouTube Vance That way we could go up to 4K Show you some video playback here in Android 12. And again we’re just running from YouTube here 4K 60fps HDR this is a demo Video I usually like to test and it Looks really good on this display the Next thing I wanted to do was take a Look at a few benchmarks that I ran in Android and first up we’ve got geekbench

5 single core 440 multi 1848 with the Arcade 3588 I’ve never really been Impressed with the geekbench scores but What is impressive given the soc we’re Using here is the GPU performance here’s 3dmark Wildlife we got a total score Here of 4218 and this is a Vulcan Benchmark on The built-in GPU when you compare this To other similar socs I mean we are way Ahead of the competition and it really Does show in gaming and emulation Of course we had to test out some Emulation on this device we’ve got PSP Using the Standalone version of PPSSPP 3x resolution chains of Olympus Vulcan Back in running at a constant 60. as a Lot of you might already know this is a Harder one to emulate so if you wanted To go with some easier stuff like Tekken 6 we could go up to 5x and 7x resolution With some games And another thing this tablet actually Handles pretty well is PS2 emulation Using ethers X2 now I’ve noticed that we Do need a few more optimizations here With the GPU driver when compared to Some of the other boards that I’ve Tested with Android and the same chip But it’s still really early I mean this Is the first release of Android and it’s Only going to get better from here So overall I’m actually really impressed With the fade tab Duo now of course

They’re not going to be able to compete With the larger companies like Samsung And even Microsoft when it comes to Performance out of one of these tablets But I gotta say you know we’ve tested a Few arm-based Chromebooks on the channel And this thing is far ahead when it Comes to Performance it’s not going to Compete with the higher end x86 CPUs From Intel and AMD but we’re working on An arm-based platform here and one of my Favorite things about this little tablet Is the fact that we can actually install Different operating systems and we’re Going to see a lot from the community in The future so overall we’ve got great Performance an amazing screen awesome Build quality and I’ve been enjoying Using this for the past couple weeks but You still haven’t seen Linux running on This and I think that’s going to be one Of the most impressive things my full Video will be coming up soon so if There’s any specific applications and Games you want to see running in Linux On the fade tab Duo let me know in the Comments below if you’re interested in Learning more maybe even balcony in the Go go I’ll leave a few links in the Description but that’s going to wrap it Up for this one like always thanks for Watching

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