Fish commits credit card fraud #shorts

Last Updated on January 30, 2023 by Detective Dev

This person's pet committed credit card Fraud I can't make this up a Japanese YouTuber named Mita kamiru definitely Butchered that set up a webcam to Monitor his fish in a fishbowl and use Motion tracking software to see if the Fish could play Pokemon scarlet and Violetto on the Nintendo switch sounds Pretty cool right not really when you Leave your pet unintended well during The live stream the game crashed and Without the YouTuber present to fix the Issue the system continued registering Inputs from the fish it not only managed To register the correct sequence of Inputs to add 500 yen to the YouTuber's Account from his credit card but also Expose the credit card information to Everyone watching the live stream only Seven hours later muta kimara was able To power down the switch and contact Nintendo for a refund which he Ultimately got moral of the story don't Own a pet fish

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