Emulation On The 10th GEN iPad Is So Good!

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This 10th gen iPad with that A14 chip is Actually offering some great Nintendo Wii emulation performance here [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be testing out some emulation and Gaming on the new 10th gen iPad from Apple recently on the channel we took a Look at the 2022 iPad Air with the M1 Chip and we also took a look at the Brand new iPad Pro with the M2 Chip and When it comes to gaming and emulation Both of them were very impressive but Since those videos I've had a lot of People ask me to test out the basic iPad So here it is and to tell you the truth I'm pretty impressed by the performances Things putting out right now if you're a Regular viewer of the channel you know I'm a huge Android tablet fan but uh When it comes to the higher end Android Tablets nowadays they are getting pretty Expensive the last major high-end Android tablet that I picked up was the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and that Came in at around eleven hundred dollars When I bought it so taking a look at one Of these for that 450 price tag and they Do go on sale all the time for 3.99 this Isn't a bad deal but we do have some Setbacks because obviously this is Running iPad OS and with apple we can't Easily side loader apps now there are

Ways around and I'll talk about that in A second because obviously we're going To be testing out some emulation like PSP and GameCube and Wii running on this 10th gen iPad but before we get into Testing I wanted to give you a quick Rundown on the specs so for the CPU this Is using the Apple A14 it's a six core CPU we've got two larger cores running At three gigahertz and four smaller Cores running at 1.8 when it comes to The lower end iPads Apple always uses One of their CPUs that's a couple Generations behind from their newer IPhones but this is still putting out Some really great performance we've got That four core Apple GPU four gigabytes Of RAM you can opt for 64 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes of internal storage no Micro SD cards on these Apple devices It's got a 10.9 inch liquid retina IPS Display at 1640 by 2360 with up to 400 Nits of brightness not the best display That I've seen but it looks good for the Price here we've got stereo speakers Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.2 and and a 28.6 Watt hour battery and they're claiming Up to 10 hours of battery life and I Could definitely see that happening with The brightness on the screen around 60 Percent you know web browsing and video Playback another thing I want to mention Here with the 10 gen iPad is they Finally swapped over from the lightning

Connector and moved to USB type-c now This might not be a big deal to people Who've been using Android phones for a Long time but with these lower end iPads It was always lightning and this USB Type-c port does support video out so we Can actually connect this to a larger Display quite easily So I've had about a week to mess around With the 10th gen iPad and overall UI Experience very Snappy here that A14 has More than enough power to run iPad OS 16.2 and that's what I'm updated to Right now and you know when it comes to Gaming easy enough all we need to do is Head over to the App Store we can Download our favorite games from there If you use apple arcade there's also Tons of stuff over here to mess around With but you know when it comes to Emulation on the iPhone or the iPad it's A bit different from Android we can't Just easily side load an APK like we do On Android and fingers crossed hopefully This changes down the road it'd be Really nice to just easily do it but There are ways around it my go-to method Right now is alt store basically this is Going to allow us to side load Applications on our iPad or our iPhone And we're going to use our own free Apple developer account to do this and With a free Apple developer account we Can only sideload up to three

Applications and ALT store is going to Take up one of those spots so right now I've actually got the Standalone version Of PPSSPP so we can emulate some PSP Games and I've also got dolphin iOS Which will allow us to emulate Wii and GameCube games and the A14 chip does Really well with Gamecube and Wii on the Newer versions of iOS and iPad OS they Actually offer some really great Controller support you can use a PS4 PS5 Or an Xbox One controller very easily we Can actually navigate the full operating System with an Xbox One controller and This is what we're going to be playing Our games and emulators with in this Video but the first thing I did was run A couple benchmarks and here we have Geekbench 5 single core coming in with a 1579 Multi-4032 comparing this to the Snapdragon gen 1 plus which is a higher End chip that's used in gaming phones For Android the highest single core ever Got on one of those devices which Actually used active cooling has a Built-in fan was 1 389 and we did beat Out the A14 in multi on that device Next up we've got 3dmark Wildlife Extreme this is a Vulcan Benchmark for The GPU on the 10th gen iPad we got a Total score of 2106 And the highest score I ever got on my Snapdragon gen 1 plus phone was

2614. so with this Vulcan Benchmark yeah That Snapdragon gen 1 plus is beating Out the A14 and you know I kind of Expected that it would it's definitely a Newer chip and the final Benchmark I ran Was antutu and it's really hard to Compare this with Android because this Actually uses the metal API which is Specific to these iOS devices and Mac Devices but with this we got a total Score of 682 797 but all of those are synthetic Benchmarks and they're really not Representative of real world performance So let's go ahead and move over to some Gaming right now and the first one here Is Call of Duty mobile now uh this is a Very well optimized game but I've got This maxed out on the 10th gen iPad I've Downloaded the HD texture pack you know Once you boot the game up you can go Low-res or high-res and it runs Perfectly fine on this device [Applause] Next on the list we've got Genji impact And I want to apologize for the Recording here this is actually only Recorded at 1080p 30. my camera had an Update and I forgot to swap it back to 4K But from the settings we're going to Highest and we're also going to set the Frame rate to 60fps now this new 10th Gen iPad can definitely handle it it

Actually works out really well and one Of my favorite things about you know the IOS version of ginshin impact is we've Got controller support we don't have to Use any kind of third-party plug-ins or Third-party apps to get the controller Working and I'm just using that Xbox One Controller connected over Bluetooth uh Game looks great here at the highest Settings and we're able to run it at 60fps even on some of the higher end Snapdragon chips like the 888 and even The Gen one I've got a lot of issues at Highest setting 60 FPS on some devices That I've tested and of course a lot of That comes down to optimizations from The developers themselves and I think They do pay a bit more attention to the IOS version because like I mentioned We've got controller support here which Is something we've been wanting on Android for a very long time Now it's time to take a look at some Emulation and like I mentioned I've used Alt store to side load these I'm using a Standalone version of PPSSPP and from The settings we're using the opengl Backend we're at 5x resolution with no Hacks and I'll tell you as long as the Game is compatible with this emulator It's going to run it at full speed but We're going to start off light here Tony Hawk's Underground 2 remix still got the Xbox controller connected over Bluetooth

And there was no mapping I needed to do Whatsoever with this emulator it just Detected it it's already ready to go Moving up to something a little harder To emulate I consider this a mid-range Game Tekken 6 still at 5x resolution Opengl back in and I didn't even swap Over to Vulcan because opengl works so Well and I'm sure even with Tekken 6 Here we could probably go up to 8X Resolution but 5x is already basically Maxing out the iPad's display here but As we know there are harder to emulate PSP games mainly comes down to the God Of War Series so here's chains of Olympus no settings were changed opengl 5x full speed with this one I also Tested Ghost of Sparta another one that Runs really well on this 10th gen iPad So we're good to go with PSP on this Tablet and I suspected we would be next Thing we're going to be testing out is Some GameCube and Wii emulation and I'm Using dolphin iOS this is a great Emulator works on iPhone and iPad Obviously from the settings we've got Basically everything that we need to Mess around with this is going to be Using the Vulcan back in I will enable Vsync here and we're going to go up to 1080p now on the new iPad Pro with the M2 Chip we can emulate basically Anything we want at 4K but with this I Think we're right there at about 1080p

With that A14 chip Metroid Prime 1080p Vulcan back in Really great performance now there was One game that I tested that I really Couldn't get good performance with and We'll take a look at it by the end of This emulation segment but uh it really Comes down to the emulator itself I'm Pretty sure we've got enough power to do That game at full speed with iOS or iPad OS 16.2 there have been some issues with Dolphin iOS and we do have to disable Dual core with some of these games and Rogue Squadron 2 is definitely one of Them that's the game we'll test by the End but even f-zero GX dual core enabled 1080p Vulcan back in on the hardest Track to emulate runs at full speed I Also tested Simpson's hit and run and Automotive stuff one of my favorite Racing games that one will also run at 1080p we weren't having any issues there Moving over to a Wii game one of my Favorite fighting games tatsunoko versus Capcom still at 1080. And the final one I wanted to show off Was Rogue Squadron 2. Vulcan back in Native GameCube resolution we're only Using one core here we had to disable Dual core so as soon as dolphin iOS you Know becomes fully compatible with 16.2 I'm pretty sure we'd be able to run this At 720P And the very last thing I wanted to take

A look at was some game streaming using Steam link but instead of using the Built-in screen on the iPad we're going To be using an external display this Display does support USB type-c video in And we've also got some USBS on the rear Plus ethernet all of that will work with The iPad connected with this single Cable here and as you can see we can Mirror the display now we do have some Black bars on the side and unfortunately There's really no way to get rid of this Inside of the UI but it doesn't mean the App developers can't support external Monitors because steam link actually Works in full screen when you're Connected to an external Monitor and I'm Actually streaming from my main PC And on the external display it went full Screen for me So I'm using the latest beta of steam And we've got that Gamepad UI very Reminiscent of the steam deck and this IPad does have Wi-Fi 6 built in so when I'm set up in the house with my gaming PC connected over ethernet I can Actually stream up to 120 FPS and even On the built-in display it looks great I Just kind of wanted to show off this External monitor Support also I think It's pretty cool that some of these apps Do support full screen on an external Display but we'll go with a cyberpunk 2077

And there's very minimal latency because I'm on my home network I've got a pretty Decent router we've got Wi-Fi six here With the iPad and my main PC is Connected over ethernet so I really Haven't run into issues with steam Link In the house now out and about if I Wanted to connect the iPad itself to Let's say a hotspot a 5G phone I could Do 60 as long as I have a good Connection So overall the new 10th gen iPad Actually does a great job with emulation And gaming but we are limited here Because it's running iPad OS we just Can't easily side load anything of Course you can use a third-party app or Side load over xcode if you wanted to But it would be really nice if in the Future Apple allowed us to kind of just Flip a switch and side load what we want I think that would be really awesome and Hopefully it is coming because these IPads and iPhones do offer really great Performance when it comes to gaming and Emulation they're just a bit locked down For a lot of people out there but that's Gonna wrap it up for this one if there's Anything else you want to see running on The 10th gen iPad just let me know in The comments below and if you're Interested in learning more maybe Picking one of these up I'll leave some Links in the description but like always

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