Emulation & Gaming On The New 2022 Apple TV 4K Is Actually Pretty Awesome!

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I gotta say it's actually pretty crazy To be playing cyberpunk 2077 at 120 FPS On an Apple TV now given we're streaming From my main gaming PC but I never Thought I'd be doing this on an Apple Device Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime hack here again today we're going To be taking a look at some emulation And gaming on the all-new Apple TV 4K Now before we get started I do want to Mention that this was a gift for Christmas from my wife now she knows I Do a lot of reviews I get my hands on a Lot of products but she knew that I Haven't ever kind of taken a look at an Apple TV and to tell you the truth I Really haven't even given it a second Thought but you know now that I've got My hands on one I want to see exactly What we can do with this now obviously We can do some native TV OS gaming but I'm actually interested in emulation on This and you know we haven't seen a Really powerful Android TV box in a While so uh this is actually a good Chance just to check this thing out so Basically what we're going to get in the Box is the Apple TV itself we get a Remote and a power cable that's about it This is what they're calling USBC remote Because it recharges over USBC instead Of lightning it's got a touch pad built In and overall the build quality on the

Remote is great when it comes to the app Apple TV here this is kind of all Constructed of plastic and I didn't even Notice we got another sticker here and By the way this is the 64 gigabyte model Of the Apple TV so we don't have Ethernet but it does have Wi-Fi six and When it comes to the specs it's actually Packing some decent performance here Given that it's just the TV box I mean If we were to compare you know raw Performance from the chip we have here To the Nvidia Shield TV which in my Opinion is the best Android TV on the Market right now this would be the In-raw performance hands down CPU and GPU but you got to keep in mind we've Got a lockdown system here with TV OS I Guess that's what apple is calling it Not sure like I mentioned this the first Time I've ever had my hands on one of These things but when it comes to the CPU we've got the Apple a15 bionic 5 Cores up to 2.9 gigahertz four gigabytes Of RAM you can opt for either 64 Gigabytes of internal storage or 128 With that 128 version you're also going To get ethernet but with this we've got Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.0 and it's running TV OS 16 and I want to make it perfectly Clear there's no extra ports on this I Was really hoping there was USB type c Or something like that on the unit Itself unfortunately we've just got

Power and HDMI so I need to go ahead and Get everything set up here I'm going to Download some apps and try to side load Some emulators on this Apple TV Alright so here we are I've got Everything set up I've installed a bunch Of games and I've also sideloaded a few Emulators that we're going to be testing Out here the remote isn't bad at all It's got this little slide feature or This little touch function right here But if you do connect let's say an Xbox Controller you can actually navigate the Whole operating system here which was Kind of a surprise to me now like I Mentioned we haven't seen a powerful Android TV box in a little while I mean Basically since the Nvidia Shield came Out and that came out years ago Hopefully in 2023 we see something new But uh Nvidia actually just announced That they're going to be shutting down GeForce now on the shield TVs which is a Big letdown for a lot of people be it if You've got the pro version or the tube Version those are the most recent that Came out and I wouldn't run out and buy One of these to replace your Shield TV If you're already into a lot of Emulation on your Android box but there Are ways to side load emulators on this Unit you can use a third-party Application called alt store and kind of Just side load right over it's going to

Use your own Apple ID to kind of sign Those apps that's how I got a retroarch Installed here and I also sideloaded Another emulator kind of all-in-one Emulator known as Provence which Actually is really awesome we'll take a Look at those by the end but Unfortunately at the time of making this Video there's no Apple TV version of Something like dolphin iOS which is a Great Dolphin Emulator for the iPad and IPhone and we do have enough power to Run those games at full speed here Unfortunately I just can't find a TV Version of that app that I can side load On this unit but if you take a look at The retroarch website you can actually Find the TV OS version of retroarch and We'll just go into information here just To show you that we're really on this Apple TV and I believe this is on TV OS 16.2 I did the update that was available Right now and with retroarch I mean There's tons of systems that we can Emulate at full speed on this but we Just can't do the high-end stuff like PSP Dreamcast and GameCube right now Hopefully in the future those cores are Added but uh basically we can go up to Like n60 C4 and Sega Saturn here and They've run really well but the first Thing I wanted to take a look at was Some native TV OS gaming and if you've Got Apple arcade on your iPhone or iPad

Already all you need to do is sign in With that same account and it'll Transfer over here and you can download A bunch of games that have no ads and no In-app purchases and there's actually a Few really good games here to play Like Horizon Chase 2 it's actually Really fun if you're into these arcade Racers and again no ads no in-app Purchases so you can actually go through The whole game and unlock everything Just by playing it like we really should Be able to do with every game that's out On the market and another thing I should Mention is all of these Apple arcade Games do support controllers so you can Actually connect your Xbox controller or Your PlayStation controller and play all Of these Another one I've enjoyed playing is Samurai Jack I've always been a huge fan Of Samurai Jack and having a game here Is actually pretty cool it was also Released on PC and this is basically the Same exact thing here on the Apple TV And of course we've got dead cells so This is one that was recently added to Apple arcade I've already purchased this On PC and it runs really good on this Not a super intensive game but you know If you watch my channel you know we've Tested some lower end PCS that this game Here can't even hit 60 FPS on but this Uh Native Apple TV version runs great

So obviously we can play these native TV OS games just fine on the new Apple TV 4K but we've also got some game Streaming apps that we can download you Can pick up Moonlight from the App Store But the one I personally like to use is Steamling and this does have Wi-Fi 6 Built in so as long as you've got a Decent router in the house you should Have a really good experience now with This I can actually do 1080p 120 FPS From my main gaming PC and this is Definitely a lot different from cloud Gaming because we're not hitting up Somebody else's servers this is actually All happening in home so we have very Minimal latency here when you're Connected to the same network and I can Stream it up to 100 megabits with the Router I have right now which does offer Really great performance so I'm just Going to go ahead and set this at 50 Megabits 1080P 60fps and this is going To connect directly to my gaming PC Foreign [Music] And as you can see with the latest beta Update of steam we've actually got that Steam deck UI or Gamepad UI instead of Big picture And I'll just show you that we really Are on this TV here So we've got that steam deck look here Streaming over to the Apple TV and I can

Play all of my favorite PC games here as Long as my computer can handle it and One that I've been playing a lot Recently is Spider-Man Miles Morales so We're gonna go right in here And I've been testing this out quite a Bit it actually works very well and Basically I can just set this Apple TV Up anywhere in the house and play my Favorite PC games and I don't have to Move my PC around at all I can leave it Directly where it is But now it's time to take a look at some Emulation using retro Arch and we'll Just head right in here it does support That Xbox controller that I have Connected over Bluetooth and as soon as You boot it up it'll tell you exactly How to add your games you can add them Over Network it's actually really easy To do to tell you the truth I'm not Exactly sure how many emulators are Supported here but uh it's definitely Over 40 different emulators might be a Little more than that but from the core Section we can just keep scrolling it Will support maim it supports FBA Neo Geo Game Boy Game Boy Advance Game Boy Color NES PC engine all of the lower end Stuff will be supported by retroarch and This has more than enough power to Emulate all of that just fine but in This video we're just going to take a Look at a few here we'll start out with

Some Game Boy Advance so if I head back To the main menu I've already imported a Few games and as you can see it does Download artwork for me We'll go with this then we'll move over To some PlayStation one and Sega Saturn Then we'll move over to a totally Different emulator and test out some N64 There So obviously when it comes to these Lower end emulators I mean this thing's Going to run them at full speed Game Boy Advance isn't going to be an issue for This Apple TV here and as you can see It's running really well we could add Some shaders if we want to I just kind Of left it stock and I do have the FPS Up at the top right hand corner moving Over to some PlayStation one we've got Bloody Roar 2 one of the harder ones to Emulate really great performance and by The way I did turn the sound off or I Turned the music off because it is Copywritten In the final emulator I wanted to show Off here in retroarch was some Sega Saturn and this is using yobasi and Shiro really great performance I've Tested a few games haven't had any Issues with it they're all running at 60 And this is a harder one to emulate We've got Sega rallies championship [Music] Over Young

So retroarch is great and you know when It comes to the interface some people Just can't get the hang of it I Completely understand I mean I've been Using it for years so it's not a big Deal but there is a newer emulator Suite That works with the Apple TV known as Province and this is actually really Nice basically support for the same Stuff we have in retro Arch it's Actually using retro Arch cores so There's thousands and thousands of retro Games that you can play here but we've Got a super clean UI very easy to Navigate you can do it with a controller Or the remote if you want to you import Your stuff over Network and it'll Automatically download your box art for You we'll get right into some N64 Gameplay here with Killer Instinct And N64 runs phenomenally on this Apple TV I kind of expected it to but uh you Know it's kind of hit or miss with some Devices So overall when it comes down to it I Mean it's definitely a lockdown system I Really wish Apple would kind of come to Their senses and let us kind of just Flip the switch and side load stuff at Will like we do with Android this Definitely isn't going to replace my Nvidia Shield TV anytime soon unless Apple does allow us to side load stuff Then I could definitely see me switching

Over to something like this because We've got a lot more power than the Shield TV it's just locked down now I've Been trying to get GameCube up and Running like I mentioned I can't find a TV OS version of dolphin iOS but I know That it'll run it at full speed as soon As I do I will make another video but That's going to wrap it up for this one You know if you've got any questions or If there's anything else you want to see Running on this just let me know in the Comments below and if you're interested In learning more I'll leave some links In the description you can basically Pick these up anywhere Amazon Best Buy EBay it's really up to you but like Always thanks for watching

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