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Foreign What's up guys I'm Kim BHD here I Decided to do another desk tour uh a lot Of people kept asking about the new Setup it's 2023 you haven't done an Update yet and the more I thought about It I kept thinking okay well I've used This setup for a long time so it feels The same to me and most of the things Have stayed the same but then I realized Some things are different and I can walk You guys through that stuff but then it Says a lot about the things that have Stayed especially the stuff that's been Here the longest so I'm going to walk Through kind of all of it what's new and What's not Let's do it okay I guess we'll do left To right because that's kind of how most Things go I have a pretty big sit stand Step desk here which means I have a lot Of space for Activities and storage but I kind of Have this mouse pad over here as like a Parking garage for things that I like Take out of my pocket so wallet keys This is Adam Barbara's uh ping pong Paddle that he gave me if you know you Know you saw the studio video but there Is a bit of a system with smartphones Here the phones I'm using right now are Face up and on and the phones that I'm Also signed into but not actively using Our face down but then you kind of get

To the stuff that you've seen before Yamaha's hs8s Old Faithful there's a thousand Different studio monitors I could have Switched to but these have been amazing And I also still have the same 96 Terabyte or something promised Pegasus Storage block just a bunch of hard Drives it's great the computer the Editing machine this is something that Was different from the last tour before It was a Mac Pro that was under the desk And this is a sit stand desk so because The computer was on the ground all the Cables had to sort of make their way up To the audio interface and the displays And everything here now the computer the Editing machine is a Mac Studio on the Desk which means look at the cable Management look how nice that is you Guys can all comment nobody's gonna Roast my cable management anymore Because it's so beautiful this time also This is the chair of choice it's still The Herman Miller and body we've had for A long time I also really like these They're the most expensive chair I've Ever seen but they're also the best Chair I've ever seen so I just keep Using them this is a Grove made stand And it's kind of cool for a couple Reasons one it's double wide you could Put the my monitors on top but I put Them under and it kind of lets me just

Take some stuff off of the desk so more Surface area and it happens to just Perfectly perfectly frame the Mac Studio That was a total coincidence but it's Pretty much the exact height of the Computer so it worked out the opal C1 is Still here Pro display xdrs they have Been awesome as well Belkin wireless Charger this is a one magsafe one Regular qi charger Apple watch charger I Am still a three input kind of guy with The keyboard which is a kikron q1 which Is customized a little bit shout out to Keycron and it's wired and that's fine But there's a track pad over here and a Mouse knock them over here look at this This this Frame right here I've been Asked a lot about you guys know the um The histogram t-shirt right it's got a Several different waveforms on it that Is from an actual photo Of this red mouse pad with a black mouse On it Apollo twin all the way to the Side and this is probably the last cool Thing Uh my headphone stand it's just a clamp On the side of your desk anyone can do This because my HD 650s their open back I use them for editing and I just pop That over there so that's the desk setup Some new some old but I also do want to Talk about The bag so let's go do that All right so this is the bag

Same theme this is my everyday carry Like literally I bring this with me Every single day to the studio and Around Um but it's kind of the same idea it's Most of the same stuff just one year More worn in and then you can see the Stuff that I've had for multiple years Versus the new stuff the bag is the same Thing I'll sort of talk through it if You haven't seen the previous video this Is the peak design everyday carry 20 Liter version there's a bigger one I I Swear by this bag it's it's kind of the Best backpack I've ever used we did Manage to get a bit of a custom version Of it which has red stitching on the Outside and on the inside uh water Bottle on the outside pocket now look at This this is uh what I would call Tina why am I not call it a patina I Basically I've put this water bottle in This backpack in and out of it so many Times that I have I mean this is the Most worn version of the water bottle Because I've had it longer than anyone Else and it slowly kind of develops this Pattern and I actually kind of think it Looks sick this is one of those Backpacks that has like three different Sections inside and can open from any One of those sections so if I open it From the side kind of like a Photographer's bag you can get into each

Section I don't necessarily use it like That when I'm not using a camera so I'll Go from the top because that's where You'll find the same headphones I had Last year which are airpods Max my one Year later review of airpods Max are They worth the 550 that they cost Um I would still say they're overpriced But they're really great they're Comfortable and I use them a lot when Traveling so you've seen the little Airpod headphones you can wear earbuds Anywhere but when I'm flying I would Hate to forget these uh they charge by Lightning which is a huge bummer so I do Have to carry a lightning cable Everywhere all the time and that's kind Of it for the top section This has a little Latching system so then You get into The bottom two sections so in the middle This is the section where I had the Canon R5 before I'll get into that but I Actually ditched that what I instead Have is my charging cable mess and there Should be an easier way to carry these Things but what this is is an anchor 747 Which is just a wall charger that does Like 150 watts out of any of the USBC Ports super useful to fast charge Literally anything and then I have two Cables I have the magsafe charger for

The MacBook Pro and that USBC cable with The little display on the end that shows How many watts you're getting that's my USBC charger and then in the bottom Because I use it less often is my Lightning to USBC cable to charge Basically just the headphones They could have made a USBC version that Would have been nice but that's that on The outsides I still have some other Charging accessories this is a magsafe Duo which charges my Apple watch and IPhone via lightning if I'm charging Both of those I have some other random Adapters and cables that I rarely need Slash use but it's a backpack so I feel Like this is embracing a little bit of My in case of emergency mentality and Then in the back because this has a Laptop slot It is the same M1 Max 16 inch MacBook Pro it's got the dbrand icon skin on it As well as you can see nice and worn in And that is genuinely what I carry with Me every single day everywhere I go I Use this laptop a ton I didn't upgrade It to the M2 because I didn't really Feel like I needed it which says a lot About how good the M1 Max is but that That's basically what I carry I would Say there's also two little things that I'll add that I have in my uh sometimes Carry category and so that is these two Things this is the R5 this is the Razer

Edge the R5 and the 15 to 35 are my are Still my go-to at home and quick capture Camera I capture so much stuff on Smartphones nowadays that I don't need To carry this with me all the time it's Just extra weight especially these RF Lenses they're huge so this is sometimes Carry but uh this is also something new And it's actually the sponsor of this Video this is the Razer Edge so this is Kind of the perfect on the go enhanced Gaming experience for me it puts Together like a giant phone but it is Much better at gaming than a phone this Thing has a Snapdragon g3x gen 1 which Is optimized for sustained performance And a 6.8 inch 144hz AMOLED display Which is I mean I'd rather play AAA Games on something like this than a Phone and then there's the Verizon 5G Ultra wide band for the best possible High speed low latency connection so you Already know me I don't play games all The time every day but when I know I'm Gonna be traveling like this is still The bag that I pack and take places and This middle compartment is where I'm Slotting like the temporary use stuff so It's great to be able to pop this out Like in a hotel room or in an airport or On a plane or something like that there Is also a Wi-Fi only version too but you Can play on any service you subscribe to Including native Android games but also

Cloud gaming services like Xbox cloud Gaming Nvidia GeForce now so that's why Having a 5G version of this is obviously So sick because you might not always Have the Wi-Fi connection so you can Just kind of game anywhere it also Breaks down into just the display and Computer and the controller you can just Take it anywhere like I do so that's Available now at Verizon I'll link in The description down below along with Everything else that I've talked about In this video like I said the stuff that Sticks around longest because you don't Always get to spend a lot of time with Things uh it's good to know that it's Actually held up and lasted the test of Time so I can personally vouch for all The things that I'm linking and talking About there's still also going to be Lots of Alternatives I am not by any Means saying that these are the best Items I do have a lot of selection there Are lots of other headphones I'd be Perfectly happy using lots of other Computers that I'd be perfectly happy Using but This is what I'm carrying with me Pretty much every day everywhere I go And the tech that I use on The Daily so For those who are asking you're welcome That's been my Daily Tech update 2023 Thanks for watching Catch you guys the next one

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