Cool Tech Under $50 – Part 1 #shorts

Last Updated on March 19, 2023 by Detective Dev

Here are some cheap cool Tech items for Your setup and daily use first up we got Not three or four but a seven in one Desk lamp by Lumi charge as the name Entails it's a desk lamp with three Color temperatures brightness control But also a wireless charger for a phone Earbuds and smart watches an alarm clock And also a phone stand perfect for those Who want to keep a clean desk with no Clutter next up is a mini fridge that Also won't look too out of place in a Gaming setup you can fit up to six cans Of your favorite drinks and show off the Really cool infinity mirror lighting Effects this specific model comes in Four different colors as well this last Item is not necessarily Tech but it will Help keep the drinks from the mini Fridge colder for long these can coolers Have a capacity of up to 16 ounces and They come in different designs you can Drink like a viking or go for the cute Little piglet links to all of these will Be posted down below if you guys are Enjoying the Cool Tech content make sure To follow for more

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