Cool Tech For your Setup Under $50 – Episode 6

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What is happening guys I'm from Tech Stories happy holidays welcome back to Another episode of Cool Tech under 50. Let's begin [Music] Let's do a PC or PS5 speeds using the New Lexar nm800 Pro with heatsink SSD You get speeds of up to 7 500 megabytes Per second read and 6500 right allowing Your PC or console to boot up faster and Load games faster while reducing temps By up to 30 its shock and vibration Resistant with no moving parts and is Designed for hardcore Gamers Professionals and creators like yourself You can also take your gaming to the Next level with Next Generation ddr5 Performance with the Lexar Ares 32 Gigabyte memory kit it does support Intel XMP 3.0 so you can get that 5200 Megahertz frequency with a press of a Button boosting your frame rates in game Without having to worry about Instability thanks to the ondi ECC you Get these really Sleek low profile All-black with gunmetal gray memory that Will fit in any PC build to learn more About the nm800 pro m.2 SSD or the Ares Memory sticks click the link below don't You hate it when your microphone boom Arm is too short to reach your mouse Health whether you have a big desk or The monitors are in the way well I found The perfect solution to that with this

Boom arm it extends quite a bit going Over most monitor sizes from 20 inches All the way to 32 inches and it can even Go over your PC Tower I personally like The overhead style a lot better compared To mounting it to the side of your desk For two reasons the main reason is that The mic is at a more optimal distance to Your mouth and it's much further away From the keyboard so it's not going to Pick up as much noise while you're Gaming or typing something especially if You're using a condenser microphone the Second reason and this is just my Opinion of course Aesthetics it looks Cleaner when the neck piece is hidden Behind your monitor and you can tuck it Away when you're not using it even if You don't need the extension it's still A solid boom arm for the price you can Just use a smaller riser to convert the Arm to the standard length it's a very Flexible arm with tons of adjustment Points and it comes with a few velcro Straps to help with cable management and A clip for those thin microphones but They did include a 3 8 inch adapter as Well which is compatible with most shock Mounts and other microphones like the Blue yeti snowball and more speaking of Microphones if you're looking to pick up A solid mic for your setup the pipe is What you're looking for if you caught my Black Friday video and you were smart

Enough to cop it at 22 then you're Probably smiling while watching this Video because that was an absolute steal You get the condenser microphone in a Very nice travel case with some extra Accessories a desk stand pop filter Windscreen and a shock mount but if you Bought the boom on from today's video You can hook up the shock mount to the Boom arm and attach the microphone to it It is USB powered so you don't need to Download or install any software just Plug it in your PC and you can start Using it immediately as far as the sound Quality you guys can be the judge I'm Talking directly into the microphone in The overhead position and the mic is About 10 inches from my mouth and this Is all done without any editing [Music] Now I'm talking into the microphone once Again while I'm typing on the keyboard Because of how high the microphone is From the desk it's not going to pick up As much keyboard noises but of course That will depend on the keyboard you're Using and the switches And here's what the microphone picks up In the background I'm going to stay Silent but my PC is on and all the fans Are spinning At 22 dollars this is hands down the Best microphone you can buy anywhere but If you missed the Black Friday video

It's still a great mic for less than Fifty dollars okay this next item is Very useful to anyone who is a Perfectionist like me when it comes to Symmetry only type of monitor alignment This is a Vasa adapter that gives your Existing monitor mount the option to Adjust the height this is useful in two Scenarios number one this gives your Already existing mount an increased Range of height adjustment from 3.25 Inches up and three inches down from the Center so what I think it's more useful For is getting the perfect height of Your monitor so that it aligns with your Other monitors especially if you're Mounting it against the wall let's say You drill into your wall and you hook up Your monitor only to find out it's the Wrong height well instead of having to Redrill into the wall you can just add a Base adapter to your monitor and change The height that way instead the smaller Bracket gets screwed into your existing Base amount with these screws provided And the law longer bracket gets attached To the back of your monitor then you'll Have to push the center piece all the Way down to reset the locking mechanism And lift it back up to the top until you Hear a click afterwards you just slide The adapter into the smaller bracket and Tie it in place then you can proceed to Adjust the height of your monitor you

Can move the entire mount in 0.5 inch Increments until you reach your Preferred height one thing to keep in Mind is that this Mount won't work with Monitors that have their ports in the Center as you'll be directly blocking it So it's best to use it with monitors That have the ports on the sides but Honestly that didn't really affect me as Much because I was still able to access The ports I just kind of had to go Underneath the mount I can see this Being a problem after you mount it so It's best to plug in the cables before You mount it it supports monitors from 13 inches to 27 and it comes in silver But you can get the same Mount from Vivo In black or white as well if you own an Ikea Alex drawer you're gonna love these Next items so these are drawer Organizers made out of high density foam Foam and they are specifically designed To fit Alex units their total of five Different tray layouts we got two Different ones for the top and three Thicker ones for the bottom I'm sure Most of us watching this video right now Have pretty messy Alex units and that's Mostly because there aren't any Compartments in there to help us Organize our items with the foam inserts You will have dedicated storage areas For all of your gear they don't cover The full length of the drawer because

You can't really access the last few Inches that are deep in there so they Made the inserts big enough to where you Can access all the compartments Conveniently the only thing I hate about These are the price they are Ridiculously overpriced in my opinion I Mean they're just foam cutouts and yet The lowest price is 25 a pop for the Thin ones and they go up to forty Dollars a pop but if you buy the full Set it's 96 dollars so about 19 per tray Still a pretty damn overpriced if you Ask me but there is a much cheaper Option the Nevarez tray which goes for Only 21 and it still fits an Ikea Alex Drawer now these are made out of felt Instead and they come in either gray or Black but the poopy color is five Dollars cheaper so if you're really Trying to save money that's probably the Best option for you the only downside to These trays is that they are not deep Enough to cover the bottom three drawers These are just made for the top two up Next is a really cool add-on to the Trays I just mentioned these are Reusable magnetic cable ties and they Are super useful in tidying up your Workspace but you can also use them for Other things like putting pictures or Notes on your fridge you can use them Outside and hang Christmas decoration on Trees they're also useful around the

Kitchen you can use them to close bag of Chips or bread and you can even combine Them together to extend the length There's really an endless amount of Possibilities with these clips and the Magnets are super strong they're able to Hold up my headphones against the side Of my case along with other useful Accessories as long as you have a Magnetic surface you can get pretty Creative with these if you're building a PC or a setup they come in clutch and Tidying up the cables underneath your Desk and they do an excellent job in Keeping the cables behind your PC from Flaring up they come in a pack of 20 and You can get them in either black or Multi-colored would this really be a Cool Tech video without some RGB Wrapping up the video are the coolest Wheels anyone can buy for their chair Not because of the RGB feature I mean Yeah sure it's cool that your wheels Light up when you're moving around but What makes these really cool is the fact That they are designed to roll smoothly Across any surface whether you have Hardwood tile or carpet typical casters On most office or gaming chairs look Like this and the problem with this Design is that it's easy for pet hair And other stuff to get in between the Outer wheels and the center support and When that happens the wheels get stuck

With this design nothing can get stuck Because there are no outer Wheels it's Made out of super thick and durable Polyurethane layer material to reduce The pressure of rolling on the chair and Because of the material it doesn't make Any noise nor does it scratch your floor Herman Miller recently sent out their New gaming chair to me and the first Thing I swapped were the wheels and Already I noticed just how much smoother And quieter they were the light feature Is pretty cool I mean Shayla seems to Really love them they only activate when You're moving around and it doesn't Require any charging since they use Kinetic energy to power on the lights The tip has an 11 millimeter diameter Which is standard for most office chairs Out there and if you're not a fan of RGB They do sell a non-lit version as well Guys all the cool Tech products you see In these videos are found from the Cool Tech channel on my Discord server so if You come across any more cool Tech on Their 50 post it in the channel if I see Anything I like I'll pin it and I'll Give you guys 50 cash per pin congrats To all the winners in December for Taking home fifty dollars in cash thank You so much for watching subscribe for More cool Tech coming your way and I'll See you very soon in the next one But


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