Celero 5G+ Hands On, The Best $150 Android Phone We’ve Ever Tested! 7″ Screen, Fast CPU

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These budget phones are actually getting Really good I'm very impressed with the Performance this low-cost device is Putting out I think they chose a great CPU to use in this thing What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Pack here we're Canton today we're going To be taking a look at the brand new Celero 5G plus from Boost Mobile now This is a 150 device that I think is Well worth the price here in the past we Actually took a look at the first gen Cellaro 5G it's a pretty decent device And you could usually pick those up for Around 60 dollars from Walmart 5G plus Version is coming in a bit more over on Boost Mobile's website it's a hundred And fifty dollars but you're actually Getting quite a bit when you compared to Other higher end devices on the market Right now for you know 700 to a thousand Dollars this is a launch edition so we Do have kind of a special color here Over on the website I think you can pick Up the Silver version but as you can see We've got kind of that Boost Mobile Orange with this unit here and we do Have some significant upgrades here we Can compare it to the original celero 5G The display is a 7-inch IPS with a Refresh rate of 120 hertz we've got a Snapdragon 695 CPU six gigs of RAM and a 50 megapixel camera around the back here So yeah it's definitely a welcome

Upgrade when you compare it to the specs Of the original cellaro 5G and overall It's not a bad device given the price Here another thing we have that a lot of Higher end phones don't have nowadays is A 3.5 millimeter audio jack down here We've also got USB type c it does Support a Micro SD card we've got our SIM card slash SD card tray over here And on the right hand side we've got our Volume rocker and our power slash Fingerprint button it does have a Fingerprint sensor built in and like I Mentioned round back here we've got a 50 Megapixel camera now when it comes to The specs of the new cellaro 5G Plus for The CPU we have the Snapdragon 695. this Is an 8 core arm SOC we've got six a55 Cores at 1.8 gigahertz and two a78 cores At 2.2 the GPU is the adreno 619 we've Got six gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes Of storage plus we've got a Micro SD Card slot and I've tested up to a 400 Gigabyte card in here I haven't gone up To one terabyte or anything like that a 7-inch IPS 120 hertz display with a a Resolution of 1080 by 2460 5000 milliamp Hour battery with 15 watt quick charging Capabilities and this is running Android 12 right out of the box one thing I Would love to see in a future revision Of one of these devices is a dual stereo Speaker setup unfortunately this only Has a mono speaker built 10. overall

Performance here with the Snapdragon 695 Is really Snappy it can be compared to Something like a Snapdragon 888 but We're really not paying those prices This is coming in at 150 dollars and you Know when you compare to 888 or even gen 1 prices right now we're talking about a Significant discount on a device like This the screen on this device is Massive coming in at seven inches and we Do have that refresh rate of 120 hertz This can be disabled from software if You want to and right now really the Only bloat that was installed on this Unit right out of the box was the Boost Mobile app itself as you can see we've Got full access to Google Play This does Have Wi-Fi 5 built in and Bluetooth 5.0 And obviously we've got 5G connectivity It's right in the name there the celero 5G plus this is one of those CPUs I Personally haven't tested on the channel Is really excited to see how it performs With gaming and emulation but the first Thing I wanted to take a look at were Just some benchmarks that I usually like To run on these devices And first up we have geekbench 5 single Core 665 multi 1799 definitely fallen Behind flagships on the market but when You compare it to other similarly priced Devices on the market right now we are Coming way ahead a lot of those use uh You know a lower end mediatek CPU

Next up we've got a GPU Benchmark with 3D Mark Wildlife this tests the Vulcan Performance 1212 and finally and two two coming in With a 390 360. not bad given the price here but uh These are synthetic benchmarks and now It's time to test out some real native Android gaming then we're going to move Over to some emulation And first on the list we've got Minecraft where it's 16 chunks fancy Graphics is on and we know that this Game's been on the market for a while But some of these lower end devices do Struggle to run it this one's definitely Not one of them I mean it's running Really well and I still like to throw This in because there's a lot of people Out there that play Minecraft on their Device with this one here you're not Going to have a problem running it Okay so up next we've got Call of Duty Mobile we're at high settings and at 60fps I think this Snapdragon 695 can Definitely handle a game like this and You might notice I am using a controller I went with one of the cheaper Bluetooth Controllers that I have on hand right Now because you know with the cheaper Phone you're not going to want to buy a 100 controller for it this is the D3 did A video on it a couple months ago it's Not a bad controller for around 15 to 20

Depending on where you pick it up and It'll definitely get you by with Native Android gaming and even emulation In the final native Android game I Wanted to test here was ginch and impact If you've got a lower end device you Know how hard this can be to run and Right now on the cellaro 5G plus we're At low settings 60fps you could go to 30 Medium if you want to but I wanted to See if it would even handle 60fps and as You can see this is a very playable Experience I wouldn't mind jamming on This all day long Now it's time to check out some Emulation and we're going to start out Here with Dreamcast I'm using the Redream emulator we're at 1280×960 so we Do have a little bit of an upscale going On and I think we can go a bit higher When it comes to this emulator it Doesn't take much to run and going into It I knew we'd have a great time with it So as long as the game's compatible with The emulator you can run it with either Fly cast or redream at full speed Checking out some PSP using PPSSPP Vulcan backend 2x resolution with Tekken 6 here and you know with these uh Mid-range or harder to run games I'd say Two to three x is really the way to go But with the easier to run stuff we can Go up to four and five acts now given The screen's resolution here I think 2x

Still looks great on this device and Even something like God of War chains of Olympus runs at full speed with that Vulcan back in so we're still at 2x here Using the Standalone version of PPSSPP And as a lot of us already know this is One of the harder ones to emulate seeing How we're running this so well I mean We're not going to have much of an issue With many PSP games on this device The next thing I wanted to test out was Some GameCube emulation using the Dolphin Emulator with this I'm using Dolphin mmjr2 where at the native Resolution and with something like Sunshine you definitely want to use that Opengl back in but with a lot of the Other games that I tested the Vulcan Backend did perform much better now some Of these games you know do prefer opengl Some prefer Vulcan but you know it's Still really impressive even seeing an Easier to emulate game like this running On a cheap handset but what was more Impressive was Automotive stuff Vulcan Back in still using mmjr2 and of course We do have some dips every once in a While we're still at that 1X resolution But overall GameCube emulation really Isn't that bad another one I tested with F-zero GX unfortunately on the harder to Emulate track fire field it really fell On its face no matter what settings I Used but you know just seeing any of

These games running at full speed or Super close in this case is really Awesome And the final thing I wanted to test for This video was some PS2 emulation using Ethers X2 Vulcan back in and with Gran Turismo 4 we're at 2x resolution so with The easier to emulate stuff we can Upscale a bit but you know there are Harder to emulate games and with the Snapdragon 695 CPU we will either have To lower the resolution or turn on some Cycle skipping like I did here with God Of War 2. unfortunately even at 0.75 Resolution Vulcan or even opengl with This one we were under 60. and of course Right now we're still under 60 but it's A much smoother experience once we turn On a few of those hacks So far I've been having a great time With the cellaro 5G plus I do love this Bigger display it's not on par with Something like a Super AMOLED display But the price really does reflect that We're only working with an IPS here I Think for the price it's a pretty good Phone and it's actually putting out some Decent performance here with that Snapdragon 695 would have been nice to See two speakers built into this we've Only got that mono speaker and it's Actually really easy to kind of cover That up while you're gaming but overall Not bad for 150 handset I'm going to

Spend a few more days messing around With this device and in the meantime if You think of anything you want to see Running on this just let me know in the Comments below but if you're interested In learning a little more about the Celero 5G plus I'll leave some links in The description and you know if you go Into a device like this and you're Looking for a cheap controller that D3 Isn't top the line but you can pick it Up for around 15 bucks and like I Mentioned it'll get you by with gaming And emulation that's gonna wrap it up For this one if you've got any questions Let me know in the comments below and Like always thanks for watching

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