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What is happening guys Evan Tech Source And today I have a very exciting video For you all because I'll be building a Custom gaming PC inside the brand new Height y40 case my initial Impressions With this case when I first arrived was If Lian Lee went into a bar and bought a Drink for ndxt then they went back home And smashed nine months later this is What their mistake child would look like It's kind of like a mix between an o11 Dynamic and an H5 Elite it is a little Stepsister of the popular height y60 However this one has some nice Improvements over the last version like An extra slot in the back providing Support for even the most chunky cards Out there like nvidia's 40 series gpus Overall this is a smaller case than the Y60 it's about 10 liters smaller it's Actually taller but it's thinner because They move the power supply compartment From the back to the bottom increasing The height of the case but yeah super Excited to finally build in this case Let's begin So you just build a brand new shiny PC And you're greeted with this nasty Notification on the bottom right corner Of your screen well instead of going out There and paying full price for a Windows key you guys can actually get One for less than 15 that's right you Guys can get a Windows 10 Pro CD key for

Less than 15 by visiting your Or by clicking my link below and using My code ts20 for that extra 20 off they Also sell Windows 11 and Microsoft Office keys in the same discount code Applies now once you get your CD key all You have to do is go into the activation Settings on Windows and put in the new Key and watch The Watermark disappear so For the CPU we're going with the ryzen 9 7950x yet again this is amd's fastest Consumer grade is then for processor in Fact I just got done building another PC Last week using the same CPU we are also Sticking with the same exact motherboard To stay consistent with the color scheme This is also the only motherboard to my Knowledge Um for the am5 platform that has a white Theme so yeah the choice is pretty Simple have you guys guessed what memory We're using for the build surprise Surprise we're going with the Corsair Vengeance RGB Ddr5 so pretty much the motherboard CPU And the memory are the exact same as Frost V3 but it's still going to look Completely different than the last build I promise you guys that so we're going With two 32 gigabyte kits for a total of 64 gigabytes running at 6200 megahertz I Keep talking about color schemes but I Don't think I've mentioned what color Scheme I'm going with if it isn't

Already obvious Um so the y40 actually comes in the same Colors as the Y6 that you get the black White or the red option and I know a lot Of us watching this video or just YouTube videos in general are tired of Seeing white case build so I thought I Would change it up and go with a red one This time I feel like black and red is Also very common so I decided to change That up as well and go with a red and White theme to kind of pay homage to the Original Big Red version rebuild with The white and red colors I do miss those Colors a lot so I thought why not do it For this build so naturally I'm calling This mini Red Version 2 because well Version one already exists so for the Cooler I'm going with the new deepcool Lt720 360 AIO simply because I love the Look of it but I'm not too crazy about The color choice and it's going to Interfere with the color scheme in my Build and when I don't like the Appearance of something I change it Using some paint I did a video showing This entire process if you guys are Interested you can check it out I'm also Not too crazy about the fans they're Gonna stick out against a white radiator So I'm going to be replacing these and Go with the brand new sl120 V2s from Lee And Lee I've actually been dying to use These fans in a build so this is the

Perfect opportunity just gotta snap These bad boys together [Music] Foreign [Music] So one of the upgrades from the y60 is That the Riser cable is now a PCI Gen 4 Riser cable So if you're installing a an Nvidia 30 Series card or higher you don't have to Go in the Bios and change the PCI Settings you're pretty much good to go With this [Music] Okay so the y40 supports up to a 360 Millimeter Radiator on the top so that Is the only place where we can mount the AIO you can also Mount up to a 280 mil Rad over here on the side either 280 or 240 will fit over there but we're going To be using that area to add two intake Fans instead there is one more intake Fan on the bottom underneath the power Supply shroud a very interesting place To put a fan we'll see if it does Anything for thermals and then we have One more exhaust fan back here so total Three intake and four exhausts so a Little bit of a negative pressure going On in the case but I don't think it's Going to be too big of a deal that's What I love about this case so much all The panels are pop off it's so easy Working with this case you don't have to

Deal with any thumb screws which is Awesome even the back and the front Panels are pop off look at that super Convenient I love it we're gonna run Into a clearance issue like frost V3 or Is this going to work out oh wow that is A super tight fit look at that oh look At that I might have to remove The exhaust fan to get back there yeah That does not work that does not work Indeed I guess I did not redefine prints But if you want to install a 360 Mill Radiator You're not going to be able to use the Exhaust fan that's included in the case You know what this actually even works Out because if we remove this then we'll Have perfect neutral pressure in the Case with 3A intake and three exhaust [Music] Okay let's try this again [Music] Oh yeah much better You can't even see the radiator dude What That work for nothing it's so like Recessed in there that the only thing You can see are the fans Oh man you know I mean you know what Though I had to paint the pump anyway so I guess my efforts didn't go to waste After all I guess one thing you guys can Learn from my mistake Um is if you're building in this case

And you're installing your AIO or your Radiator on the top make sure to plug in The cables on the top of your Motherboard first before you install Your radiator because as you can see Here there is no way for me access The fan header or even the EPS cables on The back here so that's one thing you Guys can do differently so I'm going to Take the radiator down plug in the Cables first before I put the AIO back On or I gotta hand it to the case Manufacturer for including this so they Included a massive cut out on the top Panel of the case giving you I wouldn't Say easy access but giving you access to The top area of the motherboard so let's Say if you want to swap fans or change Out the cables you can actually do that Without having to remove your entire Radiator or AIO so I mean it's gonna be Difficult to obviously you know replace The EPS cables but it's a lot easier to Access your fan headers and your your Three pin or your four pin RGB headers As well so I think that's pretty cool Foreign [Music] Watt power supply this is the White Edition so it matches the color scheme Obviously but more importantly it's got Plenty of juice to power the entire System in fact this is the same exact Power supply I'm going to be using in

Big Red version 5 once I'm done with This now even though the stock cables Are already in white it's the crappy Kind of cables they don't look nice They're made out of rubber and they Don't even have cable Combs and Personally I want to go with a different Pattern so I ordered some high quality Cable extensions from Amazon and what I Like about these the most is that the Connector is in white you don't normally Get that from extension cables this is a Premium add-on and it comes with white Cable Combs as well it's literally Perfect for this build Thank you [Music] All right last but not least it's time To pop in the graphics card ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to the World's first one of one exclusive Asus RTX 4090 tough graphics card in white I'm just kidding it's a regular 40 90 Tough that I took apart and I painted in White so it matches the color scheme in Fact I included the mod in my last Vlog So if you guys want to know how I custom Painted the card you can watch the video By clicking on the top right bubble uh But it's crazy to me how you know There's such a high demand and White Cards yet manufacturers aren't taking Advantage of this we only have an RTX 4090 strix and white and the Hall of

Fame to my knowledge those are only two Uh 40 series cards in white that we have Access to so yeah I decided to paint my Own so that you know it matches the Color scheme so it's going to pop this Bad boy in Foreign Resting on the graphics card but don't Think it's a huge deal to be honest I also picked up this 12 VH power cable Extension from Amazon looks like they're Finally starting to sell these on there For the 40 series card so I'm going to Be going with this instead of the nasty Stock 16-pin cable just because it looks A lot nicer I couldn't find one in white And red and my custom order from kale Mod is in here it's delayed for another Two weeks so I went on Amazon got this Instead which honestly I think it's Gonna it's gonna work nice with the Build Foreign Move the tubes out of the way yeah I Think this actually looks better And it won't come in contact with the Cable so let's try this That looks better Yeah okay [Music] Oh man you know what guys I tried that's All I can say I spent three hours trying To change the damn lights on the Motherboard and the pump cover but

It doesn't work the motherboard is not Even being recognized by the Rog Armory The graphics card is the only thing that I recognized so at least I was able to Change the color of that but I'm stuck With the RGB puke for the i o cover and The AIO pump I've reinstalled the Software multiple times I've even used Older versions nothing seems to work so I decided to just move on because this Is not worth any more headaches but Other than that I think the build came Out looking really good I love the Design of the case it was very easy to Build in tons of extra space to support Big components the only clearance issue I ran into was with the rear fan now Even though the radiator is tucked away Deep up top there's still a lot of space To mount a 120 millimeter exhaust fan in The back because the fans on the Radiator simply don't allow that I mean You can technically still install one if You really want to but I don't recommend It because the bottom half of the fan is Not going to be attached to anything and It's going to be sitting really close to The vertically mounted GPU it's gonna Look really awkward so it's better not To install anything in the back I don't Think you'll need one anyways since you Can install two fans on the side here For intake plus you have one more intake Found on the bottom speaking of which

There is no sort of shroud or protection That will prevent the cables from Touching the fan blade so you have to be Mindful of that when you're dumping your Excess cables in here it's great that They gave us all this extra space to use But they kind of fell short on the Execution a simple fix to this would Have been to include an optional fan Grill that we can put on top of the fan That would have prevented the cables From hitting the fan blades if you're Building in the y40 your only option of GPU mounting is vertical that's how the Case is designed this means you can't Install any PCI Express cards in the Back unless they are half height this Means the bracket of your PCI card has To be half the length of a full PCI Bracket in order for it to work Personally I don't see that being a huge Deal because I feel like a lot of people Don't use PCI cards in mid-range to High-end builds like you don't a Wi-Fi Adapter you don't need a sound card all Those are included in a quality Motherboard and if you're buying this Case which is 150 by the way you're Definitely not doing a budget build You're doing either a mid-range to a High-end build and you don't really need To use a PCI card besides most PCI cards Out there come with an optional shorter Bracket so you can convert it if you

Want but if that's going to be an issue For you then this case is not for you One area they can improve with the case Design is the filter integration Specifically the bottom fan filters this One over here closer to the back is Really difficult to pull out typically You can just slide out air filters in Other cases but this one doesn't come Out because it comes in contact with This rivet pin that's inside the case so What you have to do is you actually have To pull the filter away from the case as You're sliding it out And even though I know how to do it it's Still difficult to do it I can't do it there we go see how Difficult it was to pull out the filter Luckily the other one doesn't have this Issue because you're pulling a filter Out from the back but yeah I thought I'd Point it out anyways temps wise the GPU Did very well even after painting the Entire card Um I read a lot of comments in the last Video saying that Ed you shouldn't paint Gpus you shouldn't pay the fans it's Going to throw out the balance it's Gonna affect Temps guys guys guys relax Everything's fine the GPU barely cracked 55 degrees Celsius in war zone 2. I mean It's one of the coolest 40 90s I've used Now that I'm thinking about it I should Have used this card for frost V3 I

Should have waited one more week and put That in there definitely a missed Opportunity but yeah that's all I got For the height y40 an awesome case it's Got my two thumbs up I definitely want To do another build in it preferably in The white option uh once I get my hands On that if you guys want to check it out I'll drop a link to it down below along With all the parts I used in the build Subscribe for more awesome PC builds Coming your way thanks for watching and I'll see you guys very soon in the next One [Music]

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