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How does a 600 gaming PC sound to you Guys right now if it sounds good you Came to the right place because that is Exactly what we are building today If any of you guys have tried buying or Selling something online then you know How much of a headache it can be people Constantly lowballing you or trying to Scam you well with today's sponsor you Don't have to deal with that crap ever Again is the one and only Marketplace to buy and sell gaming gear And PC builds from Wheel Gamers it was Actually founded by a group of gamers in The first place so we're sick of dealing With scammers or scalpers so they Decided there had to be a better way Here are some of the great deals on Java Right now if you're building a new pc Like this RTX 2080 Founders Edition That's going for 309 dollars this car Normally goes for over 350 on eBay There's also a ryzen 9 and 3900x going For 230 dollars any refurbished gmmk Keyboard for fifty dollars but if you Don't feel like building a PC a great Way to get into PC gaming is by buying One of their custom PCS from Boutique Builders like it's awesome 900 gaming System that features a ryzen 7 3700x and An RTX 2070 super right now all new Buy Players can get ten dollars off their First purchase using the code it's Tech Source Java so if you guys are wanting

To save money on your PC parts and get a 10 discount make sure to check out their Website which I'll link down below you Guys really enjoyed my 1 000 PC build I Uploaded last month so let's keep it Going this is a very nice entree level Gaming PC for 1080p High settings it's Gonna look good and it's gonna cost less Than six hundred dollars at the time I'm Making this video so starting with the CPU choice I went with Intel once again This is the core I3 12 100 F it's a quad Core a thread CPU that supports ddr5 Memory which is nice if you decide to Make the jump to that platform later Down the line you already have a CPU That's going to support that for 106 Dollars this CPU does very well in Gaming even when compared to the ryzen 7 3700x which is a 325 dollar eight core 16 thread CPU and because it has a TDP Of 89 Watts it doesn't have a high power Drop meaning it's going to be very easy To cool so that's why we are sticking With the stock cooler which which is More than enough to keep the temps down For the motherboard we're going with the Gigabyte h610m s2h that I picked up for 80 this is the absolute minimum that we Can get away with within this price Point it's got all the features that we Need to get the PC up and running and Honestly that's all you can ask for for Around 80 now if you want a higher

Quality board and you don't mind paying A little bit more I recommend the MSI Pro b660m instead for 110 dollars you Get two more dim slots an extra m.2 slot Better vrm coverage and onboard USBC Foreign [Music] I went with t4's Vulcans this time Because of the value it offers this is a 16 gigabyte kit running at 3 600 Megahertz with a seal timing of 18 for 45 dollars but here's the thing the Motherboard only supports up to 3200 Megahertz so why did I buy these sticks Well that's because the 3200 megahertz Kit was only a dollar less so it just Made sense paying the extra dollar and Getting faster sticks so we will be Running these at 3200 megahertz for the Build but if you do decide to upgrade to A b660 board like the MSI one I Mentioned earlier in the video you can Take advantage of the 3600 megahertz for Storage you guys already know how we do It here I don't like tossing anything Less than a one terabyte drive inside of A budget build mostly because of how Cheap storage is these days so you can Definitely fit in a one terabyte and That's what we're doing today we're Going to toss in a one terabyte from Team group this is the mt-33 which will Provide enough storage for the operating System and the games we're going to be

Installing on it speaking of which we Still have enough budget left over for a CD key you can pick one up for around 15 On your cdk website just use my code Ts20 to get that extra discount they Will email you the cdk within minutes And all you have to do is go into the Activation settings of Windows and just Activate it oh this is really cool I Didn't know the motherboard comes with Some sort of a latch system 40m.2 SSD so You don't actually have to use any Screws that's pretty cool okay so before I put the cooler on I'm actually gonna Do something a little different I'm Going to wipe off the thermal paste from The CPU and apply my very own just Because I don't trust Intel's crappy Thermal paste application it's not even Centered actually I ended up looking at It so I do have some extra Corsair tm30 From a previous build so I'm just going To use this in my own way I always like To start from the top And then use a spatula to spread it from Top to bottom a nice even spread looks Like we might need a little bit more It's always okay to over apply thermal Paste than it is to not put enough Worst case scenario it starts building From the sides but if you don't apply Enough Worst case scenario your CPU overheats So

I am way more comfortable with this Thermal paste application if you guys Are ever in a situation where you need To wipe off thermal paste whether it's From your CPU Cooler or from the CPU Itself always use a paper towel with Some 99 isopropyl alcohol I like to fold My paper towel a little bit Apply one dab This should be enough to wipe the Thermal paste off of it Look at that brand new All right now with the clean cooler we Just got to pop this on Pushing down the tabs on each corner Until we hear a click And that's how we know the CPU Cooler is Secured and I'm going to plug in the Cable to the CPU fan header right on the Motherboard which is usually on the top It's easy to spot Make sure the cooler is fully seated Good to go another way to make sure the CPU Cooler is fully seated is to look in The back if all four of the pins stick Out like this then you're good to go so The case we're going with is the Deep Cool Matrix 40 and there are a lot of Things I love about this case for Starters you get a very thick tempered Side panel there is a nice power supply Shroud on the bottom to help cover the Power supply and the cable management And you get three included 120

Millimeter fans you guys there's two in The front for intake and one in the back As exhaust and I paid less than 60 Dollars for this you also get two USB Ports on the top one of them being a USB 3 and in the back you have access to a Removable hard drive cage that can Support up to two hard drives or ssds But you do have the option of adding two More ssds on the back here so a total of Four drives if you want so there is Something I want to mention real quick About the case fans they are currently Daisy chained by a Molex cable now there Are pros and cons to this the cons is That you can't control the speed or the RGB effect so unfortunately you're stuck With the rainbow but the pros are that It doesn't use up a fan header on your Motherboard and that's a good thing Because our motherboard only has two fan Headers one of which is being occupied By the CPU Cooler so technically we can Only plug in one k-span which is not Ideal but since they are daisy chain With a Molex connector we can just plug This straight into our power supply and Supply power to all the fans so it works Out with this build Foreign [Music] As far as the graphics card I was able To squeeze in an RX 6600 in this budget But at the time of making this video it

Looks like the price dropped to 190 Dollars which is unfortunate because had I known I would have waited a few weeks And saved an extra 20 but that's just How it goes you know that's just the Nature of doing these PC Builds on YouTube prices always change but the RX 6600 is a pretty fast card and it does So much better than the Nvidia RTX 3050 In fact it's 29 faster than the RTX 3050 And it costs a lot less too making it a Very simple choice for this price point I mean sure you don't get ray tracing With dlss support but you still get Amd's Fidelity FX which is very similar Upscaling technology but as expected the PCI brackets are snap off only so we got To make sure to snap off the correct Ones the easiest way to tell is to align It with the top PCI slot so here it is It aligns with the top PCI bracket it is A two slot card so I'm going to knock Off the first and second PCI brackets Just gonna bend it forward and backward Until it eventually snaps off One thing you guys should be careful About while trying to pop up the pcab Brackets is to make sure you're not Bending it too much to a point where You're touching the capacitors on the Motherboard because oftentimes when You're bending it too much it can come In contact with them and those would Snap off see how it's moving already

Just by touching it slightly they're Very sensitive so make sure you guys Aren't bending it too much Um It doesn't really take that much effort Actually to pop these off Okay now we're going to grab our Graphics card and slide it in the top PCI slot if you guys are installing a Graphics card always make sure to Install it in the first piece size slot On the motherboard to make sure you're Not losing out on any extra performance Once it snaps in place and the tab is Fully seated you're good to go so part Of the entire system is the Ares gaming Power supply once again no surprise here You guys are going to see a lot of these Power supplies that my budget builds you Just can't beat the reliability and the Value that these offer for such a great Price unfortunately it is not fully Modular so you're going to be stuck with The nasty black cable so if you guys Have an extra 25 dollars to spend I Would get some nice cable extensions From Amazon which I'll link a few below That I recommend Ola even comes with a Power supply tester Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign

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[Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Feels good to build budget PCS once Again you guys who would have thought That he can play AAA titles well over 100 FPS which is 600 bucks I mean we Weren't even seeing well over 200 FPS in Some of the competitive titles which Were also in high settings I was Honestly Blown Away by the performance Of this PC I did not expect it to do This well it doesn't even draw that much Power I think the total system peaked at 200 Watts on full load but it stayed Under 200 Watts for the most part while Gaming temps are also very good on the Most demanding game I've played which Was Warzone 2.0 the CPU peaked at 67 Degrees Celsius and the GPU peaked at 56. all the other games had much lower Temps and overall noise that the PC was Quiet capping at 49 decibels The three included RGB fans in here did Very well to keep the temps down on all The components but if you guys want to Add more fans to the build you can Technically add two more exhaust fans on The top but personally I think the fan Configuration is perfect as is and I Would rather use that extra money Towards some cable extensions if you

Guys are planning on building this exact Same system there is one thing you have To do before you start gaming on it we Have to enable the XMP in the Bios to Make sure the memory is running at its Max frequency which will also impact Your FPS and games so once you're in the Bios you'll see that the default speed Is 2 800 megahertz so all we got to do Is click on the XMP profile which is Right there on the main menu so after Enabling it you can see 3600 megahertz Show up on the XMP profile which is the Same frequency we have on our memory Sticks but as I mentioned earlier the Motherboard supports only up to 3 200 Megahertz so what it's doing right now Is basically underclocking the memory so On the top you can see it's down to 3200 Megahertz instead afterwards all you got To do is hit F10 and save the set Settings to restart your PC back to Desktop as always I drop a link to all The parts I use in the build down below If you guys want to check it out if you Guys are enjoying the budget build on The channel do let me know by tossing a Like to show your support but more Importantly let me know in the comment Section what budget PC I should build Next thank you guys so much for watching And I'll see you very soon in the next One God

I had the tag Zone this entire time That's great [Music]

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