Building the Best $2000 Gaming PC! – RTX 4070 Ti

Last Updated on February 10, 2023 by Detective Dev

Today I'll be building the ultimate Portable 1440p gaming machine using Nvidia's brand new RTX 4070 TI which is Currently the best sub 1000 GPU Available right now not just because of Its raw performance but I'm also able to Immerse myself in Triple A titles with Ray tracing and boost my in-game FPS With dlss 3.0 the total cost of the Entire PC is around two thousand dollars And it features the ryzen 5 7600 from AMD which is a 6 core 12 thread Processor with an extremely low TDP of 65 Watts which is perfect for this small Form factor build I'm able to go with an Extremely low profile cooler like the Noctua l98 the board I'm going with is The Rog strix b650e it's got two stacked M.2 SSD slots beefy vrms and a good Selection of connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi in terms of memory we are tossing In a 32 gigabyte Kingston Theory Beast Kit running at 5600 megahertz I much Rather go with better performing fans For a more silent and cooler build as Opposed to going with RGB fans so I'm Throwing in four nfa12s from knock two Up we're doing two for intake and two on Top for exhaust since we're focusing on High FPS gaming in 1440p with Ray Tracing and the LSS 3.0 the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 TI makes the most sense Plus we're able to fit this car Comfortably inside the case surprisingly

We don't need that much power to run the System so that is why we are going with The Corsair sf750 small form factor Power supply but we're also going to be Throwing in some cable extensions I Picked up from Amazon just to clean it Up a bit the build is complete so it's Going to power it on and see what this Baby can do so starting off let's take a Look at portal which is one of my All-time favorite games in existence so This is what the original Portal game Looks like not so bad right I mean the Graphics look good and it's certainly Playable And this is what it looks like with Ray Tracing enabled and oh my God It's not even the same game it looks Completely different look at the way the Light travels with the orb bouncing up And down this is thanks to Nvidia RTX Direct illumination or txdi for short This allows for countless direct light Sources regardless of their size to cast Path traced light and shadows basically This means light and shadows will Accurately be traced from its origin to Its destination that's kind of what We're seeing here with the orb you can Also see the reflection of the orb Against the walls as it's going up and Down this didn't even exist in the Original game here's another great Demonstration of how Ray tracing

Transforms portal the Shadows are Extremely detailed and they behave Accurately in correlation to the light As the orb is bouncing back and forth You can see how the Shadows of the Surrounding space adjust in real time Depending on the position of the light This is thanks to rester GI this Basically enhances indirect light and Enables it to bathe a scene and Illuminate dark corners that are not Directly lit that's why you're seeing The Shadows near the corners constantly Change I mean look at the way the water Refracts the light as it's moving over It every single type of surface affects How the light behaves it's honestly game Changing you also get a nice performance Boost with dlss 3.0 enabled I was only Getting around 30 FPS with Ray tracing Enabled with no dlss 3.0 which honestly Isn't even playable but enabling dlss 3.0 with Ray tracing in ultra settings We nearly quadrupled our performance From an average of 30 fps to 110 FPS Making the gameplay smoother more Responsive without affecting the quality This is thanks to AI generating entirely New frames in addition to path traced Lighting enhancements portal with RTX Also got a nice visual enhancement as Well which adds another layer of realism To the game the texture is on the ground And the walls got a nice enhancement

Along with pretty much every object in The game like the red buttons your gun And even the bullet holes and the blood Got a major makeover it really does feel Like you're playing a brand new game and The best part is you don't take a Performance hit when you're playing with Ray tracing because of dlss 3.0 you get To experience the game the way it's Intended cyberfunk 2077 is also one of The games that you have to play with Ray Tracing enable because it's such a Beautiful game you also have to play at Least in 1440p to appreciate the beauty And just immerse yourself in the game Thankfully you can enjoy Ray tracing on Here as well without taking a Performance set with dlss 3.0 which is Ray tracing enabled I was getting Between 40 to 50 FPS in ultra settings Which is pretty low but enabling dlss3 Pushed us all the way up close to 140 FPS nearly tripling the performance but It's not all about FPS gains you guys Okay the oss3 also improves power Efficiency in RTX 40 series cards look At how much power the gravis card is Pulling with Native Ray tracing enabled In 1440p ultra settings we're hitting Near 90 GPU utilization with a peak of 260 watts of power drill and it's only Bringing in around 45 FPS with DLS S3 The utilization drops down significantly To the low 60 percent with Peak 200

Watts the GPU isn't working as hard and It's able to bring nearly triple the Performance with cooler temps as a Result with dlss 3.0 enabled the AI Network pretty much does most of the Heavy lifting here and as a result we Are seeing reduced GPU workload and Power draw lastly I do want to check out One more game that just came out Warhammer 40 000 dog tied with Native Ray tracing enabled no DLS S3 the game Was averaging around 40 FPS even Dropping under 30 in some instances it Just wasn't playable I enabled dlss 3.0 And that put us well over 100 FPS more Than tripling the performance in most Instances even during gunfights Nvidia Reflex definitely helped keep the Latency of the game down as well which Helped improve my aim the game also Looks so much better with Ray tracing on I mean just look at how lame everything Looks without it so much detail is lost In the shadows when churning on Ray Tracing it gives the game a breath of Fresh air all of a sudden we now see Details on the ground that wasn't there Before we now got Reflections and just More detail everywhere else the Mist on The top is more prominent the sword has More texture and even the stuff in the Background like the wall and the bridge Have more details this is actually one Of the games I'm going to continue

Playing even after this video because it Looks really cool but yeah overall Really happy with how the system came Out this is a very solid 1440p gaming Machine and a pretty small footprint if You guys are planning updating your System you really can't go wrong with The RTX 4070 TI I'll drop a link to the Card as well as everything else I used In the build down below if you guys want To check it out thank you again to Nvidia for sponsoring today's video Subscribe for more PC builds coming your Way and I'll see you guys very soon in The next one

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