Building my wife her Ultimate Dream Setup! – Part 1 (LG UltraGear OLED)

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Oh man [Music] Oh yes [Music] Ladies and gents welcome to the very First episode Well that was a pretty bad start to the Video Today I get to start on the Ultimate Dream setup project for my wife it's Going to be a very exciting series I Invite you guys to follow along on this Amazing journey sit back and relax and Let's get started If you hate paying full price for Something all you'll find out it's on Sale the very next day you need vetted Vetted is a free browser extension that Shows you price history and expert Reviews on products right on Amazon so You can get the best deal let's say You're thinking about buying a gaming Mouse not only do you get to see when Might be the best time to buy it but Also how it compares to other options You'll see why they rank the products They did because the research is all Right here reviews and ratings from Trustworthy sources like wire cutter and Reddit but my favorite thing about vetin Is that it works right on Amazon and Google so I can have all the information I need to make the best decision in one Place and not waste time checking

Multiple websites so shop Smarter with Vetted and start saving time and money You guys can get it for free using my Link down below it's super easy to sign Up and it also helps support the Channels so this is the current status Of my office I guess I'll be calling up The gaming studio once the setup is done But it is currently in shambles as you Can see it's a complete mess I've been Waiting to start on this freaking Project for over six months now but I Finally got the last piece to begin part One so I'm super excited I'm gonna be Clearing all this up and I'll be Building my wife set up against that Wall uh which will be right across from My ultimate setup all right as you guys Can see I've done a few things already To the wall one of which is I hooked up The bracket already for her wall Mountable PC as you guys know I recently Finished part one of building her Ultimate Dream setup we're still Currently waiting for cables and the Only streamers to come in before I can Finish that but in the meantime I Thought we can at least start on part One of building her Ultimate Dream setup Aside from that I've also cut holes into The wall so that we can pass the cables From the PC through the wall and out so That I can pass it through the headboard I have learned so much from my previous

Setup project guys this was hands down One of the most difficult things I've Ever done in my life and I'm very Grateful of experience because it has Taught me so much about setups one of The biggest things I took away from that Experience was to make the cutouts a lot Bigger for cable management so I Basically used the Logitech g502 box That I had laying around to make the Cutout for both the top and bottom Passing the cables from the top of my PC To the back of the headboard on my Current setup was the most frustrating Thing I've ever done so I knew I had to Make some changes for my wife setup so Obviously one of the big benefits of Making a bigger hole is that cables are Going to be so much easier to pass Through look at that so much easier Good Ah I'm gonna be real with you guys okay I Don't have an exact blueprint that I'm Going to be following for my wife's Setup I'm gonna be mostly winging it I'm Just gonna go with the flow but Typically when I do a setup project I Like to 3D model the entire thing down To the mouse pad to the keyboard cable Like everything has to be precise One-to-one ratio just like what I did With my current setup it just makes it So much easier to follow a reference

Point if that makes any sense we do Technically have a model for my wife Setup but honestly it's changed so much Over the past six months New Gear has Come out and I've kind of just decided To take a different approach or Different path with it the only thing That's going to look similar is the Ultrawide monitor that's going to be Mounted against the headboard and the Desk layout but the actual mounting of The table tops is also going to be Different so for those of you who are New to the channel and haven't seen my Ultimate desk setup series I'll drop a Link to the video down below but just For a quick recap what I first did was I Hooked up this tabletop against the wall Using four brackets to achieve this Really clean floating look afterwards I Hooked up these two three foot posts Against the wall which act as spacers And then I mounted the entire headboard Against it so basically what I'm trying To say is that the desk is being Supported by the brackets whereas the Headboard is being supported by those Two posts that I drilled against the Studs my wife's desk layout is going to Be similar but slightly different and Instead of talking about it I'd rather Show you guys but first let's go ahead And clear all this up [Music]

All right Okay so the first step as always is to Find the center point of the wall we're Going to be using that Center Point as a Reference for the entire setup that's Going to help us maintain Symmetry and As most of you guys know I'm obsessed With symmetry so the entire setup has to Be symmetrical the entire width of the Wall is 160 inches half of that is 80. So 80 inches is pretty much where the Center point is I'm going to use my Laser line generator To mark that that's pretty much how I Mounted the bracket of the PC as you can See here is going across the middle Screw and that's how I know for a fact Where the center point of the wall is Next thing to do is find the center Point of the table top that way we can Align it perfectly with the center point Of the wall but I'm actually not going To be using this tabletop because I Found out there's a little chip in the Corner so I'll be using this for the Headboard and I'll be using a brand new Countertop from Ikea for the actual Tabletop [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] So this is 74 inches Half of that is 37 so that is the center

Point of the countertop Okay so I've got the countertop exactly Where it needs to be perfectly centered Against the wall now ideally I would Love some help or someone to hold the Countertop as I'm drilling against the Wall but since I'm working by myself I Was able to use the Ikea Alex drawer to Help support the table top and this is Something you guys can also do yourself If you're building a setup by yourself You can use a drawer or anything that Has the perfect height of the countertop That you're installing against the wall So in this case the Alex unit is Actually the perfect height that we're Going to be going with so I'll be using This and it's also going to help keep The table top nice and straight okay so These are the brackets that I will be Using to mount the desk against the wall And if you guys noticed they look Different compared to the brackets I Used to install my desk and I went with These for two separate reasons number One they are much more low profile as You can see here the portion that mounts Against the wall at actually is a lot Shorter than the ones I'm using so They're not going to be as visible when You look at the desk at an angle that's One of the things I didn't really like About my current setup is that the Brackets kind of extended a bit too much

And I kind of ruined the whole floating Look I was going for so with these Brackets I'm able to achieve that super Clean floating look and it's going to be Extremely difficult to spot even if you Look at the desk at eye level the second Reason is I can actually get away with Just mounting two of these against the Wall instead of going with four brackets Because the countertop that I'm using Isn't going to be as heavy as the one I Used for my setup if you guys remember That was 140 pound table top so going With four triangle brackets was pretty Much required to make sure it doesn't Collapse on me while I'm gaming so with The Ikea La Captain countertop which is About 50 pounds or so I believe I can Get away with just mounting two of these So since we're only hooking up two Brackets against the wall they gotta be Against studs so let's find the studs Obviously there's one right here next to The cutout Which is almost in the center On here as well Perfect there's one right here Let's set up our laser make sure we get That perfect straight line Right there All right now we know where the stud is Going to be underneath the table top but You always got to make sure you do your Pilot holes so I'm going to use a very

Thin drill bit and drill through the Line here just to double check and make Sure that there is in fact a stud Yep and now we Mark the holes for the Bracket there are a total of four that Go against the wall Okay And again just to be on the safe side I'm going to do pilot holes for all four Of those just to make sure that I'm Drilling through a stud [Music] So even though this countertop is a lot Lighter than the one I'm using for my Setup it's still quite heavy right 50 Pounds plus the bracket itself which is At least five pounds by itself I want to Make sure that they're nicely secured Against the studs so I'm going to be Going with the thickest latch screws I Could find that actually fit through These holes so I'll be installing four Of them in the back with these number 12 Washers So washer goes in through the lag screw And Alexa goes in from the front of the Bracket Straight into the wall [Applause] [Music] [Music] Okay so I'm gonna pull out the Alex unit To see if the brackets are going to Support the weight of the countertop I

Didn't secure the countertop to the Brackets just yet because there is one Other step I need to do before I get There so this is just the test to see if It's going to support the weight The countertop here we go This is always nerve-wracking always Nerve-wracking Let's go oh Freaking light was about to fall down Guys oh my Lord I swear but yeah look at that We did it success the countertop looks So freaking clean even if you kneel down Almost at eye level and you still can't See the brackets you have to really go Down there to see it you guys and that's The whole point uh whole reason why I Picked those up specifically the big Question is The table top even Okay not quite it's off by a little bit Um oh it's leaning towards the left a Little bit so you have to raise the Right side up a bit that's going to be a Very easy fix actually what I'm going to Do is I'm going to add one washer in Between the bracket and the table top And that should be able to push it up Just enough so that the table top is Even so let's go ahead and try it out You might actually have to use two Washers but Let's just see if this actually helps

Okay so not quite we're gonna go ahead And stack two washers instead of one [Music] So it looks like that did the trick two Washers per screw hole for a total of Four washers and we got the table top Perfectly even What I'll be doing eventually is that I'm going to be pulling out the Countertop about four and a half inches From the wall so it's gonna look Something like this We're gonna have four and a half inches Of space between the wall and the back Of this tabletop Three and a half inches will be from This post and then one more inch will be From the actual width of the headboard These are the same exact posts that I Use to hook up my headboard against the Wall only difference is I actually used Three foot posts for my setup whereas I'll be using only 12 inches or one foot Posts for my wife setup just because the Countertop I'm using isn't as wide as my Desk so let's pretend this is the Headboard which is going to be exact Same size this is going to be more Towards the bottom Pretty much over here one against the Stud on both sides let's do three inches From the top [Music] Foreign

[Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] All right so both posts are hooked up Against the wall uh we're not going to Install the headboard just yet because I Want to hook up the PC next Um I've learned my lesson the hard way Hooking up the PC at the end because I Had to basically stand on the table top Go over the monitors with the help of my Wife to hook up the PC it was just a Pain in the butthole so I'm gonna be Mounting the PC first run the cables Straight down and then install the Headboard and finish everything else up So obviously I can't do that just now Because the PC is not completed but I Can work on pretty much the rest of the Setup in the meantime let's set up the Peripherals first we gotta start with The mouse pad let's just go with the Topo whites until the new season eight Pads arrive and then I'll just switch it Out later I heard a lot of good things about the G502x light speed so I picked up the White one for my wife setup and I'll Play around with this as well once our Setup is done and if I end up liking it I'll pick up another one for my setup [Music] Oh that's nice

I just don't know if the if this side Button here is gonna bother me while I'm Gaming but we'll see we'll see how she Likes it obviously this is her setup so If she doesn't like the mouse I'll Probably just give her my custom model Out and then I'll take this for myself But we'll see as far as the keyboard Um I want to do something nice I have a Really nice custom Rama so I feel like It's only fair that I build her also a Really nice custom rom-up so I'm gonna Put together an m65b that I've been Saving for almost two years now ever Since I built my keyboard I got an extra One just in case and I'm glad I did Because this is going to come in really Handy Oh yes so the one I have is the milk Version this is the acrylic version Which I think is technically called ice I could be wrong though as far as Switches we're gonna be going with the Same switches that I'm using in my Current keyboard the Durock linears [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] Guys the keyboard is finally done and it Looks absolutely pathetic It's probably the worst keyboard I've Built and I've only Built two keyboards So that's not saying much but I

Picked up the wrong keycaps because the Sizes are incorrect you can see some Spaces and gaps between the keycaps Absolutely atrocious and some of the Keycaps are also the wrong size I Couldn't fit the backspace key on here It was actually too long and some of the Shift keys and control keys down here Are also incorrect but overall just a Complete disaster even the tones and the Color of the keycaps are not what I Wanted it's a bit more on the warmer Side you can tell you know with the toe Pro mouse pad and Logitech these are Pure white whereas these have a milky White I guess But yeah overall I'm just not happy with It so I've decided to just buy another Set of the gmk bleach keycaps which are The same keycaps I'm using with my Current drama Um unfortunately I can't find any online I think someone was selling it for like 400 on eBay that's the only one I found But luckily my buddy bugs from the Discord server has a pair he's willing To sell so I snatched it from him so He's gonna ship it out next week they'll Get here I'll put it on my wife's Keyboard and I remembered actually I Place an order for the Haven 65 custom Board so when that comes in I'm gonna Give that one to my wife which is a much Nicer board in my opinion and I'll

Probably just sell this on my Discord Server now obviously this is a custom Keyboard so we got to pick up some nice Custom cables to complement the build It's like driving a really nice car but Keeping the nasty hubcaps on there it Just it doesn't really make sense so I Went to kale mod place an order for some Beautiful custom coiled cables just like I have with my current board See this is also one of the reasons why I hate this keycap color there's such a Noticeable difference between the cable And the keycap so once the gmk keycaps Arrive it's going to match this Identically so yeah once those come in We're going to be pretty much set to go The only thing I changed with this one Is that I made the length a lot shorter So as you guys can see this is not long Enough to go through the wall and plug Into the back of the PC which is fine I'm just going to pick up an extension Cable for this so obviously the setup is Going to be right in front of mine so Going with speakers makes no sense it's Going to be interfering with me Regardless of what she's doing and she's Only going to be in this room basically When I'm in here so I feel like a Headset is going to be more than plenty So I'm going to be giving her probably One of the best gaming headsets Currently available the Sony H9 end

Zones I've used these three months ago And I put it back in the Box because I Knew I was going to save them before my Wife's setup Believe It or Not these Actually sound better than the octis Pros that I'm using at my current setup So I'm kind of jealous that I'm giving These to her These are also extremely comfortable I Love how comfortable the ear cups are Look at these bad boys Oh yeah okay I think we're finally ready To bring in the monitor guys This is probably the most exciting part Of this entire video you guys unboxing And checking out the new LG Ultra gear 45 inch super ultra ride OLED monitor Oh man I'm so freaking excited guys this is Like every Gamer's wet dream honestly It's got like the best specs Anyone wants for an ultra wide monitor Oh yes I'm so jealous but I'm also happy At the same time because the setup is Right in front of me so whenever I want To I can just bust the 180 and start Playing on her setup if I want to just To experience what it feels like gaming On the smarter [Music] Oh man Look at the curve of this thing This thing is curvy let me do it this Way so you can see it's curvier than my

Wife Okay she didn't hear me Oh that's beautiful luckily we have a Basic compatibility so we're going to Mount this against the headboard but Obviously since the headboard is not set Up just yet we're going to be using the Stand Beautiful Snaps in This would suck if everything would just Fall over right now including the table Top Oh my God it's wobbling Do not try this at Home Folks please do Not do what I am doing this is not safe Wait the table's not gonna Fall over right I'm putting most of the Weight in the back I gotta be in physics class so I mean I Should be good oh damn this thing is so Beautiful it's not even on and I'm Obsessed If I'm obsessed already I just bring the PC over and then power this on because I Cannot wait To test it out All right I'm definitely not going to Put the PC on the table I'll just put it On the Alex unit this is the Asus 4070 TI build I did recently on the channel You guys missed it I'll drop a link to It down below but we'll be using this Temporarily to test out

The LG Ultra gear monitor [Music] Oh my God that's just way too big I'm gonna be sitting way too close to The monitor that's also one of the Reasons why I want to mount the Ultrawide against the headboard we'll be Able to sit a bit more further away from It I was about to touch it Same touch screen Oh Damn That is impressive Man actually when you sit in the front Of the monitor it doesn't even feel that Curved it's so subtle But it does feel like it's wrapping Around your face that's crazy Damn okay yeah we gotta load up the game For sure this thing is an absolute unit You guys Wow playing cyberpunk on here is Seriously going to be next level All right all right all right Shayla Apparently wants to test out the monitor He seems very intrigued Let's play cyberpunk together But yeah this this thing is an absolute Unit you guys play cyberpunk on here is It feels like you played a different Game I can't really express it in words But it feels like you're in the game The monitor is basically wrapping around

Your entire head it's covering both of Your peripheral versions so there's Gonna be a lot of head scanning for sure If you want to look at the map for Example or if you want to look at your Health you're gonna have to move your Head and your eyes there's a lot of Scanning just because it's such a Massive display it's a 45 inch curved 3440 by 4040p OLED panel with a 240 Hertz refresh rate and a nasty Disgusting .03 millisecond response time You like the monitor Sheila should you Get your mommy to play the game Yeah let's go get your mommy let's see What she says all right I'm gonna go get My wife real quick and bring her in here So she can play around with the Martyr Because I'm really curious to see what She thinks of it because obviously it's Going to be her setup this is the only Time she's going to be allowed to step Foot in this office the second time is When everything is complete and I can Reveal it to her so let's go grab it Real quick hey babe So obviously I'm still working on your Setup it's not done just yet I want you To test something in the meantime I want To know what your opinion is on this Monitor that I got okay I want you to Play a few games on it come on Yeah a few games come on Yes game I know how do you know

It's huge right But this is going to be your main Monitor let me know what you think Do you know how to play actually you've Never touched the keyboard before huh Accept the keyboard on your laptop so w Is forward see A is left And then D is right just don't crash my Car I got a newly uh spray painted and then Spacebar is your break okay if you're Going too fast So Good luck yeah don't just don't crash my Car please Oh my god look how she's holding the Keyboard no that's not I post all the Keyboard Oh my God we have a long way to go we Have a long way to go use one hand don't Use two Foreign Don't hold W all the way down just Slowly Drive Just Drive slowly why are you using two Hands You're supposed to use It's okay you're learning It Go That's fine it's just It's fine there you go you're good Nice Use the space bar use the brakes what Are you doing

What do you think of the monitor is it a Nice size for you It's so cool does it look nice But what Okay let's let's try let's try using one Hand You don't like the game Okay obviously cyberpunk isn't your Forte do you want to try like a racing Game something more simple do you want To play with a controller this time Let's show the controller because I feel Like the keyboards way too advanced for You right now all right got the PS5 Controller let's see how she does on Forza Horizon 5. so I explain the Controllers to you right you know what a Gas is and the brake and the joystick That's all you need to know Okay just don't crash this card too Please We'll do a little bit of a test run and Then we'll do a we'll start our race Okay hit the brakes when you're going Around a pattern like that Let go of the gas would you Follow the path look look at the map Follow the path Follow the road You're swerving around too much You're putting too much gas Slow on the Turns Slow on the turns Oh my Lord At least you're doing better at least

You're doing better on Forza than you Were on cyberpunk you haven't crashed Into a car yet So if you like this game more than Cyberpunk Is it easier That's what I thought is the controller Easier to play with than the keyboard Nice so I guess we found out what type of games Steve likes anything that has to do with The controller and Open world roaming like Forza Horizon 5. Are you ready for a real race Real what race yeah okay let's try it See remember the story of how we met Where I beat you in air hockey and then Uh you gave me a kiss let's do the same Bet okay if you win First three either first or second or Third place I'll give you a kiss Is that fair Okay This is a good end well let's go Good luck baby got this go go gas oh my Lord Oh my Lord You're supposed to go between the Green Checkpoints Almost there Well it was a good try [Music] You finished last place this means no

Kiss I'm sorry Yep positive all right you can leave in The office now Rules are rules I deal with the deal no Kiss ER yes you didn't you were in sixth Place Yes You Thief all right next thing I want to Do is kind of organize that side of the Office I'm going to be replacing these Amazon drawers that I picked up like Four years ago I think I mean they're Pretty cool they do the job but Um they're very cheap and flimsy and They don't really match the aesthetic of This entire room so I'm gonna be Replacing both of these with an Alex Drawer on steroids uh this is an Ikea Alexander basically but it's the Equivalent of stacking two or almost Stacking two drawers on top of each Other so we got nine drawers as opposed To five drawers from a single Alex unit So this looks a lot cleaner you know Matches the color scheme and besides You've got a ton of drawers to store Stuff inside here oh I actually picked Up these inserts on Amazon they are cut Precisely for Alex units so these thin Ones actually go in the thin drawer Look at that it's gonna make it Extremely easy for me to organize stuff

And then these thicker ones Are for the bottom drawers I think There we go look at that perfect I just stabbed myself With the cactus gotta be careful with This You think I should put the printer up Here Get it off the ground It's gonna hang off a little bit but Oh that's perfect Look at that So much cleaner Just don't like the cable there so I Might have to do like a Cable Raceway to cover it Nice I gotta have some green plants in here Oh yeah so much better All right last but not least I do want To add some lighting to my wife's setup We'll be going with a combination of Philips Hue and nanoleafs the Nano Leaves will be against the wall I'll be Going with some lines and possibly even A mix of triangles to come up with a Really cool pattern but for the actual Setup itself we're going to start off With some RGB strips underneath the desk To add a bit of underglow and some light Bars behind the monitor to give off Really cool ambient lighting I know the Ultrawide actually has built-in lights

But as you guys can see it's not strong Enough so it doesn't really bounce off That wall that well so I'll be adding Our own lights [Music] All right so I just ran into my first Major problem and I don't know why I Didn't notice this before guys but As I was trying to install the RGB Strips underneath the desk I realized I'm missing something Something very crucial to this entire Project we don't have a single outlet Anywhere near the center of the desk and That is a very big problem the only Outlet we have is over there on the left Side and that's just not going to work The cable routing is not going to be Clean if I have to go down and towards The left so I'm gonna have to call an Electrician and have them come over and Install an outlet right underneath where The table top connects to the wall Luckily we still have a lot of time the Cables for my wife's PC don't arrive Till next week so I have A full week to find someone to get this Situated so We got plenty of time [Music] Oh that's really cool they include three Double-sided VHB tape so I can basically Use this And attach it to the back of the monitor

Very nice [Music] All right let's test these up Wow There is no freaking way These look so much brighter than the Gobi strips I'm using you guys Are you serious right now Here it is for comparison this is what My Gobi strips look like and here is What my wife setup looks like that is Actually insane I guess you really do Get what you paid for let's do white Light So that's just regular white and there's Regular light for my setup That is literally night and day you guys That's insane look at that I'm definitely switching from goby to Phillips that's pretty sure all right And now for the light bars Oh man that's just beautiful That is just beautiful guys here's the LED strips oh I'm in love I am Absolutely in love I can't believe I've Been missing out on this really Oh man I've been settling with goby this Entire time I mean don't get me wrong I Still love Govi and I feel like they're The best when it comes to Value but man If you want the best you gotta go Phillips right I mean that's just insane It's night and day the quality Difference is night and day I gotta

Upgrade my setup I'm sorry now that I'm Looking at this I'm just I'm jealous I'm getting jealous but it's In the same room I can still use it so You know what I'm gonna calm down I'm Still there's a lot to be happy about Unfortunately that is all I can do for Part one you guys um if you enjoyed the Video and are excited for part two which You should be make sure to toss a like I'm gonna work and finish my wife's PC Next week so I can come back mount it on The wall and work on part two of The Ultimate desk setup there's still a lot That needs to be done we have to Customize the wall we have to add some Lighting and we have to customize the Headboard itself so super super excited To work on part two for you guys make Sure you subscribe because you don't Want to miss out I'll drop a link to Everything I use in my wife's setup down Below thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys very soon in the next One [Music] Foreign

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