Building my Wife her Ultimate Dream PC – Part 1

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Ladies and gentlemen today is a very Special day I had the privilege of Building my beautiful wife her Ultimate Dream PC that's gonna power her Ultimate Dream setup as most of you guys know I Recently finished my Ultimate Dream Setup and at the end of the series I Said that I was gonna start on my wife's Setup well this is the very first step In that dream setup journey I have to Build a PC first before I can start on The setup because this will also be Mounted on the wall just like how mine Is I haven't been this excited since Big Red version for you guys okay so let's Not waste any more time and get started Right after this So you just build a brand new shiny PC And you're greeted with this nasty Notification on the bottom right corner Of your screen well instead of going out There and paying full price for a Windows key you guys can actually get One for less than 15 that's right you Guys can get a Windows 10 Pro CD key for Less than 15 by visiting your Or by clicking my link below and using My code ts20 for that extra 20 off they Also sell Windows 11 and Microsoft Office keys in the same discount code Applies now once you get your CD key all You have to do is go into the activation Settings on Windows and put in the new Key and watch The Watermark disappear so

Being a wife of tech store certainly has Its own perks like having access to High-end Hardware I'm definitely not Going to cheap out on your system Because she deserves the best my wife Does a lot around the house she Basically holds down the fort with the Two kiddos while I'm over here in my Office making videos for you guys so That is why I'm throwing in the I9 13900k it's not only great for gaming But also multi-threaded Apple locations It's going to be extremely useful when She starts shooting her Vlogs again Because she edits all her videos believe It or not so the extra eight efficient Cores and 32 threads are gonna come in Handy the motherboard I was supposed to Go with was the Asus strix z790a but When I got that in I noticed it's only For the ddr4 platform so because of it I Had to put the entire project on hold Because I didn't like any other z7090 White motherboards out there at the time The ASRock Tai Chi actually looks really Nice with the marble look but it is an ASRock motherboard at the end of the day No hate on the brand I just don't like Their bios and their RGB software which Means the MSI MPG Edge was the only Other option and I also hate their Software as well but then something Magical happened the PC Gods heard my Cry and Asus released their Maximus z790

Apex motherboard the Holy Grail of all Z790 boards just look at how beautiful This looks with the silver heatsinks the M.2 shield and even the PCB is in white No other motherboard made that Commitment this makes me so happy the Board is packed to the teeth with all The bells and whistles you can expect From a high-end motherboard a 24 power Stage design PCI Gen 5 support for both By 16 PCI slots tons of connectivity and Of course ddr5 memory support The only downside to this board is that You only get two dim slots which isn't The end of the world I mean we're still Able to toss in a 32 gigabyte kit Running at 6200 megahertz uh the Apex Actually supports up to 7 800 megahertz Which is absolutely nuts ddr5 memory is Only getting faster so it's nice to know We are future proofing this build for Several years Corsair currently doesn't Have a 64 gigabyte kit on their Vengeance RGB sticks that's why I'm Sticking with 32 now but if they do come Up with a 64 kit on their white sticks I Will upgrade this system as soon as Possible Okay before I continue with the build Let's just address the elephant and the Room okay I know some of you guys Probably already commented something Down below I know the wall is horrendous Okay because it's not complete my peanut

Sized brain measured it incorrectly and I didn't order enough panels so it's About one-third complete this entire Wall is supposed to have these hexagon Panels so I apologize if your eyes are Bleeding you're just gonna have to deal With it until the rest of the panels Come in which is in two days so I Apologize all right so sensor PC is also Going to be mounted on the wall right Across from mine my options are very Limited on what case I can go with and Out of those limited options Unfortunately there was nothing that Really stood out to me Um I know I wanted a case that looks Very similar to mine but also different It is going to be in the same exact room So I want both setups and both PCS to Kind of complement each other so Similarities but also different then it Became clear to me that the only choice Was to go back to the company that made My case and see if they made any other Cases and to my surprise they do they Have a different version of my case and It's called the Tower of Doom shout out To Candy by the way for my Discord Server who originally reminded me that This case exists it's got a very similar Layout to mine however the components Are in a different location I knew this Would be the perfect case for her setup But I do have one other case under my

Radar this one is currently made by Someone on Etsy and when I reached out To buy it he told me that he was willing To send it over for free since he was a Fan of the channel the case is smaller But it's got support for dual radiators And I just like how compact it is Compared to the Tower of Doom so I'm Going to compare these two cases in Person when it gets here next week to Ultimately decide what case I'm gonna go With but in the meantime I'm going to Continue building in the Tower of Doom Funny thing is they actually sent me the Wrong color they sent me a black one Instead of the white but that didn't Stop your boy Source Tech so I did what I had to to do I painted this bad boy Last night came out looking beautiful And it's actually dried up so I can Continue building in it so before I Install the motherboard actually I want To hook up our CPU block I'm going with The Corsair xc7 RGB Pro yet again it Does support LGA 1700 sockets so that's Good I'm gonna try and stick to the Hydrox series for this entire Loop just For consistency I'm also going to be Going with Corsair fan so that way I can Sync all the lights together using the IQ software I just realized this Asus what the hell Are you guys thinking Why did you put these ancient connectors

With a mouse and keyboard on such a High-end motherboard I must be missing Something they could use that spot for a Couple more USB threes That's so crazy Oh yeah spray those cheeks for me baby And by cheeks I mean thermal paste I don't know if I'm Gonna Keep the CPU Block in this orientation I will figure out how I want to position It when I do the two runs but for now I'll keep it in this position All right let's pop this bad boy on here Now that I think of it I don't think I Ever told you guys the story of how I Met my wife Since I'm building her a PC I feel like It's fitting to give you guys a story It's a very long story actually but I'll Give you the condensed version of it all Just so I don't bore anybody to death So I was in a very long relationship Four years with my ex after we broke up I was exhausted of dating I tried dating For six months or so and I knew I didn't Want to waste my life anymore Essentially like when you break up with Someone especially when you're with that Person for years you waste your entirely You waste those many years of your life And I knew I did not want to go through That again and ultimately decided to Find an Armenian wife but not an Armenian girl from here in America an

Armenian from Armenia there's a big Difference Armenians from Armenia are Raised or I should say most of them are Raised with a pure heart Um the array is very traditional and They only have one partner so I knew if I was going to date again especially Mary I gotta do it right and I gotta Marry the perfect girl and only she Exists in our media in my mind that's How I was thinking so the biggest Problem was how the hell am I gonna find The perfect Armenian girl from Armenia It's not like there was some app or a Website I can go and basically pick Someone Um so luckily my aunt actually knew a Family over there and that family had a Daughter I think she was like 21 years Old at the time oh you know we didn't Install storage real quick let's install Storage I'm gonna give my wife an eight Terabyte m.2 SSD this is gonna be plenty For the operating system and all the Applications and games that she's going To install on here pop this in real Quick So she hooked me up Um with her Facebook and we started Talking a little bit at first there was Nothing really interesting about her I'm Gonna be honest like there was nothing Exciting I wasn't like dying to meet her Or anything so I kind of brushed it off

For a while and I decided to plan a trip To Armenia because I haven't been there In such a long time I think I was like Five years old when we all moved here to The United States so I planned the trip To Armenia with my mom this was back in June of 2018. So we landed in Armenia and the very Next day we visited her family and of Course she was there Um it's kind of tradition if you're Really interested in someone's daughter You have to visit the family you have to Meet the family it's completely Backwards to how Americans do here in The United States but I'm gonna be Honest with you guys it was a bit Awkward for me Um there was really not much to talk About the conversations were very still But I kind of understood because at the End of the day it was Armenia you know There was not much to do in Armenia so There's not much to talk about in the First place there was we couldn't Connect for some reason don't get me Wrong she's beautiful Absolutely loved how she looked but if I'm gonna date someone or be with Someone is it's going to take more than Just a physical appearance right like we Have to be on the same wavelength and Unfortunately that didn't happen on the First visit and I kind of left their

House thinking I'm never going to speak To her ever again and she felt the same Way she thought I was equally as boring By the way all right got the motherboard Hooked up on the case I do want to Install the power supply next Which goes over here on this side of the Case obviously the power supply is going To be visible because it is an open air Case so it makes sense to go with a White power supply so that is why we're Going with the fan text app 1000 White Edition If you guys remember I actually painted The Corsair power supply for big red Version four and as much as I like Painting power supplies you know there's Still a chance that something can go Wrong and I much rather have the power Supply come in the actual color supposed To for the build so that's why this is a Perfect choice I will be plugging in the stock y cables Just for now but I will be ordering Custom cables for this build for part Two So yeah we left to replace Thinking I'm never going to see her I'm Never going to speak to her ever again And I was completely fine with that I Was completely content with my decision Uh I just really wanted to enjoy the Rest of my Armenia trip which was the Main reason why I booked a trip in the

First place but my mom My mom absolutely fell in love with her She was like she's gonna be the perfect Wife for you she's gonna be the perfect Mom for your kids you can't let her get Away I'm like Mom you've met her for Like three hours how the hell do you Know this She's like it's my intuition I know I Knew a good girl when I see one I'm like forget about it I'm not going To see her I don't talk to her anymore Please I just enjoy the trip so the very Next day we had a very fun trip planned To visit a very beautiful and Scenic Resort in Armenia called lucitor And guess who shows up last minute to Join us That's right my wife apparently the Night before my mom called her mom and Begged her to send my wife to come with Us to our trip she didn't want to come And I had no idea that she was basically Forced to come by her mom So yeah she joined us in the next three Days Going to Lucy tour It was a very awkward three-hour drive To the resort let me just tell you guys That I'm putting the freaking power Supply Wrong by the way flip this around Again the conversations were still there Was not much to talk about she was in The back seat while I was sitting on a

On the passenger side in the front so Yeah it was definitely not a pleasant Trip there that's for sure Oh yeah this looks so much nicer you Guys it looks like the power supply is a Part of the build such a nice change not Having to paint power supply for once Okay I do want to take this time and Install our radiator with the fans we do Have a slot over here to install up to a 360 millimeter radiator so I want to Take advantage of that that is actually The big difference between this case and My current case Amazon only supports One 360 mil rad one digital plate and one Pump whereas my case has two of each it Is an open air case so I really don't Think it's gonna be a big deal sticking With a single rad as opposed to two And I don't think it's going to affect The Ramones as much so especially Considering the digital plate is Extremely thick like this is a trunker If you look at it from the side this is Probably twice the thickness of my Current digital plate even though I have Two so I'm hoping the digital plate here Actually helps a little bit with the Heat dissipation but we shall check Temps of course once the entire build is Done in part two So anyways we were stuck there for three Days so I was kind of forced to hang out With her and she was forced to hang out

With me regardless if we liked it or not There was nobody there we were like the Only family and the resort was really Nice actually a lot of activities to do There's bike riding there's a hiking Trail there's a basketball court an Arcade there's even a pond where I Caught my first fish Which was pretty cool so anyways as We're exploring the place we came across This dormant arcade room nothing in that Was working except this Um air hockey table and it was barely Working like the air wasn't pushing the The puck as smoothly as it's supposed to But your boy source for med tech decided To make a move since we're like the only Ones there so I was like if I win the First game you get to kiss me on the Cheek So sure enough I destroyed her 7-0 and I Got what was rightfully deserved a kiss On the cheek and I don't know exactly What happened but that kiss changed Everything It was even till now we refer to that Kiss as the magical kiss it's somehow Connected us in a way where I can't Explain in words it connected us almost Spiritually I want to say I've never Felt anything like that in my life and I've had plenty of kisses let me tell You this was this was something special So after that kissed we just kind of

Became really close to one another we're Holding hands we were hugging we were Talking more it changed so much Which is crazy to even say So needless to say those three days at The resort were The Best Time Ever Had In Armenia so after we got back from the Resort we just started hanging out a lot More we're talking with each other every Single day we're going on dates every Single day and I got to know her on a Completely different level and same Thing with her so fast forward to the End of the trip it is time for me to Leave we go to the airport we say our Goodbyes we hug each other and she Starts to cry she says she doesn't want To leave me that she's in love And I was holding back every inch of my Tears as well because I felt the same And as soon as she left went to taxi I Turned around and I just bawled I bawled My freaking eyes out because at that Point I loved her I didn't want to spend Another day without her so I went back home the very next day I Reached out to an immigration office and I filed for a K-1 Visa So that I can bring her here in America And marry her So after I filed for the K1 Visa it was Just a waiting game at that point we had To wait for the embassy in Armenia to

Call her in for an interview and once She passes the interview that's when she Can come here with a 90-day visa and I Had 90 days to basically marry her so While we were waiting I was basically Talking to her every single day on Facebook and I even made another trip to Armenia the following year uh March 2019 And we did our engagement party at that Time oh by the way we're going to be Installing the uh strix RTX 4090 in here I'll be taking this apart and putting a Water block on it obviously for the Final build but I'm going to hook this Up on here so that we can measure and See what the length is going to be for The custom cables that and also we got To make sure that all the components are Working of course actually first let's Install our Riser cable first from me And Lee because we're going to need to Hook up the graphics card to it so Anyways fast forward it's September 2019 She gets called by the embassy for an Interview and sure enough she passes it And she comes to America uh the Following week and then we get married Um November 20th so about three months Later Oh my God Look how close it is to the pump they Did not even think to check oh my God That would have sucked so bad Actually it I don't think it would have

Mattered anyways because I was going to take apart this graphics Card anyways and put a block on it and The actual PCB of the GPU is much Shorter than the card itself so Yeah wasn't going to run to any shoes Anyways But still glad we can avoid that Oh check out this big brain movie guys Check this out I'm gonna pull in the Excess Riser cable from the back through This hole Oh look at that That actually works out so much better Beautiful Oh that is magical It's tighten this bad boy So yeah fast forward four years to the Current day we have two beautiful Daughters and I couldn't be more luckier I somehow managed to find My soul mate Halfway across the world You know I never used to believe in soul Mates I thought that was all just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus but They exist you guys they freaking exist You just have to be lucky and fortunate Enough to find yours oh man this build Is looking so freaking good I am Actually jealous I'm going to be installing a lean Lee 24-pin scrimmer V2s when I get those in And a little birdie told me they're

Actually working on a special cable for The 40 series cards too so that's coming In in a few weeks I'll be able to Upgrade those cables as well and the Rest of the cables will be custom cables From cable mod so yeah really looking Forward to part to you guys And so should you make sure you guys That notifications enabled if you don't Want to miss it alright so that's all I Got for part one of building my wife for Ultimate Dream PC uh if you guys enjoyed The video or enjoy the commentary let me Know by posting a like I'm trying Different things here obviously as Opposed to just talking about PC parts But yeah super excited for part two Which is the finale make sure you guys Are subscribed so you don't miss out Um I'll drop a link to all the parts I Used in this build below along with the Case which you guys can pick up here in The US as well thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys very soon In the next one Foreign

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