Building A Fast Budget Minimal PC That Can Run It All! AAA Games, High End EMUs

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I know we're talking about an older Console here the Xbox 360 but to see These games running over 200 FPS is Pretty awesome Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be putting together a relatively Inexpensive open-air gaming PC that will Put out some really great performance When it comes to AAA gaming and high-end Emulation one of the big things I did With this build to keep the price down Was pick up used parts from eBay the ram The CPU the motherboard and the cooler Are all used and I was going to go with A used power supply but I really didn't Trust it and right now you can actually Pick up ATX power supplies for a pretty Decent deal another way I was able to Keep the cost down was going with an Open air case you can pick up kind of a PC test bench on AliExpress for around 20 bucks or you could get a cheaper case Sometimes you can actually pick up a Case for around 40 with a power supply That would work with something like this But I did want to go open air because I Kind of like the industrial look of Everything once it's all put together And the price on this setup is coming in At under 500 now before we go any Further I do want to mention that this Video is brought to you You by urcd Keys I've actually been using this site for a

Couple years now they do offer steam Keys origin you played they even offer Microsoft applications like office but The main reason that I use urcd Keys is For their Windows keys right now their Windows 10 Pro OEM key is 19.84 but if You use code ETA at checkout you can get 25 off and another great thing about Buying from here is they do accept Paypal I just did this build here I need To activate Windows I'm going to head Over to my updates and security we're Going to go to activation As you can see I've got Windows 10 Pro But it's not activated so I'm going to Change product key I'm going to paste it in here choose Next choose activate and windows is now Activated we're ready to go my warning Is totally gone and basically that's it They'll email your code once your Payment is processed and that's Basically it if you're interested in Picking up cheap Windows 10 keys for Your new pc builds I'll leave a link in The description Okay so jumping right into it with this Test bench or open era case now I went With a mini ITX board because it was Actually a pretty decent deal on eBay so I picked up a mini ITX version of this Test bench here on AliExpress and They're super cheap I mean the Instructions really don't give you much

To work with but they're pretty simple To set up and there are a few different Ways that you can assemble this but I'm Going to go with the vertical Orientation like I mentioned I picked up The CPU motherboard and RAM used on eBay These were separate transactions but I Went with an ASRock fatality Mini ITX It's a b450 so to work with 2 000 up to 5000 series ryzen chips the CPU is a Ryzen 5600 non-x variant and I was able To scoop that up for right under 100 Bucks which was a pretty decent deal six Cores 12 threads Ram is going to be Covered by 16 gigabytes of Corsair RGB The CPU did come with the stock cooler So we're going to be using that and I Went with a 512 gigabyte m.2 SSD new on Amazon I didn't want to go with use Storage so I've got that here and just Starting out with the assembly here it's Starting to come together really nicely We've got that mini ITX board I went With a 500 watt power supply that I Picked up on Amazon this was actually Refurbished around 28 bucks I'll leave Links for everything in the description 500 watts is going to be more than Enough for this system but obviously We're not going to be able to game on This 5600 by itself there's no built-in Igpu so the main cost of this build went Into the graphics card I went with an ASRock Challenger RX 6600 we've got

Eight gigabytes of gddr6v RAM and I know There's a lot of people out there that Don't like these 6000 series cards but This is what I've been wanting to get my Hands on specifically for steamos Testing and these are about 230 dollars In most of the stores that I saw these Listed at also have either a 15 or a 20 Rebate down the road so you can pick This up for around 220 bucks not bad for A new GPU especially given the market We're in right now and uh through Everything that I've seen so far we Should be able to get some 1440p game Coming out of the way so like I Mentioned few different ways that we can Assemble this you could go with a Vertical card but I went with a Horizontal card so I did have to splurge A little bit and buy a 20 Riser now one Thing you need to keep in mind is this Board here is a v450 it only supports Pcie 3.0 the 6000 series cards utilize 4.0 so we will be losing out on a little Bit of performance but I don't think It's going to hurt us that much and yeah Once we get into testing we'll see Exactly what's going on here and I'm Kind of shooting for AAA gaming at 1440p With a high Ultra mix I think we can Pull it off with this setup I know these Test bench or open-air cases aren't for Everybody but I really do like the way This turned out it's got a very

Industrial look we can see everything That's going on with the PC and you know At least for me kind of just swapping Out Parts is going to be really easy and Just testing out different operating Systems on a machine like this is Something I'm really into I definitely Want to install steamos 3 on this Machine otherwise known as Steam DAC OS But for this one we're going to be Running Windows 11 Pro we're going to Run some benchmarks test out some AAA Gaming and emulation on this machine This does come with a power button it's Got a nice little backlit blue LED I need to do a little bit of Configuration hopefully everything boots Up but I think we're going to be good to Go I need to set that XMP profile for The ram there we go got that GPU Spinning up so let me do a little bit of Configuration then we'll get right into Windows Okay so far so good that XMP profile Took and I wasn't sure how the b450 was Going to handle it but we're at 3200 Megahertz there we've got the ryzen 5 5600 non-x variant 6 cores 12 threads up To 4.5 gigahertz actually love this CPU And I think pairing it up with this RX 6600 is going to be a great little System now it would have been nice to Have a pcie 4.0 slot but you know Through everything that I've seen so far

It's kind of a mixed bag I've seen Performance loss on this card here over Pcie 3.0 from 2 to 8 I don't think it's Going to make much of a difference with This setup I did a little bit of Tweaking with the card so far and I've Just upped the TDP by 20 watts and I've Taken the core clock to 2700 megahertz And it's usually at about 26.35 at that Boost so hopefully we can hit that 2700 Megahertz got a little extra power to Throw at it and now it's time to jump Into some gaming and the first one we're Gonna go with here is cyberpunk 2077 1440p High settings we're getting an Average around 71 FPS now I was hoping To get a bit more out of it and we can With FSR but right now it's turned off I Would suggest if you want to go with 1440p on cyberpunk take FSR to at least Quality that's really going to get us Into the 80s there but I think we could Lock this down at 60 FPS and have a Really good time with it like it is Next thing I wanted to take a look at Were a few benchmarks we've got 3dmark Night raid coming in with a 48 523 fire strike gave us a 21 761 so far not bad and finally time spy With an 8100 we broke that 8 000 Mark With times Phi on this machine so I'm Actually pretty happy so far at least With these synthetics but we've got more Games we need to test out

Spider-Man Miles Morales 1440p very high Settings we're getting an average of Around 73 FPS now you'll see it jump up Into the hundreds when we're up top but Getting down low does bring it down and This has been a problematic game for me With a lot of different systems I mean We do have more than enough power to Play this game but this has really been All over the place depending on what Kind of GPU and CPU combo I throw at it This machine handled God of War better Than I thought it would at 1440p high Settings we got an average of 75 FPS and I was expecting a little less out of it Given uh we've already seen the Performance with cyberpunk 2077 and Miles Morales I figured we'd be in the High 60s and of course we're not far off From that but uh overall really glad to See this kind of performance Foreign I always like to throw at least one Fighting game into the mix so here's Injustice 2 at 1440p very high this Machine is going to be great for Fighting games Street Fighter 5 4K Mortal Kombat 11 1440p very high Settings or if you want to go up to 4K With this stuff like Mortal Kombat and Injustice 2 taking the settings down to High will netcha a steady 60 FPS at 4K But I just left it at 1440p maxed out Next on the list we've got GTA 5 I know

It's an older one but there's still a Bunch of people out there playing it We're at 4K high and I could have went Up to very high with everything and Still got over 60 with it but at 4K High We're getting an average of 141 FPS [Music] And finally for the PC gaming in this Video we've got Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I tested this twice at 1440p Recommended settings and 1080 Recommended settings And at 1440p we got an average of 103 FPS and a 1080 138 FPS on average this Game is really playable on this system And the developers have done a great job With that one lots of different settings That we can mess around with and it does Work well even on lower end systems Now it's time to check out some high-end Emulation and going into these I knew we Were going to get great performance out Of it done a lot of testing with all of These emulators first up Xbox 360 using Zinnia we've got Forza 2 I do have vsync Off and we can get an average of around 190 FPS so locking this down at 60 isn't Going to be an issue PS3 using rpcs3 one Of the harder games to emulate at least One that needs a CPU with a lot of cores And threads Skate 3 1440p Vulcan back in I didn't see a dip under 60. I knew we Were going to get great performance out Of this and to tell you the truth I'm

Pretty sure we'd be able to get a 4K With this one in the final emulator I Wanted to test was Yuzu for some Nintendo switch and initially I went Into this at 4K it maxed out that GPU we Were at about 55 FPS now there were a Few settings that I could probably lower There but what I did was just go down to 1440p ironed everything out and this Performs amazingly on this setup So yeah in the end really happy with the Performance this thing's put now and I Personally love the look of this open Air or PC test bench case type deal that We got going on here I think it looks Great very industrial but you do need to Be careful with all the fans spinning so If you've got small children or even Cats just be aware that you know they Could get hurt by these fans spinning up At full blast now my cats have already Dealt with PC fans so they know to stay Away from them and that wasn't something I really needed to worry about but yeah That's something to definitely consider If you're going to go open air but with That 5600 paired up with the RX 6600 I Think we're seeing some amazing Performance in Windows 11 but I really Do want to test out Steam OS 3. that's One of the main reasons I put this Together and use that AMD card so if You're interested in seeing a video like That let me know in the comments below

And make sure you hit that subscribe Button and think about turning Notifications on so you know when I post The next one and if you're interested in Putting something like this together I'll leave links in the description but I'd like to know your thoughts I mean do You like the look of these open-air Cases is a little too dangerous would You rather just spend about 20 more Dollars and get a fully enclosed case Let me know down below but that's it for This one like always thanks for watching

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