Building a Console Gaming Setup for $1500 using only Best Buy!

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Today I'm gonna challenge myself and see If I can put together a nice console Gaming setup using only They've given me a budget of 1500 to Work with so I have to be very careful On how I spend it let's begin So since Best Buy is sponsoring today's Video I want to go over some really cool Tech deals that are currently running on Their website before we start shopping For our new setup starting with the Corsair ironcloud RGB this is a very Nice wireless gaming mouse and it's Currently 20 off bringing the price down To sixty dollars if you look at the Spice up your setup with some RGB the Govi dream view is currently discounted By 25 bucks this is basically an RGB Strip that captures every color from Your monitor and sends it to the LED Strip it's supposed to add a level of Immersion while you're gaming or Watching content pretty cool if you're Interested in picking up a surface Laptop 4 there's a pretty decent deal That's going on right now with a ryzen 5 And 8 gigs of RAM it's 150 bucks off Bringing the total down to 750 the HP Two in one 14 inch touchscreen Chromebook is much cheaper coming in at Three hundred dollars it's got an Intel Celeron chip with four gigs of RAM and It can be folded into a tablet it's a Great choice for school work and basic

Tasks the Sennheiser HD 450 the BTS Don't have a crazy discount by any means But there's still a discount on a pair Of nice noise canceling wireless Headphones if you're looking to build a New setup or upgrade your current one Flash Furniture actually has a pretty Good deal on their 47 inch office desk It actually looks very similar to the One I recently used in a setup video However this one has a much sturdier Build it's currently 66 off you can find All these items and more from Best Buy Linked down below now on to the setup Build okay so we got to get the console Out of the way since this is a console Gaming setup normally I'm a huge Sony Boy at heart but I want to show Microsoft some love so let's go with the Xbox series X this time around just Please don't tell me it's out of stock Oh yes thank you thank you we're also Able to grab it at MSRP let's go Well there goes 500 of our budget Already so we do have a thousand dollars Left to spend on the rest of the setup Let's look for a nice desk Oh dear Rosie's on sale I I can't pass This up this is such an awesome desk Um it's 45 inches and wide and 30 inches Deep so I feel like it's big enough to Fit a lot of gear and it comes with a Full-size mouse pad on the table top Which is nice because it protects the

Desk from getting damaged and also Provides a nice surface for the mouse to Glide on and it's also a nice cushion if You want to do stuff on it if you know What I mean next we got to look for a Solid monitor I do want at least a 27 Inch monitor and it has to be 120 hertz So that we can take advantage of the Xbox's refresh rate how much do we have Left actually 770 dollars okay I definitely don't want to spend more Than 300 on the monitor so let's do 300 Max Oh the gigabyte G27 is discounted by 20 And it's a nice monitor too 27 inch 165 Hertz refresh rate one millisecond Response time It's a VA panel which I'm not too crazy About but you know in this price point We're not going to be getting OLED or a Good quality IPS so I'm okay with this It is curved which is awesome because When I'm watching The Hub I want to feel As immersed into the content as possible Sadly it's not 4K though I know Xbox Supports 4K but we just don't have the Budget to get a 4K High refresh rate Monitor we had to pick one we can't have Both here and I much rather have a Higher refresh rate monitor than a Higher resolution monitor when it comes To gaming because it does affect how I Play the game especially FPS games okay

We have 541 dollars left to spend let's Look for some headphones if you're Gaming on your speakers you're either a Serial killer or you live in your mom's Basement I think a hundred dollars is a Good budget for headphones right oh no Wait actually we need a headset with a Mic Um Okay let's see what we got here oh easy Hyperx Cloud 2 Pros say no more it's Even on sale for 30 off you gotta be Kidding me it's only on sale for the red Version do we care about the color Scheme I mean that's 30 dollars If I'm being honest screw it you know What let's do a black and red setup this Headset purchase has determined our Color scheme for the entire setup Sometimes you got to do what you got to Do to save money you know what can we go Back and change the color of the desk Real quick oh yes the blocking red one Is the same price This is this is working out guys this is Working out okay I don't really want to Grab a keyboard and mouse because it's a Console setup but I feel like I should Because there are some apps and games on The Xbox series X that do support Keyboard and mouse but I don't want to Spend more than 50 on the keyboard Let's see what we got here oh with Thirty dollars for a full size keyboard

Oh ew it's membrane And it's Razer Here we go rocket pyro it's a full-size Mechanical keyboard it's got a numpad a Wrist rest and a volume knob up top for Media all for 50 bucks and it's Currently 30 off too Your boys are saving spree how much Money have we saved so far 230 dollars Not bad okay now for the mouse uh let's Just put fifty dollars and see what our Options are the pulse buyer haste is Actually a really nice Mouse I'll come Back to that if I can't find anything Better you can't go wrong with the g502 Hero as well but the blue accents kind Of killer for me especially since we're Going with the black and red setup Over 100 reviews four and a half stars And it's 14 off you know what Let's do it All right where are we at now 11 26 we Have 374 left in our budget and we have Saved 244 so far so we're not doing too Bad uh we basically have all the Essentials right now for a fully Functioning console gaming setup um I Feel like I can use the rest of the Budget to spice up the setup with some LEDs or some rgbs or something let's see What uh let's see what Gobi has to offer Does Best Buy have any Gobi products Actually oh they should I literally

Talked about one in the uh the sponsored Segment oh beautiful okay let's do two Of the neon ropes maybe some hexagon Panels seven panels for 130 dollars That's a scam that's an absolute scam But you know what We're gonna have to do it because RGB is Light And besides we can use the extra FPS Let's make it really cool design with The Govi ropes and the hexagon panels I Want something symmetrical maybe a Pattern that kind of complements the Hexagon panels but I'm going to leave That to my um my 3D designer okay we Have 164 dollars to spend we have the Xbox on the right side but the left is Looking a bit empty uh so let's put Something there oh you know what we Don't um we don't have a headphone anger Where are we gonna put the hyperx Cloud Headset so let's get a um let's get a Headset stand actually Okay I'm not spending eighty dollars for A hanger just because it has RGB Corsair Has lost their damn mind let's put fifty Dollars Max for the budget okay this one Isn't as terrible but I mean 35 for a Piece of aluminum just to hold my Headset is pretty tough to swallow even For my wife But whatever let's do it Oh oh does Best Buy have pencil doors Let's check it out

What is this blasphemy Best Buy you guys have lost some respect Points I'm sorry Okay I have 129 left to spend and Honestly I don't even know what to buy At this point I feel like we have Everything we have all the gear we have RGB you have a desk monitor oh you know What let's get some cable management Stuff A few raceways Bellco scraps and a power strip to plug Everything in oh we don't have a chair I Keep forgetting the chair we only have 70 left for the chair so We don't have that many options Unfortunately okay this one looks comfy 68 dollars and it's 50 off but I don't Want the white one let's see if they Have a a black one Okay So you're gonna charge me more because It's black I'm not going with a white chair I'm not I don't care if I have to sit on the Goddamn bucket it's gonna throw off the Color scheme okay okay this one isn't Terrible 63 dollars for a decent looking Chair with back support I mean It's not going to prevent spinal Stenosis by any means but that's all you Can ask for in this price bracket Unfortunately it's also got four to four And a half Stars so that's good enough

For me Okay final total 1490 and 86 cents we made it ten dollars Under our budget and we saved 284 Dollars in the process you guys I'm pretty happy about that and the Setup itself doesn't look too bad I Think it looks nice considering we only Stuck to gear from Best Buy but yeah What do you guys actually think about The setup we put together using only Best Buy do you want me to go to Best Buy and get the stuff and actually build It and test it out if so let me know by Tossing a like if this video gets 20 000 Likes I will drive over to Best Buy get Every single item build it make a video And I'll give it away to one lucky Subscriber I think that's fair I'll also Drop a link to everything I use in the Setup down below a huge shout out to Danny for the awesome 3D designs if you Guys are new here consider subscribing For more awesome setup content coming Your way and I'll see you guys very soon In the next one Foreign

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