Build A Powerful Low-Cost Super AMOLED Hand Held! It Also Works As A Game/EMU Console

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So yeah I mean this thing also handles PS2 games using ether SX too I mean We've actually got a lot of power here Given the price that we paid for this Phone not bad at all [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again in 2022 we had a Lot of great Android powered handhelds Hit the market and some might even call This year the Year of the handhelds we Had a lot of great stuff from x86 to These Arm powered handhelds and you know Some of these did come in a lot cheaper Than one of the more popular x86 powered Handhelds on the market the steam DAC But then you know when you take a look At some of the other ones they weren't That far off I mean it really didn't Make sense to pick up 300 Android Powered handheld when for 350 you could Pick up the steam dag so in this video We're going to be putting together a Relatively cheap handheld gaming device But this is also going to function as Kind of a full-fledged console because We will be able to connect this to a Larger display and you can actually get These for really cheap but it's going to Offer more power than any of the other Android handhelds that hit the market This year because this is actually going To be powered by the Snapdragon 865 and When we take a look at some of those

Other handhelds that were released the Most powerful one had that Snapdragon 855 and overall for a little Android Powered handheld gaming device I mean That's actually offering some really Great performance but the Snapdragon 865 SOC actually offers a really nice boost In CPU and GPU performance over the 855 And we can actually get and put Something like this together for cheaper So what I have here is the Samsung Galaxy s20 Fe I picked it up used on EBay this is actually a T-Mobile variant And overall it's actually in really good Shape I mean there's a few blemishes Here and there but nothing affecting Performance or the screen quality and That's really what I was worried about Now in order to get this up and running I mean you can use basically any Android Device the one you have in your pocket Right now if you use an Android device Can be used as a nice little gaming Slash emulation streaming console but if You want a dedicated device just note That these are available on eBay now When doing the search you're going to Find a ton of them you'll see some with Cracked screens cracked backs just make Sure you read the description and also Check out the seller's feedback another Thing to look out for is the grading System that some people use Seagram rate Is going to have a lot of scratches B

Grade is actually going to be pretty Decent I'd call this one a B plus it's Not in mint condition but you can also Pick up a grades but they will be a Little more and one thing to keep in Mind here I'm not going to be using this As my everyday phone this is going to be A dedicated handheld device so I'm Actually not worried if I can connect it To the correct carrier that I use but if You're worried about that also just keep An eye out but they are available for This price on eBay and you can also Check out refurbished on Amazon there Are other devices on the market from Different manufacturers with the same Chip or maybe even a little better like The Snapdragon 870 but I specifically Chose the Samsung variant here because It's got one major feature that I Personally love and that's Samsung Dex So we've also got kind of a desktop Operating system built in here and I Love the fact that this does support HDMI over USB type c so we can actually Connect this to a larger display in Player games there and real quick I Wanted to give you a rundown on the Specs here for the CPU we've got the Snapdragon 865 we we've also got six Gigabytes of RAM with this version but They also make an eight 128 gigabytes of Internal storage plus it supports a Micro SD card I've actually got a 400

Gigabyte card in this right now it's got A 6.5 inch Super AMOLED display at 120 Hertz with a resolution of 1080 by 2400 Wi-Fi 6 which is great for streaming Games and cloud gaming we've also got Bluetooth 5.0 so we can easily connect Our favorite Bluetooth devices a 4500 Milliamp hour battery with 25 watt quick Charging capabilities this one here is Running Android 12 actually haven't made The jump to Android 13 yet but it uses One UI and we also have Samsung Dex here The very first thing I wanted to take a Look at were just some benchmarks we've Got geekbench 5 single core 910 multi 3184 not too shabby I mean this device Did come out in 2020. for 3dmark Wildlife 3941 and finally we've got an22 with the Total score of 675 814. now obviously this isn't on par With something with the Snapdragon 888 Or the Snapdragon gen 1 but it's Definitely beaten out the Snapdragon 855 And that's the most powerful Android Powered handheld that you can get at the Time of making this video and I'll tell You I mean if you can pick this up for 150 to 160 dollars and want to build a Little dedicated handheld system out of It I'd say it would be totally worth it We've got a lot of power here next thing I wanted to talk about were controllers Now if you've already got an Xbox

Controller PS4 or PS5 you can get a Phone clip it's going to mount directly On the top of the controller and you can Pick these up for around ten dollars on Amazon a great controller that I would Highly recommend is the game sir X2 it's A USB type-c controller and as you can See your phone will go right in the Middle at the time of making this video They're actually 39 on Amazon and that's A pretty good deal because they usually Go for around 69. there's also Bluetooth Controllers available all over eBay and Amazon they range from 15 to 60 but my Preferred controller that I personally Use is the Razer key V2 USB type-c very Thin profile but these are a bit Expensive you can get them from 70 to 99 Now the only reason I'm using the Kishi Is because I personally prefer the feel Of it but if I had to go with a Different one it would probably be that Game sir X2 remember this is going to Connect over USB type-c so we have no Bluetooth latency to worry about but if You've got an Xbox controller already Laying around and you just want to get Out as cheap as possible you can always Pick up a phone clip Now jumping right into it with some Native Android gaming with the Snapdragon 865 I mean if it's available On the Google Play store or it's a game That you can side load then this thing's

Definitely going to run in I've been Able to run everything that I've thrown At it pubg Call of Duty mobile Diablo Immortal Minecraft and uh even one of The harder Android games to run gengen Impact it actually performs quite well I've got a low medium mix here with Ginshin impact and we're at 60 FPS so Yeah I mean the Snapdragon 865 in the Samsung Galaxy s20 Fe definitely has Enough power for Native Android gaming Also you know you want to do some cloud Gaming from GeForce now or Xbox game Streaming that's also going to work out Quite well as long as you have a decent Internet connection remember this does Have Wi-Fi 6 built in and this really Does help out with game streaming from Your own PC so I'm using steam link but You could always use moonlight I'm connecting to my own gaming PC that I have here on the same network and this Is going to look a bit different from The older big picture and that's because I'm on the beta of steam so we've got Gamepad UI basically steam deck Interface here streaming to my phone From my gaming PC now this is a bit Different from cloud gaming I've had Much better luck with this it's all on My own network I've got a pretty decent Router and since this device has Wi-Fi 6 Built in I can actually stream at 120 FPS to this device here from my gaming

PC and playing the PC version of God of War here at 1080p 120 FPS really does Feel like I'm playing it on a native Device Now obviously this device is connected Wirelessly we're connected over Wi-Fi 6 But my gaming PC is actually hardwired To my router so I'm using Ethernet there I didn't want to introduce any more Latency but yeah I mean this is totally Playable and it feels great so this Device obviously has native Android Gaming streaming and cloud gaming Covered but now it's time to move over To emulation and this little 865 does a Really great job we're starting off Light here with Dreamcast using the Redream emulator we're at 1920×1440 and as long as the game's Compatible with the redream emulator This device will play it at full speed In fact we could actually go up to 4K With a lot of these games Moving over to some PSP emulation using PPSSPP God of War chains of Olympus 4X Resolution Vulcan back in runs great Here at 4X so this means that the easier To emulate games can go up to seven and Even sometimes 10x on the Snapdragon 865 So you don't have to worry about PSP These games are going to work just fine I also wanted to throw some GameCube and Wii emulation in here and first up we've Got some GameCube using Dolphin Emulator

Vulcan backend and with auto motorista Which is a harder one to emulate we're At the native resolution but with Something like sunshine or even Double Dash you could go up to 720p with this On the Snapdragon 865 in the latest Version of dolphin now later on in the Video we will test out some Wii Emulation but I want to do that in Dex Mode on a bigger display and show you What we can do there And of course we had to test out some PS2 using ether sx2 now at the beginning Of the video you saw a Gran Turismo 4 Running here at 2x resolution using the Vulcan pack in when it comes to Something like God of War I did drop This down to one ax but we could Actually run this at 1.5 x or if you Wanted to go a bit higher with the Resolution you could always turn on some Cycle skips but we're in safe mode right Now and I've tested about eight games I've had really good performance on the 865 with ether sx2 Finally for handheld mode emulation I Wanted to take a look at the skyline Emulator this is a newer Nintendo switch Emulator one thing to keep in mind is This emulator is in very early Development and you know even on the Highest end phones there are games that Just don't run right now there is Another switch emulator on the market

But I personally don't like using it and I can tell you that the 865 will run a Lot of these games pretty good with that Emulator but I wanted to go with Skyline Here and we're going to go with Something easy or something that's Compatible with the emulator that's Going to be cuphead the development on The skyline emulator has been going full Steam ahead they've been doing a great Job and it's just a matter of time Before we get compatibility with a ton Of games I mean every day they're adding New stuff to this we just have to give The devs time to work everything out and Remember I mean they're not being paid To make this emulator so they're doing It in their free time and personally I Think they've done an amazing job so far So like I mentioned there's one big Reason I chose the Samsung S device over Something like a Poco phone with a Snapdragon 870 and that's Dex mode or Actually just the ability to use USB Type-c to HDMI and get a picture on a Larger display so you can go about this Several different ways you can pick up a Cheap USB type-c to HDMI adapter on Amazon I'll leave some links in the Description or if your display supports USB type-c video all you need to do is Plug it in this is the new pixio Px2770 Pro and it does support USB Type-c video and 65 watt PD fast

Charging plus we've got some USB ports On the rear of this that will work over USP type c so I've actually got a mouse And keyboard plugged into the USB ports On the monitor itself and they're going To work right here with the phone index Mode So if you're not familiar with Dex mode As you can see we've got a desktop style Interface here and we do have Multitasking multi-window and this Supports 1440p on the Samsung Galaxy s20 I think with Android 13 this will Support up to 4K but right now I can Definitely get 1440p out of it and it Looks great we can also go in and scale Up the text size so it's a bit easier to See plus we can swap between audio Sources so if you wanted to do the Phone's audio or the monitors audio you Can do it that way I mean it's really up To you we've also got multi-window Multi-app support we can rescale all of These windows got a calculator running Right now so uh we can take this full Screen we've also got a snap feature Which comes in handy when you're doing Some work I also need a browser open so I'm going To go with chrome and while I'm doing Some calculations here and browsing the Web I also want to play a game which Really doesn't make any sense but we can Definitely do it here if we open up our

App drawer we can find a game to launch And I'm just going to go with we'll do Asphalt 9. And as you can see we can rescale this Window we can also go full screen with It if we want to but we can scale it way Down and kind of set it right over here And we can play this game while we're You know surfing the web if we want to You can actually connect a controller Xbox PlayStation controllers work Connected over Bluetooth go totally full Screen with it if you want to but yeah I Mean this actually works out really well As kind of a mobile desktop system And you can use this to play your Favorite games on a bigger screen Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was Recently updated so now it's working on Newer versions of Android it's been a Little while this has been crashing on Everybody since Android 11 released but They finally fixed it I've got an Xbox One controller connected over Bluetooth And just like we saw I mean Native Android games on the Snapdragon 865 are Gonna run great Got the Dolphin Emulator running a Wii Game here on the big screen so we've got Sonic Colors native resolution Vulcan Back in this one ran at a native 30 FPS On the Wii and that's what we've got Here I know it's a bit hard to see but The FPS is up in the top right hand

Corner does handle this one really well Another one that I tested was tatsunoko Versus Capcom that one runs at 60 and The 865 can handle it And finally for some big screen Emulation ether sx2 Gran Turismo 4 still Using that Xbox controller Vulcan back In looks really good here on the big Display and we can run this game at full Speed the 865 can emulate a ton of games At full speed but you're not going to Cover the full library of PS2 or even GameCube and Wii right now when it comes Down to it there are some games that are Just way too hard to emulate for this Chip and I mean even the Snapdragon 888 Which is coming in with a lot more power Struggles with said games also And one thing I wanted to mention here Is if you don't have a mouse and Keyboard for Samsung Dex we do have a Built-in track pad and kind of mouse Setup on the phone's screen it's really Easy to use The last thing we're taking a look at is Steam link once again but we're using Samsung Dex here and it does scale up Pretty nicely as you can see we've still Got that Gamepad UI so we've got that Steam deck look here and I've got an Xbox controller connected to the s20fe Right now steam is going to detect that We can use it here I've got Spider-Man Miles Morales

Streaming from my gaming PC at 120 FPS And it does look great on this display So overall I think a used s20 Fe is a Great choice when putting together kind Of a handheld slash gaming console for Android emulation even cloud gaming and Streaming pretty powerful CPU when you Compare to Android handhelds on the Market right now and you can keep the Price way down by picking up a lower end Controller and a used s20 Fe from eBay But you know if you've already got an Android phone in your pocket you can Always use that and I'm going to tell You adding physical controls really does Make a difference but if you're used to Playing with the touch screen all of the Stuff that we took a look at in this Video has touch screen controls built in And you can use it that way if you want To I mean it's really up to you but if You've been contemplating picking up one Of the pre-made Android handhelds on the Market you just don't want to Fork out The money for it you can always put Something like this together which will Outperform those handhelds that are on The market as I'm making this video and Most of the time you can get out cheaper But that's gonna wrap it up for this one I really appreciate you watching if You're interested in putting something Like this together I will leave links in The description to eBay for the phones

And controllers on Amazon if you have Any questions let me know in the Comments below and like always thanks For watching

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