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A good gaming mouse can be your best Alley in PC gaming having an accurate Sensor that tracks consistently and Precisely will help you always will end Your shots and navigate the game world As quickly as possible and here are the Top 5 best wireless gaming mouses of 2023 for you today get the promo price In the link in the description below the Video All the products in this list are our Opinion we took the top list based on Product features performance sales user Reviews and price if any of you disagree With this list please provide your Recommendations in the comments box I Would really appreciate it thank you Number five Cosekitar Pro Wireless 50 dollars Premium performance and wireless Connectivity are on offer at an Impressively affordable price from the Cost second Guitar Pro Wireless This no-nonsense gaming mouse comes Packing an optical Pixar sensor that'll Hold up in even Competitive Gaming Scenarios that demand incredibly Consistent accuracy The 10 000 DPI isn't as high as many Competing mice but most Gamers can find A responsive setting well below 10 000 DPI you can also make on the Fly Adjustments to DPI on the mouse and make Your customizations to the mouse buttons

Using cosser's issue software It's simple to start playing with the Guitar Pro Wireless as it uses a 2.4 Gigahertz slipstream wireless connection To avoid latency so you'll still get a Near instantaneous reaction for your Inputs being Wireless solid battery life Is essential and you get 135 hours of Play time with one AA battery Number four pulsarex light Vault 2 Wireless 80 dollars The pulser X light Vault 2 Wireless Burst into the stage with a distinctive Look and a right-handed ergonomic design Heavily influenced by one of the most Successful and well-loved mouse shapes Of all time This classic shape may be over a decade Old but the rest of the mouse is cutting Edge Pulser has added a top of the line Sensor high quality Mouse feed and Wireless capability They've also put significant effort into Making this mouse as lightweight as Possible with a minimal base plate Design and narrow cutouts in its outer Shell this mouse is only a few grams shy Of being lighter than the considerably More expensive Razer Viper V2 Pro Equipped with Pixar's latest Flagship Paw 3000 370 sensor capable of 400 IPS speed 50 Grams acceleration 20 000 programmable

DPI and 1000 Hertz or one millisecond Polling raid this is the highest Performance Optical Mouse sensor Some may feel these weight saving Features make the mouse appear unusual Uncomfortable or flimsy but we should Note that we found this mouse to be Extremely sturdy and comfortable Altogether this mouse breathes new life Into a classic shape and offers Competitive high-end performance at an Approachable price point Number three Logitech G 300 and 5 light Speed fifty dollars With the Logitech G 305 light speed Logitech has created a high performance Wireless gaming mouse that doesn't cost The Earth its mid-range price has it Competing against some great wired mice But there's no compromise here in terms Of performance or design the g305 uses Logitech's hero sensor an iteration of The Fantastic sensor in the g502 it can Last more than 200 hours on a single AA Battery which helps keep the cost down Versus being rechargeable The small wireless dongle can be stored Inside the body of the mouse but Critically the left and right click Buttons are separate pieces from the Removable Palm rest ensuring a reliable And satisfying click Although the g305 has a lower 12 000 DPI Sensor that's still more than enough to

Give you an edge in whatever game you're Playing plus its elegant design lets you Play for hours in Comfort The shape of the g305 is based on a Small ambidextrous design Logitech has Been using for years While components like the scroll wheel And buttons don't feel quite as premium As the ones in the G500 and II they are Still far better than anything you'll Find in a cheap gaming mouse the quality And performance of the g305 are killer Features for its price Number two rocket cone XBR 167 dollars While its Rivals are out there charging A premium for extras like wireless Charging the rocket cone XBR does the Exact opposite it not only includes a Charging dock in the Box for no extra Charge and almost the same price as the Competition but it also comes with a few Other features you'd be hard-pressed to Find in others those include Rocket's Easy shift feature that kind of gives You a second mouse for free and 15 Inputs which when combined gives you a Total of 29 programmable actions Its performance of course is just as Speedy and as reliable as the rest even If that scroll button could use a bit of Tweaking in fact it's btfe feed Glides Smoother on most surfaces you'd use a Gaming mouse on which really helps with

Your gameplay as for the 3D RGB lighting Which some people found to be a bit of An acquired taste in the wired rocket Cone XP is also more refined and Appealing Refine the rocket cone X Beer shape Suitable for all and with a mouse weight Of only 100 grams it will be very Comfortable to use when playing games Battery life can go up to 100 hours of Use moreover it has a 19 000 DPI optic Allow sensor yes there are cheaper Wireless gaming mice out there that Offer excellent value but if you're Willing to pay more and still want a lot Of bang for your buck this one's the Obvious winner Foreign Razer Death Adder V3 Pro 150 dollars Razer's line of great gaming gear has Long been a favorite with the Esports Crowd with high quality sensors and Ergonomics in mind the company has Continued to tweak its core lineup of Gaming mice to meet the demands of the Most demanding players first with the Razer Viper V2 Pro and now with the Death Adder Vault 3 Pro 150 dollars the Razer Death Adder V3 Pro is an Incredibly lightweight gaming mouse That's just as impressive in performance Battery life and top-notch ergonomics Razer has upgraded its Optical Gen 2 Switches to gen 3. adding another

Ostensible 20 million clicks to their Rated life expectancy for a total of 90 Million clicks A small LED indicator sits above the Ladder to indicate battery life and at The tip you'll find a USB type-c Charging port instead of the micro USB Port of the previous model Best gaming mouse hands down and Naturally the best wireless gaming mouse Overall it's more than worth its Admittedly steep price [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

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