Best Wireless Gaming Headset of 2023 | The 5 Best Wireless Headsets Review

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If you are someone that wants the latest Features along with the most comfortable Experience possible then wireless Headsets are no exception however if Your budget is restricted and you want To connect to a wide range of gaming Devices then wire headsets from the Previous video may be the better option Hello guys in this video we're looking At the five best wireless gaming Headsets of 2023 and if you want more Information we also put the links in the Description box down below thanks Starting our list with number five we've Got the Logitech g733 The first headset on the list is the Logitech g733 which has been used Frequently in the office The Logitech G Series is one of the best Peripheral collections available and the G733 headset does not disappoint As soon as you set eyes on this headset You can tell that it will offer Something different from the average Headset available in a wide range of Colors including a special League of Legends scheme there are plenty of Options for those looking for something That stands out or matches the rest of Their setup on top of this the RGB strip At the front can be customized with over 16.8 million colors along with unique Lighting animations for some extra flare The headband is made of a sturdy outer

Frame with a cloth strap that can be Adjusted to a few different heights Paired with the large padded ear cups And lightweight feel the g733 is an Extremely comfortable headset but that's Not all the design is also fairly Versatile thanks to features such as the Swappable headband and detachable Microphone which helps reduce the impact Of damage during Transit as well as General wear and tear In terms of performance the g733 offers A similar level of customization and Quality the 40 millimeter audio drivers Sound great which can be enhanced Further with the customization options Available than the Logitech g-hub Software in a similar fashion the Microphone provides great performance Thanks to logitechy's integration of Blue technology a brand famous for its High quality microphones with blue voice Filters you can tune the microphone Quality to your liking to ensure that Communication remains clear and precise Connection is also not a problem thanks To the lightspeed technology that Provides a 20 meters range and up to 29 Hours of battery life In the end the g733 is a little bit Pricier than what many consumers might Be comfortable with but we'd argue that You get what you pay for at around 100 Price tag is definitely warranted

Considering the quality and the sheer Amount of features Available to You Overall we'd say that this is one of the Best headsets we've got in the office And is definitely worth picking up if You're looking for a No-Frills Wireless Option Next with number four we've got the Corsair hs80 Moving on to another wireless headset That most Gamers will be able to afford The Corsair hs80 aims to provide a Perfect blend of style comfort and Performance like some of the other Headsets in this list the hs80 has a Floating headband design providing much Needed Comfort during long gaming Sessions to add to this the ear cups on This headset are made from breathable Memory foam which helps reduce the heat Buildup from extensive playtime Whilst the frame comes in strictly Carbon or white Corsair does sell Separate mod kits that enable you to Switch out the headband strap and ear Cups for a more colorful alternative or To Simply replace an old pair another Feature that is made to impress is the Integrated RGB on the exterior of the Ear cup like the majority of Corsair Products this lighting can be customized And synchronized with other Corsair Components in your setup via the IQ Software the one design aspect where

This headset drops the ball slightly is With the microphone As it is not detachable while the neat Flip to mute function does help make up For this it still puts this headset at a Disadvantage over the competitors When it comes to Performance the hs80s Include 50 millimeter drivers that Utilize Dolby Atmos spatial audio to Provide the most immersive experience Possible also corsair's IQ software Allows you to alter the audio settings To create a custom sound profile that Suits you although the battery life is Less than other wireless headsets 20 Hours is more than enough for multiple Gaming sessions and the added sound Quality makes it a worthy trade Overall the hs80 is a great option for Those looking for a little bit of Everything but some notable exclusions Such as a detachable microphone could Deter some Gamers from picking a pair up Next up at number three we've got the Steel series rtd's Nova Pro by far the Most premium headset on this list the Steel series arkey's Nova Pro Wireless Is a headset targeted toward audio files Within the gaming sphere as you'd expect From a wireless headset made for premium Performance the design follows suit with A brushed metallic look on a frame the Floating headband has multiple levels of Tension which can be adjusted to suit

Your needs Another Nifty design feature is the Removable ear cups this extends the Longevity of this headset as the Eventual wear and tear of the ear cups Won't result in you having to buy a Brand new headset to replace them whilst A comfortable design is important for a Headset this expensive the main focus of The arkey's Nova Pro Wireless is to Provide a gaming audio experience like No other the main inclusion that makes This headset stand out from the Competition is the wireless base Stations that come packaged with a Headset this add-on unlocks the ability To connect to multiple devices with ease Control audio settings on the Fly and Charge one of the two included batteries Which can be alternated to ensure that Your headset never runs out of power These distinct features add some quality Of life improvements that are sure to Help any gaming session run smoothly but It is all for nothing without some high Quality audio to back it up luckily Steel series are very reliable when it Comes to audio quality and the arkey's Nova Pro Wireless is their best headset To date with features such as active Noise canceling customizable 360 degree Audio the audio on this headset lives up To the hype The microphone also includes noise

Canceling for clean audio input and uses The retractable design that has become Notorious with steel series products Overall the arkey's Nova Pro Wireless is Going to be well out of the price range Of the average gamer those wanting the Best of the best will be more than Impressed with what this headset has to Offer At number two we've got the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro among the best PC Gaming headsets on the market this new Razer black shark V2 Pro improves upon Its predecessors through the Triforce Titanium 50 millimeter drivers removable Kuiper clear super cardioid mic Ultra Soft flow knit memory foam ear cushions Passive noise cancellation and THX Spatial audio for Surround Sounds For the feature heavy black shark V2 Pro Wireless capabilities are added to the Mix alongside a 24 hour battery life Audio lazy also becomes nearly Non-existent and sound quality remains Consistent thanks to razer's hyperspeed 2.4 gigahertz connection featuring Everything included in the standard V2 Alongside the added Wireless Capabilities the black shark V2 Pro Weighs only 320 grams which is 58 grams More than its wired sibling the added Weight isn't at all noticeable wearing The headset feels great with the Adjustable frames that are solid in

Structure moving around with the Blackshark V2 Pro doesn't require many Adjustments as the headset sits firmly On your head the flowknit memory foam Ear cups and headband cushions allow Both short and long gaming sessions to Be comfortable experiences there is a Volume dial in the left cup and micro USB port for charging a 3.5 headset Jack And a microphone switch that occupies The left cup as well A small status indicator light doubles As notifications for both connection Confirmation and battery status Unfortunately there isn't a real way to Know how much battery life is left Outside of the light turning red at 30 And blinking red at 10 percent Thankfully the 24 hour battery life Under heavy use is fully chargeable in About three hours there's also an Automatic power saving mode that'll shut Down the headset after various Selectable minutes Overall from single player to Multiplayer and from wired to wireless The blackshark V2 Pro is the gaming Headset you can't ignore The last product on our list is the Asus Rog Delta s to finish our list we have The Asus Rog Delta s wireless headset a Perfect choice for those looking to keep Their gaming on the bottom in a similar Fashion to the hyperx Cloud 2 the Delta

S resembles traditional headphones Thanks to the faux leather material on The headband and ear cups however the D-shift ear cups add a unique touch to The discrete headset as someone who uses A wired version of this headset on a Daily basis I can confidentially tell You that these ear cups feel great Especially for people with big ears The stealthy aesthetic of this headset Is ideal for commuters as it will help To avoid those strange looks from fellow Passengers To keep up with a discrete approach the Rog Delta s Wireless eliminated the External microphone problem by embedding A beam forming microphone into each ear Cup whilst the removal of a boom arm is Rather convenient we did find that the Sound quality does suffer as a result However the speakers themselves boast Better performance thanks to the 50 Millimeters Asus Essence drivers which Block out background noise for greater Immersion also the Asus Armory crate can Be used to customize the sound settings As well in terms of connectivity this Headset has both Bluetooth and 2.4 Gigahertz wireless connection options And the USBC dongle can be stored in the Right ear cup for increased portability Unfortunately this comes at the expense Of a wired connectivity option but this Is unlikely to be an issue due to the

Multiple Wireless connectivity options With 25 hours of battery life and fast Charging that offers three hours of Connectivity in 15 minutes of charging The Asus Rog Delta s Wireless is a Perfect solution for those Gamers that Are always on the move To sum it up the Asus Rog Delta s Wireless is a comfortable and plush Design headset with a minimalist Aesthetic that will blend in with many Different build Styles the sound quality Is excellent and crystal clear and The Versatile connection options make this Headset a good option for those that Tend to commute often thanks for Watching that's all for now and hope all Of you guys enjoy the video thanks [Music] Thank you

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