Best Wired Gaming Headsets of 2023 | The 5 Best Wired Headsets Review

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For a more personal gaming experience Gamers who frequently sit near their Consoles or PC should choose the best Wired gaming headsets over some of the Best wireless choices wired headsets Occasionally provide Better Sound and Are typically less expensive Hello guys in this video we're looking At the five best wired gaming headsets Of 2023 and if you want more information We also put the links in the description Box down below thanks Starting our list with number five we've Got the hyperx cloud alpha s A hyperx cloud alpha s excels on each of Those fronts if you're looking for a Budget wired headset that sounds great Feels comfortable works well with every Platform and has particularly excellent Controls the alpha s Sports one of the Sleekest and most sturdy feeling builds Of any headset we've tested with an Understated all black design consisting Of a solid steel frame and soft full Leather coated cushions The alpha s cushy memory phone ear Cuts Immediately stood out as some of the Most comfortable in our testing pool the Second we put the headset on that Remained the case for days as we never About the urge to take hyperx headsets Off throughout long hours of taking work Meetings and sneaking away to play some Games

But the Real Genius of the alpha s Design lies in the controls While most Headsets force you to Fumble with on Your buttons and dials that you can't See the alpha s has a handy control Panel right on the wire for adjusting Volume balancing game and chat levels Using your mic and even activating 7.1 Surround sound The bulk of the alpha s controls sit on The wire there's a slider on each ear Cup for flipping between three different Levels of Base adjustment while this is A unique feature we didn't find on other Headsets we didn't notice a big Difference in overall bass levels Whenever we played around with it while Gaming and watching movies We got no complaints about the cloud Alpha s microphone when using it Frequently during work calls and our Voice recordings were largely clean with No discernible background noise we got Slightly clearer recordings from the Corsair hs55 coming up next but the Alpha s is more than Dependable enough For multiplayer chats and everyday Meetings Those using the cloud alpha s on Windows Can fiddle with the headset via hyperxes Ingenuity software which largely offers The same controls you'll find on the Physical panel while also letting you Activate mic monitoring for hearing your

Own voice while you talk it's not merely As robust as g-hub software which lets You fine-tune both the audio and Microphone output complete with a Variety of presets aimed at competitive Gamers but unless you're in the Esports Crowd we think the alpha s's Superior Comfort and controls make it the best Wired headset for most gamers Next with number four we've got the Corsair hs55 stereo gaming headset the Hs55 is much more comfortable than Corsair's previous low-cost headset Models the plush ear cups on the hs55 Make for a stark comparison to the hs50 Stiff and unbudging phone the hs55 is Also lighter at 9.6 ounces which has a Big impact on Comfort over long periods The point is that because they're made Of leatherette they can get a little Sweaty on hot days but that's a pretty Common drawback among gaming headsets in This price range The biggest shake up is the microphone Arm which is now attached permanently to Its left ear cup and can be flipped up And out of the way if no longer needed This is definitely an improvement over The previous hs50 which had a removable Mic via a 3.5 millimeters Jack a flip up Mic is a much better option so glad to See one make the cut with the hs55 This is a 3.5 millimeters wired headset However so just bear in mind that both

The microphone and audio quality can be Adversely affected by your motherboard's Amp or whatever sound card device you Plug it into it shouldn't make a huge Difference nowadays even the cheapest Motherboards have relatively decent Audio but worth sparing a thought for Your holistic audio setup The microphone is the real star here It's superbly clear and offers a great End result you shouldn't struggle to be Heard on Discord or in chat in-game and You won't be that player with the Muffled and Scratchy microphone no one Wants to play with while the mic's Design isn't quite bang on how I'd like It it's both convenient and sounds great That really puts the hs55 In Contention At this price To sum it up you're getting a comfier And lighter headset in the hs55 over the Hs50 and ultimately I feel it's worth The slight price bump for those Improvements the hs55 feels a little Cheaper than the hs50 however with more Of a plasticky feel to it thankfully it Still feels robust and is clearly well Put together nonetheless Next up at number three we've got the Bear Dynamic MMX 100 this isn't the First gaming headset from bear Dynamic But the MMX 100 is absolutely its most Rounded offering so far when you Consider that you can get these

Impressively made cans for less than 100 It's easy to see why they're on our list Of one the best headsets they have great Sound and a good microphone and they're Comfortable and well designed Despite using a closed back design the MMX 100s produce a surprisingly wide Sound Stage without any of the muddiness Or over eager bases that often play Gaming headsets The base is so well tuned that it Doesn't distort or sound boomy like it Does on most gaming headsets and the Mids and Highs are very clear so if you Can hear all the little sounds and Details like footsteps or gun reload Add to that the fact that bear Dynamics Use light materials and put soft memory Foam on the ear cups and headbands which Makes them very comfortable even for Long listening sessions The build quality is pretty good overall Except for the volume dial which is a Really annoying issue it had quite a bit Of play where it could Rock back or Forth without changing the volume while Causing static in the right ear cup when Adjusting volume and often times Completely cutting out the audio on the Right side Overall there's simply no denying that Bear Dynamic has totally knocked it out Of the park with the MMX 100 at 99 it's An incredible bargain and I be

Hard-pressed to point out a more Comfortable better sounding one than This putting aside the problem with the Volume dial this is without a doubt one Of the best gaming headsets you can buy Right now At number two we've got the Razer Kraken X the Razer Kraken X was the clear Standout among the mini budget gaming Headsets thanks to excellent sound Quality a clear microphone and most Significantly a comfortable design that We never got the urge to take off At just over half a pound and sporting a Set of plush memory foam ear cups the Kraken X felt snug insecure without Weighing us down and it was easy to Forget we were even wearing it during Our plus gaming sessions The plastic design that we got in all Black the cricket X is about as low Frills As It Gets In terms of Aesthetics And there are black and blue and Mercury White auctions available for those who Want a bit more pizzas Razer's headset also keeps things simple In terms of controls with just a volume Rocker and a mute button on the back of The left ear these controls were easy to Reach but it was sometimes hard to tell When we were muted since there was no Visual indicator for that up front the Kraken X's sound quality is the best we Tested in this price range serving a

Punchy balanced audio for every game we Threw at it the Kraken X features a Great microphone for the money producing Audio recordings that were warm and Clear with very little background noise Budget competitors such as the Corsair Hs55 sounded slightly fuzzy by Comparison The cricket X connects via a 3.5 Millimeters headphone jack which made it Easy to plug into PS5 and Xbox Controllers Nintendo switch in handheld Mode and PC you don't get the option of USB connectivity as you do on the 69 Kraken xv3 but unless that specific use Case is an absolute necessity for you The Kraken X offers the best combination Of sound quality comfort and Compatibility you can find at this low Price The last product on our list is the Razer blackshark V2 It might not offer wireless connectivity But razer's blackshark V2 offers Something unique when compared to other Budget headsets in our chart that has THX support when playing a video game THX spatial audio simulates positionally Accurate sound enabling you to precisely Pinpoint the direction and origin of Gunshots footsteps voices and any other Sounds you hear It's an incredible thing to experience Offering a more immersive gaming

Experience than most other budget Headsets and razors set to take that Further with the release of THX game Profiles game profiles offer game Specific audio enhancements for Supported games That experience is powered by razer's All new 50 millimeters drivers the Triforce titanium Sporting titanium coated diaphragms to Allow for better audio separation it's The first in the Razer collection to Sport the new drivers and offers a Noticeable upgrade over the previous Model the Razer Kraken te The THX smarts and improved hyper clear Cardioid microphone are all powered by a Small USB sound card that sound card Also allows you to tweet the audio Output via Razer synapse to either focus On immersion or spatial awareness Depending on the gaming experience you Want the 3.5 millimeters Jack makes it Compatible with PS4 Xbox One and other Consoles but you won't get the advanced Audio tweaking capabilities And as is the case with most of razer's Headsets it's an absolute joy to wear Over long periods without a hint of Pressure build up the full ear enclosed Cup design provides unmatched Comfort Complemented further by Soft Touch Memory foam and a leatherette finish Simply put it'll keep your ears cool and

Comfortable during even the most intense Gaming sessions and that's something That many can appreciate Thanks for watching that's all for now And hope all of you guys enjoy the video Thanks [Music] Thank you [Music]

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