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Every office and computer workstation Needs a sturdy desk but a standing desk May elevate your setup to new heights in More ways standing While You Work and Play is a great way to keep mobile Stretch your legs and maintain better Posture hello guys in this video we're Looking at the five best standing desks Of 2022 and if you want more information We'd also put the links in the Description box down below thanks Starting our list with number five we've Got the flexispot en 1B standing desk The flexus body n 1B may not have the Catch's name here but it is a strong Motorized adjustable desk that is Perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade Their gaming or home office setup and it Will do all of this for a reasonable Price the flexispot can be adjusted from A height of 27.8 inches to a height of 47.6 inches which should cover all of Your sitting and standing needs Control panel can remember up to four Different height settings it moves Smoothly at a rate of one inch per Second and makes just under 50 decibels Of noise while running and you can also Set your height manually and the four Digit display will show you the current Level stability is of course the most Important thing you want from a desk if Everything is bouncing along as you type It doesn't matter if you're sitting or

Standing you're going to want to break It up the good news is that the Flexipose is Rock Solid even though I Have an old screen the flimsy stand it Doesn't move even with my most Aggressive emails when you raise and Lower the desk the smooth action Instills confidence as well and it's Just as sturdy at its highest position It's easy to put together and it takes Just over an hour to turn the two boxes Into a desk that works and can be used In many ways it would have been nice to Have a few more pre-drilled holes for The control box and a central beam but The surface is easy to screw into with a Little effort the only bad thing about The desk is that there are no sensors to Stop the motor if it hits something when It's going down this could be expensive If your chair gets caught under it or Upsetting if it's your pet overall the Flex-a-spot en1b gaming desk is a great Desk that can be used while sitting or Standing and doesn't cost a lot Next with number four we've got the Arrowsy arena gaming desk the erazi Arena gaming desk is a popular option For those looking to load their desk up With monitors or a single Ultra wide Display with a surface that's 63 inches Long and a depth of 32 inches there's Plenty of desk space for not only your Displays but your mouse keyboard and any

Other gaming accessories you want the Matte material comes in an array of Color options as well as a pure black Auction that ditches some of the Stylings for a more understated look Notably this gaming desk comes with a Large mouse pad that matches the shape And size of the surface area converting The entire top of the desk into a usable Pad this is a hefty mouse pad that Weighs 7 pounds so you don't have to Worry about it sliding around all the Time While it lacks bonus accessories like a Cup holder or headset hook the arrowzee Gaming desk adds meaningful features You'll probably appreciate more Including the ability to adjust the Height of the desk that means you don't Have to worry about your gaming chair Fitting under the desk or that your Monitor will be at the proper ergonomic Height you can easily customize the air As you desk to your desired height The arrowzee arena desk also has a great Cable management system with three Cutouts in the desk and a mouse or pad Surface that allow you to hide cables in A net underneath the table in addition The feet are adjustable as well so be Sure to follow the assembly instructions Carefully and tighten the screws in the Feet to prevent wobble overall if you Have an ultra wide gaming monitor or

Want to have an impressive array of Gaming displays in front of you at the Same time the erazi arena can handle all That at a reasonable price Next up at number three we've got the Vari electric standing desk Vari's electric standing desk is Available in three different widths to Suit the needs of your home office from 48 inches 60 inches and 72 inches and it Can be put up in minutes with the two Provided Allen wrenches the desk has two T-style legs each with a motor that Allows it to be raised to a maximum Height of 50.5 inches or lowered to a Maximum height of 25 inches In addition to choosing from three Widths bari's electric standing desk is Also available in five different Finishes black white dark wood butcher Block and reclaimed wood and the desk Can carry up to 200 pounds making it an Excellent alternative for power users That utilize several monitors and heavy Workstation PC what particularly Impressed us however was the amount of Care Vari put into the Assembly of its Workstation the structure of the desk is Already attached and consumers only need To install the legs the cords for both Motors and the keypad the front of the Desk plug into a control panel in the Center of the frame Vari also sells an Optional Cable Management tray that

Quickly connects to the rear of the desk And has enough space to hold a power Strip as well as a large power adapter For a business monitor the keypad makes It simple to modify the height of the Desk and there are four memory presets For saving your preferred sitting and Standing Heights when moving between Heights the desk is relatively quiet and We were able to lower and raise it Without spilling full cup of coffee Vari Also provides free delivery inside the Contiguous United States and 30-day Risk-free returns At number two we're got the autonomous Smart Desk Pro The autonomous smart Desk Pro has the Fastest height adjustment speed at 2.3 Inches per second and the lowest noise At four to five decibels in comparison Our top pick the uplift V2 moves at 1.7 Inches per second with a noise level of 50 decibels these factors might be Important if you plan on adjusting your Desk more often since our testing Autonomous renamed this desk from the Smart desk to premium to the smart Desk Pro but the differences seem minimal the Frame is sturdy and the XL table length Can accommodate two 32 inch monitors and Two office chairs comfortably There are seven top and frame Combinations you could also customize Your own from a selection of two top

Lengths five top materials and three Frame colors and each autonomous Standing desk comes with one or two Grommets for a standard or XL top There's a programmable control panel to Easily adjust preset Heights for Different users you can also adjust the Height by pressing the up and down Arrows and the programmable control Panel comes included with the base price Something other brands charge extra for And there are plenty of add-on Accessories that cost more such as Monitor arms and Trays as well the Autonomous smart Desk Pro can quickly And quietly adjust to accommodate Heights taller than six feet eight Inches while the setup took about an Hour and a half and required two people The instructions are clear enough but I Thought watching a video was easier and More efficient The last product on our list is the Uplift V2 uplift V2 is one of the best Standing desks that benefits from Top-notch build quality and Prides Itself on stability an issue that can be Found with some standing desks is that They might be a bit shaky particularly When extended to higher levels but Uplift V2 is nicely stable thanks to Built-in stability braces Engineered for quick reliable height Adjustment the reinforced Up Lift v2t

Frame includes two separate motors with An inverted leg design which keeps the Desk sturdy at its highest height Setting and can support always up to 355 Pounds it also has anti-collision Technology which means that if the desk Is lowering and it hits something like Your chair it will stop right away the Desk also has a lot of places where you Can mount accessories you can hook up Some pretty cool extras to this thing Like an under desk hammock you can sleep In a hammock under this unit which Should tell you something about how Stable it is there are a lot of options For the size and color of the desktop as Well as the color of the frame the desks Also come with built-in cable management And common curve or corner shapes And the products also come with a very Good seven year warranty the uplift is Available as both a standard standing Desk and a commercial standing desk Version has a crossbar for even more Stability and people outside the US can Order one to be shipped but it will be Shipped as palletized Freight which Could be pricey the maker suggests Buying just the uplift frame and finding A local place to get a desktop for it Thanks for watching that's all for now And hope all of you guys enjoy the video Thanks [Music]

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