Best Smartwatch 2023 – Top 5 Best Smartwatches of 2023 (Top 5 Newest)

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[Music] Smart watches are a great way to receive Notifications from your phone and track Your health right from your wrist if you Are looking for the best smart watches You are at the right door we will guide You on which Smart Watch is good for you Which has the best features And here are the top 5 best smart Watches of 2023 for you today get the Promo price in the link in the Description below the video All the products in this list are our Opinion we took the top list based on Product features performance sales user Reviews and price if any of you disagree With this list please provide your Recommendations in the comments box I Would really appreciate it thank you Number five Fitbit sense 2 230 dollars The Fitbit sense 2 is a revolutionary New smartwatch that is packed with Features to help you stay on top of your Health and fitness with a sleek and Stylish Design This watch is the perfect Accessory for anyone looking to stay fit And healthy one of the most impressive Features of the Fitbit sense 2 is its Advanced heart rate monitoring Capabilities with a built-in Electrocardiogram sensor the watch can Detect even the slightest changes in Your heart rate giving you an accurate

And detailed picture of your overall Cardiovascular health the watch also has A built-in skin temperature sensor which Can help you monitor your body's Response to stress and other external Factors with this feature you'll be able To identify patterns in your body's Temperature and make adjustments to your Lifestyle or exercise routine as needed The Fitbit sensor also comes with a Variety of other features such as GPS Tracking Fitness tracking and sleep Tracking with a long lasting battery Life you can wear the watch all day Without having to worry about recharging In addition Fitbit sense2 also comes With a variety of apps and features that Can help you stay connected to your Loved ones and stay organized throughout Your day with notifications music Control and voice assistance like Amazon Alexa Google Assistant it's easy to stay On top of everything overall the Fitbit Sense 2 is the ultimate smart watch for Anyone looking to stay fit and healthy Number four Garmin Fenix 7x 978 dollars For anyone who can't stay still the Garmin Fenix 7x is a perfect smart watch For tracking everything possible the Fenix 7x boasts a large 1.4 inch display With a resolution of 260 by 260 pixels Making it easy to read maps and navigate Even in direct sunlight it also has a Battery life of up to 14 days in Smart

Watch mode and 28 hours in GPS mode so You never have to worry about running Out of power on your Outdoor Adventures With the Fenix 7x you can track your Outdoor activities including hiking Running swimming cycling and more it Also has a built-in altimeter barometer And Compass which can help you navigate Through challenging Terrain The watch also features Advanced Fitness Tracking including heart rate monitoring Stress tracking and body battery energy Monitoring the Fenix 7x is also built to Last with a durable design that is water Resistant up to 100 meters it also has a Sapphire crystal lens and a stainless Steel bezel making it a rugged and Stylish watch that can withstand the Toughest outdoor conditions in addition To the outdoor features the Fenix 7x Also has Smart Watch capabilities you Can receive notifications control your Music and even pay for your purchases With the watch overall the Garmin Fenix 7x is the perfect companion for outdoor Enthusiasts and adventurers with its Advanced outdoor and fitness features Long battery life and durable design It's the ultimate GPS smart watch for Those who love to explore the Great Outdoors Foreign Google pixel watch 350 dollars The Google pixel watch is the best smart

Watch for Pixel phone users Bar None First off let's talk about design The Google pixel watch boasts is Sleek And stylish design with a 44 millimeters Case size and a 1.4 inch AMOLED display The watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters making it perfect for those Who love to swim or participate in water Sports one of the most impressive Features of the Google pixel watch is Its battery life with up to 24 hours of Battery life on a single charge you Won't have to worry about constantly Recharging your watch The watch also has fast charging Capability so you can get back to using It in no time The Google pixel watch also has a Built-in GPS heart rate sensor and an Accelerometer making it perfect for Tracking your Fitness and activity The watch also has Google Assistant Built in allowing you to access Information make calls and send messages And control your smart home devise us All with the power of your voice Google pixel watch also has the ability To store and play music with a built-in 4 gigabyte of storage it also has the Ability to make contact less payments With Google pay making it easy to make Purchases when you're on the go overall The Google pixel watch is a fantastic Smart watch that is packed with features

And specifications that will make it Stand out from the competition [Music] Number two Samsung's Galaxy watch 5 280 Dollars Samsung may not have brought many Upgrades to the latest version of its Popular Galaxy watch but that doesn't Mean the watch 5 isn't still the best Smartwatch for Android users Improvements like a more durable screen And refined curvature don't sound Exciting but they make the watch 5 more Resilient and reliable The Galaxy watch 5 comes in four colors Graphite silver sapphire 44 millimeters Only and pink gold 40 millimeters only It comes with silicone straps but Samsung sells several interchangeable Bands Galaxy watch 5 comes with appeal Features it supports all the Essential Health stats you'd expect including Blood oxygen level heart rates and more Some features like electrocardiogram Still reserved for those using it with Samsung smartphones but that doesn't Take away from the fact that it's plenty Capable Some other noteworthy features of the Watch include a Super AMOLED display GPS Support a bigger battery with faster Charging speeds than its predecessor and More Over Galaxy watch 5 has an ip68

Certification against dust and water the Watch 5 is swim proof up to 5 ATM and it Has mlsdd 810h approval to withstand Tough conditions such as hard knocks Drops and extreme temperatures Number one Apple Watch series 8 345 dollars up to 450 Apple watch has Evolved into the most robust Smart Watch Since its debut in 2015. it's the No-brainer pick for iPhone users the Latest model Apple Watch series 8 looks Exactly like its predecessor it still Comes in 41 millimeters and 45 Millimeters case sizes which means all Of your old bands will work with Whichever model they're designed for The screens are also the same nearly Reaching the edges of each different Series 8 model with rounded sides you Also get the same level of durability as The series 7 with a crack resistant Screen ip6x dust resistance and wr50 Water resistance meaning it can survive Up to 50 meters underwater Apple Watch series 8 has solid Fitness Tracking features that will satisfy the Needs of beginners and serious athletes Alike it also detects if you've been in A car crash can carry out ECG tests And measures blood oxygen levels For battery matters Apple claims that The Watch series 8 can last up to 18 Hours of use in low power mode

Overall the series 8 is simply a better Version of what's long been the best Smart watch and it's deserving of a Place on the wrists of those who don't Already have an Apple Watch or are Coming from one that is four to five Years old Foreign [Music]

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