Best Running Earbud of 2023 | The 5 Best Running Earbuds Review

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[Music] Running is a hard Sport and not every Pair of earbuds can last through your Workouts without falling out the best Earbuds for running are made for runners Who need their gear to stay in place Even when they're sprinting hello guys In this video we're looking at the five Best running earbuds of 2023 and if you Want more information we also put the Links in the description box down below Thanks Starting our list with number five we've Got the Jabra Elite 7 active Instead of hooks or fins that some ears Don't agree with jabra's Elite seven Active earbuds use a special coating That the company calls Shake grip Shake Grip is an Innovative material that Feels incredibly soft despite its firm Grip made with a special liquid silicone Rubber compound that holds the buds more Securely in the ear without the need for Ear wings Shade grip keeps your buds firmly in Place whether you're walking running or Repping plus the elite 7 active also Offers adjustable active noise Cancellation so you can personalize the Level of ANC that feels right for Whatever activity you're doing moreover Jabra beats out the Beats fit Pro which We will talk about later with more Substantial ip57 certification against

Dust water and sweat and the battery Life also bests some Rivals by Stretching up to eight hours These provide the same sound quality as Jabra's Flagship Elite 7 Pro buds the Only difference is that the pros are Optimized for voice call Performance and Everyday use whereas these stick to the Fitness realm you can customize that Audio profile using the hearing analysis In jabras as well If you prefer to spend less jabra's Elite Four active buds maintain the ip57 Durability while emitting features like Multipoint wireless charging and Adjustable noise cancellation but giving Those up drops the price down to 119 Dollars and you can often find the Elite 4 actives for under 100 when they're on Sale in the end jabra's Elite seven Active earbuds have a special outer Coating that helps them remain in your Ears even during vigorous exercise Without the help of wing tips or fins That some people find uncomfortable they Also support multipoint connectivity so You can connect them to two devices at The same time Next with number four we've got the jlab Epic Air Sport Jlabs has been a reliable auction for Affordable sports earbuds that still Provide plenty of jogger friendly Features but these the latest version of

The companies tried and tested Epic Air Sport earbuds take things to the next Level Not only are these Sports earbuds under 100 but jlab is up the ante by adding Active noise cancellation with three Modes ANC on ANC off and be aware a Transparency mode that allows more Ambient noise and so you can pay Attention to surroundings while you jog With the jlab air ANC app you can change A lot about how Epic Air Sports ANC Works for example you can use sliders to Set the level of noise cancellation and Outside sound to exactly what you want The app also has four EQ presets that You can use to change the sound even More whether you're playing metal dance Hits or podcasts The app isn't always the easiest thing To use while running so the Epic Air Sport ANC also have touch controls on The surface of the earbuds these Controls include play pause volume call Answer Siri or Google Assistant Activation EQ preset change and cycling For the buds ANC modes The Epic Air Sport ANC has time saving Features like automatic phone detection And Bluetooth 5.0 connection but the Battery life is one of the best things About it with ANZ turned off you can Listen to music for more than 70 hours

And with ANC on you can listen for more Than 50 hours If you're worried about fit the Epic Air Sport ANC comes with a variety of gel And foam tips that you could try out to Find the best fit the ear hooks Mentioned above keep the earbuds in Place even during the most intense runs And workouts the ip66 rating is also Good for working out outside since it Keeps sweat and dust out of the earbuds No matter where you are Next up at number three we've got the Beats Powerbeats Pro iPhone users who Wanted a set of truly wireless earbuds That could take full advantage of Everything their smartphone could offer Only had one choice until the Powerbeats Pro was launched which is Apple's own Air pods with middling battery life no Ability to deal with sweat or lots of Movement and sound quality that Impressed no one airpods weren't exactly A runner's First Choice the Beats Power Beats Pro changed all of that with a Gargantuan 9 hours of playtime on a Single charge it's unlikely these Earbuds will need to stop for a break Before you do they're also more than Able to deal with the moisture generated By even the most vigorous workout and They got that classic beats sound Punchy In all the right places especially in The low end

The Powerbeats Pro offers a comfortable Yet secure fit keeping the over-the-ear Clip design of the not fully Wireless Powerbeats 3 while managing to improve On that formula Siri can be summoned Simply by calling her name or pressing a Button And they included volume rockers which Is a huge improvement over air pods Which lack such a feature These earbuds don't offer pass-through Audio from the embedded microphones so You'll have to be cautious when working Out near traffic or other hazards but They do have an excellent autopause Feature when you remove an earbud which At least makes stopping for a chat more Convenient Overall Apple's airpods Pro with its Ipx4 rating and pass-through audio is an Excellent alternative for iPhone users Though we think serious joggers will Prefer the more secure fit of the Powerbeats Pro At number two we've got the shocks open Run Pro after shocks has changed its Name to shocks and released new 9th Generation bone conduction headphones That offer slightly improved Bass Performance compared with the company's Earlier Flagship model that makes the Open run pro model the best bone Conduction headphones you can get right Now although they still can't match the

Sound quality of traditional headphones Bone conduction wireless headphones Don't go on your ears they actually Deliver sound to your ear through your Cheekbones the big benefit of this Technology as a safety feature for Running is that thanks to its open Design you can hear what's going around You traffic noise in particular while Listening to music or having a phone Conversation and yes they perform well For voice calls also some race Coordinators don't allow Runners to wear Anything in their ears which is where Headphones like this come in handy the Open run Pro comes with a lightweight Wraparound titanium frame design and is Rated for up to 10 hours of music Playback and you can get 1.5 hours of Battery life from a five minute charge But sadly they have a proprietary Charging cable instead of USBC I found them comfortable to wear but you May have to adjust them on your head to Relieve potential pressure points while They do offer incrementally improved Sound that's a bit Fuller with more bass Like other bone conduction headphones These are strongest in the mid-range Where voice is live hence they're Perfect for podcasts talk radio Newscasts and audiobooks for music They're only okay Note that shocks makes other more

Affordable bone conduction headphones Including the open run if you don't want To drop 104 to five dollars on its Current Flagship model The last product on our list is the Beats fit Pro The best running earbuds you can buy Right now are the Beats fit Pro earbuds The company's previous Powerbeats Pro Was our goad exercise Bud recommendation For years and they're still great if you Need the stability of your hoax but the Fit Pros are much smaller easier to take Anywhere and include active noise Cancellation that's something the Powerbeats never offered and the ANC can Help drown out obnoxious Grinders and Screamers at your local gym If you want to hear your surroundings Just switch over to transparency mode to Pipe an Ambient sound as for the sound The fit Pros offers slightly more kick And oomph in the bass than Apple's Airpods lineup but nothing near the Bloated boom of older Beats headphones Instead of wrap around your hooks the Beads fit Pro earbuds have permanently Attached flexible wings that hook into Your ear and keep them secure and Anchored in place no matter how Strenuous your Fitness regime is For controls beats critically uses Tactile button presses instead of Capacitive tap gestures which makes all

The difference when you're trying to Skip a track while mid-stride The fit Pros are rated ipx4 for water And sweat resistance that's not the best Among our fitness earbud picks but it's Standard for the category that lasts for Up to six hours on a single charge with Noise cancellation turned on which Should be plenty to motivate you through Any race or workout of the day and the Case is good for another 18 hours of Total playback time Overall with bonus Apple ecosystem Features like spatial audio audio Sharing and more the Beats fit Pro Delivers a ton of functionality and Value for its price Thanks for watching that's all for now And hope all of you guys enjoy the video Thanks [Music] Thank you [Music]

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