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The best portable printer is a device That can print wirelessly and Independently of an electrical outlet And it is small enough to fit in a Laptop bag or backpack and you can print Images and documents whenever and Wherever you need Hello guys in this video we're looking At the five best portable printers of 2023 and if you want more information we Also put the links in the description Box down below thanks [Music] Starting our list with number five we've Got the HP Tango X smart wireless Printer the HP Tango X is a small Printer that is designed to be used at Home and taken with you it's lightweight Compared to most models at just 7.5 Pounds with dimensions of 14.84 by 20.6 By 10.4 inches this printer has no USB Port it is Wireless only but unlike Other portable printers the Tango X does Not offer the auction of a battery Like other portable printers the Tango X Is only an exit slot instead of an Output tray and you need a PC or Smartphone to use this portable printer Because it does not have a screen or Control panel when it comes to print Speed it was about to print the Five-page text document in 30.8 seconds Which was the fastest time for a Portable printer it also printed the

Six-page PDF for the mix of graphics and Text in one minute and 47 seconds it Took only 1 minute and 15 seconds to Print a high resolution 4 by 6 inch Photo from PC Quality of the prints was always good Text documents printed come with dark Letter forms with sharp edges the Graphics had lots of fine detail and the Colors looked natural and well saturated Photos printed on glossy paper were Equally attractive as well The Tango X's weak point is that it Can't copy or scan the Tango X uses a Smartphone to take a picture in the HP Smart app and then print which is not Really copying or scanning in the Traditional sense when these features Were tested on both an Android and an IOS it was clear that they were not as Good as a real copier and scanner Text printing costs for page are below The average for portable printers at 8.5 Cents cost per color page however is Above the average at 21.8 cents but you Can reduce that to 18.1 Cents by using High yield cartridges Overall lacking a battery option the Tango X's mobile capabilities are Limited but it's still very portable It's just that it's better understood as A single function printer rather than a Smartphone enabled multifunction device Next with number four we've got the

Canon Pixma tr150 The Canon Pixma tr150 is a small inkjet Printer that is small enough to fit in a Backpack but it still does a great job Of printing photos and documents The Canon Pixma tr150 is a good choice For printing on the go because it has a Two cartridge ink system and can print Text graphic and even glossy photos it Can't copy or scan but at about 249 Dollars it's also a good choice for your Wallet the Canon Pixma tr150 is one of The most portable and travel friendly Printers out there it weighs less than The HP Tango X and has a cheaper print Only option but you can add a battery to Use it when you're not near an outlet When closed the Pixma tr150 is only 7.3 By 12.7 by 2.6 inches and weighs only 4.5 pounds with an optional battery Attached it weighs only 5.1 pounds it Opens up to a larger size that can hold A 50-page paper tray a basic control Panel and a lot of connections as long As you don't need a card slot when the Print possibility is concerned the Pixma Tr150 can print five pages in 38.7 Seconds which is 7.8 pages per minute Overall the portable Canon Pixma tr150 Was easy to move around and made high Quality photos faster than other Portable printers the colors and details Were also very good it can also print Larger photos but unlike some of our

Favorite photo printers it can't copy or Scan You do get a well-built portable printer With an optional battery and voice Controls for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant but we love it because it Takes great photos and doesn't cost much To run Next up at number three we've got the Brother PJ 773 direct thermal printer The brother pj773 makes it easy to print Documents and it comes in a small Package this printer is the smallest and Lightest in this Roundup as a direct Thermal printer can only print in black And white and uses special thermal Reactive paper instead of regular Printer paper it does not print on a Photo papers anyway because it doesn't Use ink cartridges you don't have to Worry about running out of ink Designed to work in settings such as a Police patrol car it can print on both Individual sheets and rolls of paper Accessories include a cigarette lighter Adapter and a rugged case for Roll paper And fan fold paper The pj773 prints text documents from a PC with dark letter forms with very Sharp edges however some text look lumpy Around the edges reminiscent of a dot Matrix printer Text documents printed from an iOS Device also have poor text quality

Graphics looked very pixelated with Clear lines and flat black Shadows Sometimes when the pj773 printed too Quickly with a new page the pages came Out crooked or were cut off at the wrong Place to avoid this you must feed one Sheet at a time When it comes to print performance the Pj773 was slower than the mobile in-chip Printers we tested even though it was Printing in black and white it was the Slowest at printing the five page text Document in one minute 20 seconds and The six page mixed text and Graphics PDF In 3 minutes and 40 seconds Overall this small thermal printer is Expensive however the pj773 is a good Place to start if you need a rugged and Unobtrusive printer that can print Important documents on the go without Running out of ink At number two we got the Epson WorkForce ECC 110 wireless printer The ecc-110 is the most cost effective The four printers on our list that Include a battery with the workforce Moniker this mobile printer is sold by Business equipment resellers and might Be the best portable printer for Business users of the inkjet models here Is the lightest weighing just 3.5 pounds Twice sheet input tray is made by Lifting the lid and leaning it back when You do this a small 1.4 inch color LCD

Screen and four-way control buttons are Revealed a slot on the front panel is Where the prints come out and you can Use the LCD and buttons to change Settings configure Wi-Fi and so on When it comes to print performance the Xc10 couldn't print as fast as most Printers the text was printed at a rate Of 5.8 pages per minute which is lower Than the average of 6.9 pages per minute Running the ECC 110 on battery power Slowed it down a lot and could only Print 3.4 pages of text per minute with A six-page PDF with a mix of text and Color takes 3 minutes and 16 seconds or 1.8 pages per minute Print quality was high across the board The text looked dark and sharp though The letter edges looked a little rough Up close Color Graphics printed with natural Looking colors and sharp details Cost per page are better than the other Portable printers average estimated cost Per page are 8.8 cents for Tex and 17.8 Cents for color overall this Epson WorkForce model delivers below average Cost per page Wi-Fi Direct connectivity And LCD and control panel buttons but Low battery life and slower than average Print speeds limit its appeal The last product on our list is the HP Officejet 250. this HP Officejet 250 Makes the most of what you can do on the

Go by letting you copy and scan quickly And print quickly all while keeping the Image quality High across the board This portable printer isn't cheap either But it has a lot of features and works Well in a small size the most obvious Benefit is a large color touch screen That is 2.6 inches across and makes it Easy to use even better it's a small Automatic document feeder that can copy And scan up to 10 pages this is the only Portable printer we've tried that can Copy and scan since it doesn't have a Flatbed scanner it scans and copies by Pulling paper through the body of the Officejet the text was printed very Quickly with the Officejet 250 at 9 Pages per minute when connected to a PC And 7 pages per minute when using the Battery the Officejet 250 also printed The six page PDF quickly taking 1 minute And 57 seconds instead of the average of 2 minutes and 27 seconds Copy and scan speeds were fast making a Color copy in 19.5 seconds and a black And white copy in 13.1 seconds Best of all the speed didn't hurt the Quality of the pictures the very high Quality photo prints had deep well Saturated colors smooth transitions Between mid-tones and many small details Text documents that had dark lettering And edges looked very clear the pictures On Plain paper were just as pretty the

HP Office Jet lets you print from your Phone in a cloud but it has some Oddities using the HP smart app was Problematic the app turned a five-page Dock file into a four page document While the docx version was reformatted Onto six pages Photos that were printed from the cloud Storage service box did not print in Their entirety about two-thirds of the Photo would print but the rest of the Paper was left blank Thanks for watching that's all for now And hope all of you guys enjoyed the Video thanks [Music] Thank you

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