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Foreign [Music] The best monitor arm can prove helpful Regardless of whether you are working From home or in the office these pieces Of equipment are designed for comfort And can help you with long-term Computing chores a monitor arm may lift Your display to a comfortable viewing Position eliminating eye strain back Pain and neck problems as well Hello guys in this video we're looking At the five best monitor arms of 2022 And if you want more information we also Put the links in the description box Down below thanks [Music] Starting our list with number five we've Got the avltd m42 single monitor arm The AV Ltdm-42 monitor arm is another option That is well made and could be a good Fit for your desk like the hnssed 7 Single monitor arm this unit is made of High quality materials to make it more Stable and last longer It was made with your comfort and Minds So you can be sure that your back and Neck will be well protected from any Health problems that could come from Bad Sitting positions also it works with a Lot of different monitors making it one Of the most flexible units you can buy The vesa interface has formats that are

100 by 100 millimeters and 75 by 75 Millimeters this means that you can Attach your monitor to the mounting Plate in any way you want it can also Hold both flat and curved monitors the Arm can go as high as 23 inches and can Hold a monitor that weighs up to 33 Pounds Keep in mind that the above value only Applies to measurements taken from the Base to the mounting plate which is the Center of the monitor depending on the Type of desk you have you can either use The Grommet mounting system or a clamp To attach the monitor arm The mounting base is made of heavy to be Metal for durability purposes Furthermore the section that attaches to Your desk has a low profile design thus Providing you with a clean setup this Equipment is Factory tested to give you A product that you can fully count on The gas spring on this monitor arm Allows for quick tension adjustments As such you can change the position of The arm by simply turning the adjustment Screw clockwise or counterclockwise you Can also make effortless tilt Adjustments according to your needs and The Tilt mechanism is lockable so ensure That you tighten the bolt firmly to Prevent the arm from sagging once the Cable management system is set up you Can neatly hide all the wires the

Monitor arm also has a 3.5 millimeter Auxiliary port for an extra device a mic Port and two USB 3.0 ports this will let You connect headphones flash drives and Other accessories when you need to Next with number four we've got the Humanuel hnss seven single monitor arm Hnss 7 Series is not as large compared To most monitor arms on the list making It an excellent choice for those who Have limited space on their desks due to Its size it can only hold monitors that Weigh no more than 26 pounds On the plus side it is steadily built And will ensure your monitor says in the Right position at all times it can Accommodate 13 inches up to 35 inches Monitors and is also vesa compliant this Single monitor arm is fitted with an Easy to use clamp that allows for quick Installation But that is not all the quick release Mounting plate is equally easy to work With and because the arm is spring Assisted you can tilt it to the Preferred level with the least amount of Effort also if you can make vertical Adjustments depending on the height of Your chair Nonetheless this unit is somewhat Limited when it comes to making height Adjustments it does not extend as high Compared to most of the monitor arms That we have covered in this guide the

Mounting base on the hns S7 is unique in That it features a top fix design Meaning you won't have to tighten the Fastener from below the desk More to this you can easily assemble Sections of the arm by inserting them Into the attachment slots since it comes With clamp and grommet mounting Accessories you can easily attach it to Your desk using a mounting system of Your choice Furthermore this monitor arm is Exceptionally lightweight just only 10.54 pounds making it highly portable It is durably made of aluminum to give You long lasting service and you can Route the wires through the cable Management system to keep your desk more Tidier it even has a mechanical spring To balance the weight of different sizes Of monitors Overall the hnss 7 arm is extendable up To 21.65 inches providing more Adjustments in each connection of the Articulating arm is adjustable which Makes it easily gets a proper viewing Angle for your work and entertainment Next up at number three we've got the Avlt stackable dual monitor arm The AV LT stackable dual monitor arm Might be just what you need for your Dual monitor setup AV LT is known for Making high quality monitor arms just Like erbertron so you can buy this

Equipment with confidence that it will Work well Each arm can hold 17.6 pounds and can Hold monitors from 13 inches to 32 Inches the arms are connected to an 18.8 Inch Pole to give the unit a wider range Of motion also the c-style clamp has two Fasteners that lock the pole in place so It won't move while you're working You could also use a grommet hole to Mount the monitor arm to your desk the Kit comes with all the extra parts you Might need for the installation so you Won't have to buy them separately The arms have a maximum wing span of 36.7 inches which lets you make changes Quickly and easily this will make it Easy for you to set up the monitors both Top to bottom and side by side both arms Have built-in Cable Management systems That are placed in a way that keeps the Wires from getting tangled up also both Curved and flat monitors can fit on the Mounting plate make sure you don't Attach monitors that weigh more than What is recommended or you could damage This unit if you do everything right You'll be able to adjust the Tilt and Swivel from -90 degrees to 90 degrees Overall the avlt monitor amount is made Of high quality aluminum heavy duty Steel and a strong gas spring system That keeps your monitors from moving or Sagging and keeps them in place well

At number two we've got the mounted Mi 2753 triple monitor mount Want to set up with three monitors then The malmet Mi 2753 triple monitor arm Can be a great choice for you it is Constructed from high quality aluminum And steel while some parts feature heavy Duty plastic fittings The metal parts are powder coated to Keep rust at Bay as such the monitor arm Will stay in top class condition for an Extended period the free monitor Standouter arms can tilt up and down 90 Degrees swivel 360 Degrees left and Right raise and lower and monitors can Be rotated and placed in portrait or Landscape orientation independent of one Another nevertheless only the side arms Are adjustable this does not however Mean that you can't change the placement Of the center arm it can slide up and Down the support pole so you can set it In any position that you want all three Mounting plates are vesa compliant and With a maximum support weight of 15.4 Pounds each In terms of size you can attach 24 Inches to 32 inches screens on this Monitor arm the center pole is sturdily Built to ensure the arms stay in the Position that you want them in when Properly installed the monitor arm will Firmly lock in place even when you are Typing

Moreover the arms or tensioned to Prevent unwanted movements during usage And like most monitor arms on the market This unit clamps to the edge of your Desk but you can as well use The Grommet Mounting system once you have fixed the Monitors you can extend tilt and rotate The adjustable arms to a level that Meets your ergonomic needs although it Takes up more aerial space this monitor Arm will free up space on the surface of Your work desk also its matte gray color Can go well with a range of office Decor Style The last product on our list is the Erbatron LX monitor arm we chose the Urbatron LX monitor arm as our top pick Because it is sturdily built fully Adjustable and easy to set up Additionally it has great features that Will help you improve ergonomics when Working with different sizes of monitors This monitor arm is made of high quality Aluminum while some parts are crafted From steel to ensure you get a unit that Is not only durable but also solidly Built With a maximum weight capacity of 25 Pounds the LX desk monitor arm can Securely hold large monitors measuring Up to 34 inches without being pulled Down all the joints are Precision Engineered and rigorously tested to Allow for smooth customization this

Equipment is fully adjustable me and you Can raise or lower your monitor to a Level that suits you plus the arm is Tiltable and will allow you to make 360 Degrees of pan adjustment and 7-5 Degrees of tilt without sacrificing Stability and because it features a vesa Plate this monitor arm is compatible With virtually all monitors on the Market thanks to its simple design you Won't experience any problems when Assembling this equipment The fact that it offers two mounting Options makes it even more convenient Because you'll be able to choose the Most ideal choice for your needs with That being said you can use either The Grommet or C-clamp mounting face Both mounting options will provide you With maximum stability so you won't have To worry about your monitor falling over To get the best results ensure that you Attach the mounting system to desks with No surface restrictions once installed You can adjust the Arm based on your Sitting position Users can extend the arm forward up to 25.6 inches thereby allowing them to Comfortably view the screen without Straining their eyes neck and back in Terms of lift adjustments the LX monitor Arm has a maximum reach of 13 inches to Add to its list of features this monitor Arm has a built-in cable management

System that will help you keep your desk Neat on the downside it takes up a lot Of space behind the monitor so you may Have a difficult time adjusting the arm When you place your desk close to a wall Thanks for watching that's all for now And hope all of you guys enjoy the video Thanks Foreign [Music]

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