Best M.2 NVMe SSD of 2022 | The 5 Best NVMe SSDs Review

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The best nvme SSD for gaming will load The screen so quickly that you'll wonder Why you didn't get rid of your old hard Drive sooner A reliable nvme SSD makes it much easier To use your PC every day from loading Windows quickly and loading massive open World games in a few seconds hello guys In this video we're looking at the five Best m.2 and vme SSD of 2022 and if you Want more information we also put the Links in the description box down below Thanks [Music] Starting our list with number five we've Got the WD black SN 770. we've seen some Really great nvme SSD come out recently But they've mostly been focused on top Tier performance and priced accordingly The WD black SN 770 goes against this Trend and like its predecessor it is Designed to be a better value for the Money than just a fast computer the main Way it achieves this is by being a dram List SSD drive this saves the Manufacturer a lot of money on the bill Of materials and thanks to improvements In the latest controllers it can be Surprising how little this affects Performance don't get me wrong these Drives are slower but this new sn770 Still says that it can read 5150 Megabits per second and write 4 900 Megabits per second

The drive itself is a low profile affair With this one terabyte model boasting a Single man flash module at the back and The SanDisk controller toward the Connector Western Digital rarely reveals Much about its controllers and that's The case once again here The sn770 is available in four sizes Starting from 250 gigabytes 500 Gigabytes one terabyte and 2 terabytes Although there's no four terabytes Option which is a bit disappointing If you want a seriously capacious Drive You're going to want to track down the C8 fire q2530 offerings which go all the Way up to four terabytes it's important To know that this drive like the sn850 Can get hot when pushed after a long day Of running it got up to about 70 degrees But that was without any direct cooling Or even a heat sink it should work fine In most systems especially if the Motherboard has a cooling system built In the sn770 really shows what it can do In real world tests in most everyday Tasks it would be hard to tell the Difference between this drive and the Ones that are much faster since this Drive is cheaper right now that says a Lot if you want better performance it's Clear that the sn850x is the better Drive but it will cost you a lot more Overall this dram less Drive isn't the Fastest but it's not far behind it's

Also hard to beat when it comes to value For money Next with number four we've got the Seagate fire q2530 Seagate may have taken a while to get Into the solid state game and especially The pcie 4.0 Market but it has arrived With a bang with the fire Q to 530 Coming with or without the heatsink the Latest Seagate drive is a stunner The sequential read and write speeds are Great but compared to other drives what Makes this one Stand Out is how long it Lasts when it comes to endurance the two Terabytes Drive Leo has a rating of 2550 Tbw which has never been done before This is something you won't see on any Other Drive except for an SSD made for Chia mining the sequential read and Write speeds of the two terabytes fire Q To 530 are rated at 7 306 900 megabits Per second respectively this is very Fast for a pcie 4.0 by 4 interface users Were interested in other capacities will Find that the four terabyte drive has The same rating while the one terabyte And 500 gigabyte drives are rated just a Bit lower It uses efficient Ps5018e18 controller and brand new Micron 176 layer TLC Nan memory this is The same memory that crucial uses in its New P5 plus drives which works very well Micron says that it's 176 ltlc nand is

The best in the industry because its die Size is 30 smaller and its read and Write latency is 35 better than its 96 Lnan from the previous generation And in terms of performance the fire Q2530 either matches or beats the big Boys of storage and the Sea gig 530 is At least as good as any consumer SSD on The market thanks to its leading Sequential performance and endurance Rating overall the best version is the Two terabytes version it gives you the Best straight line speed and an amazing Level of endurance the version with the Beautiful heatsink costs a little more But if your motherboard doesn't have SSD Cooling built in it's worth going for Next up at number three we've got the Samsung 990 Pro it's about time Samsung Got back to being the market leader in SSD like it used to be on paper the new 990 Pro seems to have caught up to the Newer faster drives that have passed the 980 Pro since it came out two years ago At the heart of it all is a new Controller made by Samsung called Pascal Samsung hasn't given out a lot of Information about its nude chip but it Has been said that Pascal is made on its 8nm process node and uses less power and Has less delay Samsung says that the new Controller uses up to 50 less power than The old one this is because the chip Package has a new nickel coating and the

Thermal Control software has been Changed Combined with Samsung's latest 3D V Nan Flash memory the result is a decent Uptick in all the claim performance Metrics for this two terabytes model Read speeds go from seven thousand to Seven thousand four hundred fifty Megabits per second while write speeds Go from 5100 to 6900 megabits per second Which is a bigger increase In the pre-benchmark dry filling routine The 990 Pro stays at Peak Performance For about 230 GB of data transfer which Is in line with what Samsung says about How much space is available in High-speed SLC mode when the drive is Empty needless to say as you fill the Drive the figure will drop it's also a Little lower than most competing two Terabytes m.2 drives which tend to offer 300 GB of SLC cash thereafter there's Little if any sign of thermal throttling But not that throttling was much of an Issue on the 990 Pro Overall if you're going to spend bave on A pcie 4.0 SSD in 2022 than the two Terabytes 990 pro has to be on that list It's got the highest read and write Figures around pretty much maxing out Your m.2 slots bandwidth At number two we're got the SK hynix Platinum p41 SK hynix isn't new to this Market but

The new p-41 might be the first time the Company has tried to make a really High-end m.2 Drive the old SK hynix gold P31 was a bit clunky because it only had A pcie 3.0 interface and a controller Chip with only four memory channels the New platinum p41 on the other hand has Everything well if the subject is pcie 4.0 drives it has everything PCI Gen 5 is about to bring about a big Change but PCI Egen 4 is where it's at Right now it's probably also the most You can do on your PC or laptop but Anyway the p41 has SK hynix's brand new Gen 4 controller which is called Aries Even though these things are often Pretty mysterious black boxes we do know That I O operations per second on Aries Are twice as fast as on SK hynix's old Cephus chip and I O speeds are one-third Faster not only that but this two Terabytes model also has a quad core Design with eight memory controllers and 2GB of ddr4 cache memory all of this Puts it on par with high-end controllers Like the fission E18 which is in drives Like the Seagate fire Q to 530 and the New Pascal chip in the Samsung 990 Pro In terms of speeds and feeds the right Endurance of this 2tb drive is rated at 1 200 TB in fact that's the same as the New Samsung 990 Pro but it's also not as Fast as some other m.2 SSD on the market When it comes to Peak sequential

Throughput the Platinum p-41 is Basically as fast as anything else out There bar a few rounding errors Samsung I90 Pro is a bit faster at 7462 megabits per second for reads than The P40 ones at just 7 375 megabits but Honestly it's inconsequential the same Goes for rights where pretty much all The top drives will do just under 6.9 Gigabits per second Overall the great thing about the SK Hynix Drive is that its 1tb Drive is Just as quick as the 2tb version which Means you get the highest performance to Write SSD at one terabyte the WD sn850x Will generally be cheaper but if you Need the raw SSD performance the one Terabyte p41 is the way to go The last product on our list is the WD Black sn850x the arrival of the new Ryzen 7000 CPU family means that PCI Gen 5 is now a thing on both AMD and Intel Platforms but let's be real your current PC almost certainly doesn't have a pcie 5.0 m.2 slot either therefore the new WD Black sn850x is something of a last Hurray for Gen 4 SSD and it's the best One out there right now the SK hynix Platinum p41 might just have the edge on Performance but the lead is so Negligible that the less expensive Sn850x is our pick of the current SSD Crop the unit is fully outfitted with WD Trademark armor style cooling because of

The new drive's improved thermal profile Wgs no longer offers the old sn850s Supplementary cooling Solution that's an Sn850x only feature Of course if your motherboard comes with Its own m.2 SSD cooling kit you may not Want to pay extra for a self-cooled SSD The new X model and its 4 bear can be at Both width and without a heatsink the Latter auction usefully come in around 30 dollars cheaper in many regards this New X model is a dead ringer for the Existing sn850 we're talking four lanes Of PCI Egen 4 connectivity in the now Ubiquitous m.2 2280 form factor but the Two terabytes model here is now the Entry level option and there's no longer A 512 GB model what's more wd's in-house Controller chip provided by compatriot SanDisk has been revised though detailed Specifics are provided Reduce operating temps are another clear Benefit of this new Drive the old sn850 Hit a toasty 77 degrees while the new Dry hits just 58 degrees under sustained Load elsewhere the gains are less Obvious albeit the sn850 was already a Great Drive the 4K Random Access results Are a little disappointing showing Little to no improvement For most PC applications that probably Doesn't matter but for small form factor Rigs and perhaps a gaming laptop every Little can certainly help on that note

For most applications we probably go for The cheaper bear Drive rather than this More expensive model with its heat Spreader the revised sn850x is Inherently a cooler running thing after All overall the 1tb version is a great Shout if you're after an affordable but Fast SSD but the 2tb drive is a great Price with regular discounts down to Around the 229 dollars level much of the Time Thanks for watching that's all for now And hope all of you guys enjoy the video Thanks [Music]

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