Best Laptop Setups Ep. 29 – Incredible Desk Setups!

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So welcome back to their best laptop Setups video this is episode number 29. I know it's been a while since I've put One out but I've been letting them come In so I can give you guys the best Episodes possible but as usual quick Shout out to episode 28's winner Isaiah You're going home with 100 Amazon gift Card as usual the winner of this episode Will also win 100 Amazon gift card but If you're enjoying the series feel free To hit the like button and subscribe as It does help out and I want to keep this Series alive now the first setup comes From mufikri and I just love the look of This it's so clean it's very inviting The colors are soft it feels like a Great space for productivity and it's Very Mac and Logitech focused the colors Match the palette is good I do like the Fact that he's created a space around His MacBook Air M2 he's obviously using A lot of Logitech accessories like for Example I think that's a Logitech Keyboard and of course it's paired with A Logitech MX Master Mouse there is at Least one in every laptop episode we do But he's done a good job of matching the Colors the wallpaper matches the wall The color of his MacBook Air M2 is Midnight black so it has those blue Tones in it even his desk the orange Desk matches the color of his pegboard So he has a little bit of a two-tone

Finish going on the pegboard houses his Laptop sleeve which I'm guessing is an IPad Pro M1 Pro M1 Pro M1 and then of Course he has his little phone on top Which shows the time an external drive And I think that's a flashlight he has a Top shelf with his camera gear so Obviously he's into videography or Photography because there's a tripod on The right hand side but a lot of this Stuff is from Ikea like that shelf on The right hand side that's from Ikea Those plants those fake plants those are From Ikea the only thing I don't like About this setup is the placement of the Speakers he has them right beside each Other and these two speakers are meant To produce stereo sound so they need a Bit more separation besides that the Overall look is super clean my only Other nitpick is maybe maybe put the M2 MacBook Air in a vertical stand because The desk is very very small instead of Having take up the entire corner but Besides that the entire setup looks Fantastic so the second setup comes from Shashank he's all the way from New Delhi India and he is now working for zoom and He's just transitioned from Windows to Mac and he says it's really weird Because he's been using a PC for his Entire life but I think he did a good Job this is a very clean and respectable Setup I mean it feels a bit cramped on

Your desk but I think the overall appeal Is there and I've kind of liked what You've done with the space now granted He is using a MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro on a Beautiful wood desk it's called The Truman desk solid wood creamy crust by Urban ladder his chair is from is a Vienna fabric executive chair from Green Soul he has a fake bonsai tree on the Left hand side he has Warm Glow Focus Lights he has a lot of wall art the Leonardo and the dollar bill well he's Obviously really into making money as You can see there's a vertical laptop Stand to hold a laptop when it's closed And he has a Turf felt mini desk mat in Blue I actually kind of like it the blue Color it gives some pop to the entire Setup there's a large light bar at the Top and then of course he has a foot mat By June shop overall it's a very Beautiful setup his sound quality is by A couple of speakers from polysync They're Bluetooth speakers and he also Has a Jabra evolve 75 SE BT headset he's Obviously using this for his work calls He probably does a little bit of work From home so he needs that headset to Talk to people Cheat wireless charging pad that is Monitor is a big 27 inch Dell P2722he magic keyboard and mouse to work With his Mac and then under the desk he Has a docking station his router his

Netgear 8 Port Smart Switch and of Course his Universal extension boards That he can plug everything in by the Way this is the first time someone has Submit a diagram of their entire setup That's how I know this guy is a true Engineer setup number three comes from Eric he's from Kelowna BC here in Canada I love it more Canadians on the channel And from early 2020 until about a month Ago he was working in a four by five Foot storage closet so he was cramped up But recently he decided to rearrange his Living room to accommodate his work from Home setup and I think I think he did a Pretty good job you know he has some Interesting textures on the wall like a Bear rug I think he like went outside And strangled a Grizzly or a polar bear Rather and then used his fur for the Wall and then he has a bunch of play Plants on the left hand side behind his Desk it just feels really really nice He's even using a home kit from Apple to Turn on the tornado fan to the left hand Side every day at 8am in the morning Along with the lights but the overall Look and feel of this setup is really Nice you know he has two different Levels one for his keyboard and mouse And of course the main desk itself it's A standing desk so he doesn't have to Sit all day which is much better for Your health he's using an HP ryzen touch

Screen laptop and then of course he also Has his own personal laptop that you see Below the monitor which is an M1 MacBook Air now he does have a dock from HP the G4 I've actually showcased that on the Channel it's an expensive dock but it Does the job and then his monitor is an Acer Nitro 34 inch Ultra wide monitor Now this is technically a gaming monitor But he's obviously not a big gamer the Only game he plays is Call of Duty Mobile and he hooks up his iPad to do That his mouse and keyboard is the MX Master 3 and key so another MX Master User his desk is the Sun and dual motor Sit stand desk speakers are from edifier Edifier makes very good affordable Speakers that sound great for the price And his volume and music Control is done By a device called the vadir multimedia Controller his lamps are the mccullink Desk lamps monitor backlight is the Philips Hue play bar and then his laptop Stand as a generic dual laptop stand Setup number four comes from Michael I Don't know where he's from but based on His gmail profile I'm guessing North America but either way I enjoy a very Simple setup as you can see he's Probably at his office those look like To be cubicle walls behind the monitor There's nothing crazy going on here There's nothing fancy it's just a simple Clean setup and when you're in an office

You know it's very important to have Something that kind of inspires you Because most offices like with cubicles Kind of look the same and it can feel Depressing so he's kept it simple he's Added some fake plants to add some Greenery to it he has a little desk Stand so his monitor can sit on top of It to give it some height so it's at eye Level he's using a Dell 34 inch Ultra Wide gaming monitor connected to a Panasonic Toughbook on the right hand Side and then his keyboard is the Keychron K2 keyboard with MSA profile Keycaps and he also has Gava K silent Switches very important when you're at The office you don't want your keyboard To like be super loud if it has a walnut Wrist rest on a wool desk mat and his Mouse of choice is the steel series Rival 3 wireless mouse I love the fact That he's using a gaming mouse in a Productivity setup gaming mice are Sometimes the best mice to use Regardless of the type of work you're Doing overall a great setup Michael and The final setup comes from yunho who Actually submitted his setup a long time Ago it looked very different and this Guy is really known to change up his Setups every so often I believe According to him this is his fourth big Change and he's calling it The cyberpunk Project now ideally his computer I think

Is pretty much the same as his previous One it's nothing special it's a Lenovo V3 10 and he's using a couple of Logitech m185 speakers but he does have A Logitech keyboard along with a Logitech Headset that he uses to listen To music his monitor is a Samsung curved 24 inch and he has two of them side by Side but the idea about this the concept The the work that's involved in this is Not really expensive like he's not Spending tons of money on this he's Taken what he has and he's created Something that looks really really cool And I get it this is not for everyone Like having crazy RGB like this might Make you go crazy but I think it looks Incredible you know he has so much stuff Listed here like he wrote me 45 Paragraphs that I could literally read This entire story to you over the course Of nine hours but the the idea is Cyberpunk Project 4 is his fourth setup Which you see above the screens and then The left hand side he has something he Calls setup graphy which is a morium art Frame setup from his journey in 2016 Until now and he's kind of created this Nostalgia effect to look back in time And to see where he is right now with His current setups on the right hand Side is like a little window that opens I think he gets food from his wife or Something there but overall this is

Probably one of the craziest setups I've Seen in the laptop setups history now is It for everyone probably not but I love The fact that he took the time to create Something like this because it's super Creative anyways that wraps up this Episode's best laptop setups I hope you Guys enjoyed this one let me know which One was your favorite in the comment Section down below so that I can pick The winner it just makes my life a bit Easier if you want to submit your laptop Setup the instructions will be in the Description down below I hope you guys Enjoyed the video because if you did Feel free to like it if you're new to The channel subscribe and I'll see you Guys in the next one

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