Best Laptop Setups Ep. 27 // AMAZING Desk Setups!

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So welcome back to another episode of The best laptop setups this is episode Number 27. quick shout out to Charles U1 Episode number 26 you're getting a Hundred dollars I also wanted to sneak In one more episode before the new year But we're gonna do something a bit Different for this episode not only am I Going to give the winner a 100 Amazon Gift card but I'm gonna choose two Commenters who will receive a 50 Amazon Gift card as well all you have to do is Make sure you subscribe to the channel Like the video and then drop either your Tick Tock or Instagram username in the Comment section so that I can get a hold Of you when this contest is over now the First setup comes from vent cat he's From India he's about 38 years old he's Always wanted to be a YouTuber but he's Too busy with work being an I.T Professional and he has 965 kids I like The home office setup he put together I Think it looks good there's a few tweaks I'd make to make it even better than it Is now but I do respect the fact that he Has a 42 inch TV as his display this is Something personally I've done here at The studio using the lgc2 OLED and it's Worked perfectly now he's not using the LG C2 he's using the xiaomi mi4 pro and It's also an Android Television but he Also has an iPad Pro M1 that he uses as An additional display utilizing sidecar

His laptop choices obviously the Apple MacBook Pro M1 he does have 32 gigabytes Of RAM inside and he's also using a Apple magic keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse he has an acrylic digital LED Number clock on his table to help him See the time a little bit better and he Has a mount for his laptop to sit on the Only thing I don't like about this setup Is it feels very very cramped he has the Macbook so close to him because his desk Is very narrow it feels almost on top of Him I would have loved it to be a bit More to the left and I think that would Clean up the space a bit more he has a Lot of knickknacks I do like the plant Life on top he's personalized it to fit His taste the rest of the room looks Well organized I just feel like he could Manage his desk space a little bit Better setup number two comes from Emilio he's from Bolivia but he's Currently residing in North Carolina but When I saw this picture of his dorm room I knew immediately he's in a college Those brick walls just gave it away Quite frankly it's a pretty big room for A single student most students who go to College end up having to share with Someone else and you just don't get this Much space but he's made it look really Really good and very very clean Obviously Emilio is heavy into gaming as You can see there is purple RGB

Everywhere even his laptop of choice is The Razer Blade 14 with a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 now he does have this connected To a Dell 32-inch monitor but the rest Of his stuff or at least most of the Stuff on his desk also happens to be From Razer his keyboards from Razer his Headphone stand is from Razer his Headphones are the razy razy Razer Nary Ultimate he has the Razer Mamba Elite Wireless mouse and even has a Razer Goliath extended chroma Mouse pad he Does have an iPad Pro 12.9 inch on the Right hand side in case he needs to go Mobile and there also happens to be a Belkin wireless charger overall it looks Great I'm glad you're able to get this Much space in your room and I love how Clean and organized you are moving on to Setup number three which comes from Bunny it's a crazy gaming setup he Obviously has this massive Samsung CR G9 49 inch Ultra wide monitor which is so Big that he had to get a separate desk Just to hold his desktop PC now granted He does have a laptop connected to it It's the Samsung Galaxy book it's using An i7 10th Gen processor but you can Tell that this guy is heavily into Gaming he does have a bunch of Govi RGB Light strips on the wall he has a couple Of Glide lights in case he wants to Change the RGB around he's using a Standing desk from Ikea it's the Artisan

Sit stand desk I do like the look of This I think it's a bit toy just because Of how big that monitor is but he's Managed to make it work for his own Needs he's obviously using a lot of Gaming peripherals except for a few for Example the Logitech m Mix Master 3 is In the video it's in every video he's Using a Bose SoundLink mini 2 Bluetooth Speaker Xbox wireless headset Samsung Freestyle projector and he's even using A Razer Black Widow V3 Pro Wireless Mechanical keyboard now if you're Curious on what case this PC is using It's the cougar conqueror one and then He custom painted it using an Iron Man Theme with custom cut out for the Iron Man Arc Reactor setup number four comes From Anthony he's from the Philippines He's a graphic designer he creates logos And he's been doing it for seven years But I really respect this it's just Surgical it's clean it's just like I Want to sit down and work no Distractions and I also love the fact That he used RGB to make the ambient Lighting look classy it feels tasteful It's not purple and red and orange and Penetrating your eyeballs it just feels Good he's using a MacBook 13 inch M1 With 16 gigabytes of memory he has this Connected to an LG 27 inch 4k monitor Her he has a xiaomi monitor light bar Right above it a McDonough three in one

Wireless charger Logitech MX Keys Keyboard Logitech MX Master 3s keep Logitech MX Master 3s Mouse a Delta Hub Deskpad Delta Hub Carpio 2.0 which helps With like his wrist and ergonomics E-light LED strip vertical laptop stand It's no brand that he bought from Amazon But most importantly look at the cable Management underneath his desk this is a Work of art in fact I'm going to print This out blow it up put it in a picture And rest it right above my bed setup Number five comes from Dominic it's a Cool setup it's not my thing but he Obviously is really into music in fact He runs his own marketing agency called Lead and he happens to love Listening to music it's a black setup Everything is black except for the Desktop there's a lot of foam around the Room to reduce vibration and Echoes from Talking and he's using a massive 32 inch Dell monitor that's a 165 Hertz refresh Rate his laptop of choice is the M1 Pro MacBook it's the 14 inch base model he Does have a mount up monitor arm to keep The display off of the desk to give it a Floating effect he does have some blocks Of wood painted black to add a bit more Height for the monitor arm and he's also Using a Vivo manual standing desk he has A 14 inch slim under desk pull out Storage to keep things tight he has an LED desk reading lamp by shine Decor

Small surge protector by mafasso eight Dollar large mouse pad focusrite 616 Preamp so you can connect to speakers And use an XLR microphone he has a Canon EOS M50 for his Zoom calls and to take Pictures and his speakers are the atom Audio T7v7 inch powered studio monitors look I Think it looks great the cable Management looks great the only thing I Change is I put that MacBook off to the Left hand side or I close it completely And put it in a vertical laptop stand Just so that you have have an Unobstructed view of the 32-inch display Since I feel like it's big enough and The final setup comes from Geo he's from The Netherlands I love the look of his Desk setup it has a dark wood theme to It the room he's in is quite dark in Fact it's probably a shared space with Other people in his home as you can see Couches and a TV in the background I do Like the laptop of choice is the Asus VivoBook Pro 16x with an Intel i7 11370h It's weird because the laptop has an RTX 3050 inside of it but he also has a Razer Core X Mercury with an Asus tough RTX 3080 ti so he has an external GPU Connected to his laptop in case he wants The extra performance the monitor is a 34 inch Lenovo think Vision he's using a Carl B top which is a kitchen countertop From Ikea which rests on a beacon frame

His speakers are from Pioneer the Sdj-50x his speaker stands are the iso Acoustics ISO 155 he has a icy box Laptop top tray for his laptop on the Right hand side his cable management Overall is pretty good Everything feels Nice and clean he's rocking a mechanical Keyboard he's using a Logitech mouse on Top of a Corsair mouse pad overall a Very very cool setup that wraps up Episode number 27 if you're interested In submitting your pictures for your Laptop setup make sure they're in 16×9 There'll be instructions in the Description down below but most Importantly if you enjoyed this make Sure to like the video subscribe if you Haven't already happy New Year and I'll See you guys in the next one

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