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The best handheld gaming consoles can Provide hours of fun wherever you are The top gaming PC and consoles make Lovely companions at home but they are Cumbersome to pack for a trip and Impractical to play on the go this is Where handheld gaming consoles come in Hello guys in this video we're looking At the five best handheld gaming Consoles of 2023 and if you want more Information we also put the links in the Description box down below thanks Starting our list with number five we've Got the Nintendo switch light The Nintendo switch light is the least Expensive portable console on our list Making it a great choice for those on a Tight budget it has a cool yellow Plastic shell that makes it look very Bright and fun if you don't like this Color the switch light also comes in Turquoise gray coral and blue as well This is a much smaller footprint console Than the full fat switch which we found Made it nicely portable it's lighter 275 Grams weight also made it easier to hold Especially for younger children The display on the switch light is a Denser 5.5 inch panel with the same Resolution of 720 pixels as the original Even though the overall size is smaller By 0.7 inches you won't lose anything in Terms of picture quality It's worth noting that the switch light

Isn't fully compatible with every switch Game since the joy cons aren't Detachable this means that if you don't Buy extra Joy cons you won't be able to Play a few games that need motion Controls aside from that you can play Any game in the library so you can play The best Mario Zelda and Pokemon games The console also has a good battery life Which depends on the game and ranges From four to seven hours at the most it Means that the switch light can be used To play games for about a day before it Needs to be charged if you only play for A couple of hours a day it's likely that This little boy will last you several Days While it may not have detachable Joy-cons and slightly shorter battery Life than the standard switch the switch Light is a great option for those who Want the fundamentals of Nintendo's Latest console with a fun gaming Experience complete with a sturdy and Colorful outer shell and a great Selection of games Next with number four we've got the iron Odin the ultimate gaming handheld A lot of the handheld gaming PC that You'll see on this list came from Crowdfunding projects and that's not a Surprise as these are really risky Ventures for Brands to dive into One of the best to come out of

Crowdfunding is Ein Odin which is Available on Indiegogo let's be honest a Lot of the devices that you'll see on This list are inspired by the Nintendo Switch It looks very similar to the Nintendo Switch and even features a dock that Will turn the handheld into what's Basically a Home console Of course the iron Odin comes with its Own features that make it different from The Nintendo switch Despite its cheap price the iron Odin is Surprisingly capable of a lot of things Including side loading Windows it Features a 2.0 gigahertz domensity D1000g CPU 4 gigabytes of RAM full HD at 1080 pixels resolution a great 6-inch Touchscreen display and a pac600 Milliampere hours battery that can run Up to around 6 hours Specs wise the iron Odin doesn't feel That impressive but if you take a second Look at the price tag you'll see that The iron Odin offers a lot of value for Your money The biggest draw of the console is of Course its selection of playable games Since it can side load WIndows I'm Odin Is capable of running steam in its games Given that the specs reach the required Minimum What makes the iron Odin better is that It's basically a handheld design for

Retro gaming it has built-in emulators For consoles including the PS2 Dreamcast Nintendo 6 to 4 GameCube and a lot more This gives you literally thousands of Games to choose from and if you love Those games you're in for a treat Ein Odin comes in a regular and a light Version like the Nintendo switch the Light version is cheaper and smaller but It cannot be docked on the TV Next up at number three we've got the Nintendo switch OLED The Nintendo switch OLED is the latest Version of the company's brilliant Hybrid console it is a great choice for Anyone who wants to try the convenience Of a switch along with the power of an OLED panel even though its resolution is Only 720 pixels its screen is a huge Step up from the original LCD we thought It looked brighter than the first LCD And the colors were especially bright And clear during testing playing breath Of the wild showed off the OLED panel's Extra power with more detailed skies and Force and better contrast when going From a dark cave with lots of Shadows to Daylight There isn't much new on the inside since The switch OLED has the same power as Its older sibling this makes for a great Performance all around especially when Used in portable mode When docked and connected to bigger

Displays the older internals does make The performance less smooth and images Look noticeably fuzzy You do get more storage space here which Is great if you want to install more Games on the main Drive Nintendo has a Great selection of games as the switch Old it works with every original switch Game and every switch-like game as well There's been a small redesign with a new And sturdier kicks in present that spans The entire back of the device we also Found the Plastics used on this new Model to feel sturdier than the original And its speakers sound noticeably better With more volume and detailed sound the Dock has also been redesigned and Features an ethernet port alongside Handy cable channels for those after a Cleaner setup Overall the switch OLED is a good option For people who want a Nintendo switch With a much better OLED screen aside From that it's pretty much the same as The original At number two we've got the steam deck From the valve brand If you're after the versatility and Power of PC gaming in a more Handheld-friendly form then the steam Deck is your best option We found it to pack some serious power For its form factor with its all AMD Core that's helping it to place some of

The latest Triple A titles such as Horizon zero Dawn on ultra settings at Around 30 frames per second during Testing the steam deck thermal Performance was excellent with no Noticeable temperature increases Occurring it's 7-inch 800 by 480 pixels Resolution display is perfectly Serviceable for gaming on the go and Offered good contrast and vibrancy During our checks it measured a total of 575 nits of brightness alongside a solid 1213 to 1 contrast ratio do note though That the screen may not look as sharp When you connect the steamed deck to a Larger display as the image will be Stretched The portability and convenience of a Handheld device are ultimately why many Will buy the steam deck and we're Pleased to say it's a major plus point Of the device while it does weigh a bit At 669 grams which is more than the Nintendo switch light the steam deck Doesn't feel too heavy with the valve Doing an excellent job at Distributing The weight of the device This is by no means a perfect device Though As we found its battery life to be short When playing games with more intense Titles being capable of draining the Steambex battery in around 2 hours or so But if you're okay with gaming short

Bursts then the steam deck is one of the Best gaming consoles on the market in Terms of portability The last product on our list is the One X player Mini The direct competitor of the valve brand Is One X player as the two most popular Names in the industry both brands are Capable of dishing out amazing handheld Experiences for all Gamers out there The best out of the brand right now is The One X player Mini It's not the first to come out of the Company but the One X player mini is Definitely their best it is the second Generation of the company's handheld Gaming PC and it's an improvement in a Lot of ways to what the original 1X Player mini was capable of The 1X player mini is an amazing device That's held back by its expensive price But that doesn't make it any less worth It the One X player mini is a great Choice if the original device of the Company is a bit large for you despite Being on the tiny side it is still just As capable as its predecessor and also This device is a tad more expensive than Other options on this list as well in This small package the 1X player mini Features a 2.9 gigahertz 16 gigabytes of RAM one terabytes nvme 3.0 SSD full HD At 1080 pixels resolution and a great 7 Inches IPS touchscreen display

Coming in only 580 grams and packs a Large capacity battery of 10 455 Milliampere hours battery making it as Easy to take out for gaming on the go And won't worry about running out of Battery in the game Its small size means that your hands are Going to be free from straining even After gaming for a considerable amount Of time Overall it's a fresh experience for any Gamer out there the 1X player mini is a Good device that's worthy of its spot as One of the top handheld gaming PC out There it is everything that you need in A handheld gaming PC and more Thanks for watching that's all for now And hope all of you guys enjoy the video Thanks [Music] [Music]

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