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When projected onto a wall or screen the Best gaming projectors provide an image That is crisp Vivid and colorful more Than that they have a low input lag and Quick refresh rate Hello guys in this video we're looking At the five best gaming projectors of 2022 and if you want more information we Also put the links in the description Box down below thanks Starting our list with number five we've Got the X Kimmy Elfin mini projector as One of the more portable projectors we Reviewed the xgumi elephant is a great Option for those on the go While it doesn't include a battery for Untethered theater experiences like the X gimme Hala does it's easy enough to Slip into a bag and take to a friend's House for events that require an Excessive image size As long as they have a large enough wall The elephant can show an image that's 120 inches across from just 126 inches Away keep in mind this is only a 1080p Image however so 120 inches might be a Little Overkill still that makes it a Heck of a lot cheaper than forking out For a 4K projector besides you don't Need as powerful components in your PC And it means you can run games at a Higher frame rate and while we found it To be no slouch in gaming mode with more Than the acceptable response time for

Non-competitive gaming the 60hz refresh Rate does add a cap to how many frames Per second you can appreciate X Kimmy Makes up for this not only with Exceptional portability but also its Incredible ability to automatically Focus and correct the Keystone position Avoiding obstacles on the projected Surface such as photo frames or light Switches it just makes the set of super Speedy and straightforward All of this is backed up by a lamp life Of 30 000 hours which is about eight Years if you use it 10 hours a day for Everyday use Course that depends on how you use it But it's a sturdy little thing that Doesn't take up much space Next with number four we've got the vava Chroma 4K projector Coming in at the high end is the true 4K From the vava chroma projector this Projector's super rich colors and Resounding pair of 60 watt Harman Kardon Sound units make it one incredible Cinematic experience with excellent Gaming capability to boot the only real Drawback is the price and potentially The 60 hertz refresh rate it may be a Hefty 24.3 pounds but there's a lot of Power behind that bulk and there's no Need for awkward screwing to the ceiling Either thanks to the ultra short throw Nature of the vava chroma it's simple

Enough as placing this projector against The wall on your TV stand and calling it A day you get 100 inches of Ultra HD Goodness to Marvel at though there are Options to rotate the display when Needed and even eight Keystone points to Play with In terms of gaming the vava chroma has a Maximum refresh rate of 60 hertz and a Response time 16 to 20 milliseconds for The price it would have been preferable To have a faster refresh rate and a Slower response time but the vava Chromeless 4K visual quality and color Reproduction are unmatched You'll need one of the best graphics Cards to handle it however and should You feel the need to delve into the Magical world of retro consoles there's AV input for your nostalgic convenience The vavochroma is an absolute joy to use Daily it doesn't throw out too much heat And sits neatly right where your TV Would usually be navigating the menus is A breeze and the 8-point Keystone Correction is comprehensive to say the Least That wealth of Premium features come at A premium price however but that's Backed by a two-year warranty and 25 000 hours of lamp life that's around 11 Hours a day every day for six years Next up at number three we've got the Ben qtk 700 STI gaming projector

The Ben qtk 700 STI gaming projector Show off some exemplary 8 millisecond Response times when playing in 1080P at 120 hertz and an exceptional 4 Milliseconds at 240 hertz even when you Move up to 4K it's 60 hertz you're Looking at a 60 millisecond response Which is enough for most non-competitive Games or when you just want to Experience movies on a bigger screen The 240 hertz is a spectacular refresh Rate for a projector as well the kind of Rate you expect from a top tier gaming Monitor but you'll need some monstrous Hardware to make the most of 240 hertz At 4K resolution this is not technically A native 4K projector just to be clear It uses Texas Instruments XBR pixel Switching Tech to mimic Ultra HD but it Does so with Flare and still manages to Look sharp as heck it works straight From your coffee table so no need to Hang it overhead or tuck it somewhere Behind the sofa though if you can manage A 6.5 foot distance you'll be rewarded With just over 100 inches of screen Space Coupled with the 3 000 anti-lumen Brightness the Ben qtk 700 STI should Give up a great cinematic experience Even in broad daylight although the lamp Life leaves something to be desired it's Rated at only 15 000 hours even on the Most eco-friendly setting and boy does

It throw out some heat from the front Right corner There are a few issues with everyday use However such as changing the volume in The YouTube app being different from how It's done in any other app and the Keystone being a bit of a pain to get Right with limited functionality Compared to the X skinny projectors Overall some external speakers are Necessary to get a well-rounded sound as The speakers are a little weak but There's a lot of gaming power behind This little projector At number two we got the X gimme hello For a little more money than the X can Be Elfin the Halo adds even more Portability to the list of great Features this one comes with a solid Battery that'll keep you going for a Good three hours at least in standard Mode and it can also be used as a Portable Bluetooth speaker the hellos Got a good Obelisk style to it and the Shape actually is the first we've seen That lends itself to ceiling projection It does block the exhaust if you lay it Down but it's a fun option to have if You're laying in bed or want to project Onto the roof of your blanket fort When it comes to a gaming mode the X-gamy Halo comes in with a higher Latency than most on this list but we Didn't find it to be too much of an

Issue with RPG titles and you have to Remember response time isn't everything As long as you have it in gaming mode It's just fine but serious competitive Gamers may find issues with it Still the fact it's a supremely portable Smart Android device that boots up Quickly and doesn't need to be yards From the wall in order to get a good Sized screen going is great it's worth Noting that the hello should be Projecting Square on if you want to Utilize gaming mode though as it Prevents Keystone correction from Working Moreover we encountered a minor Difficulty with the autofocus attempting To refocus whenever we jostled the Camera's stand however it is simple to Switch to manual focus through a Hardware switch on the bottom of the Controller the volume buttons can then Be used to make adjustments however this Means that you must pick between manual Focus and the ability to adjust the Volume Overall although the Highlight C may be An issue for competitive games its Portability and small size make it one Of our recommendations however it is Still well within the bounds of being Imperceptible to the majority of humans Foreign Is the benqx 1300i gaming projector the

X 1300i is officially a console gaming Projector at its core is for Led DLP Projector technology this means that it Has all the advantages of an LED device Such as a longer lifespan and cooler Operation compared to Classic lamp Models while a greater number of LED Sources increases its brightness Compared to popular three LED models A projector with a brightness of 3000 Lumens is a very good rating for its Price range unfortunately it's only a 1080p projector technically it supports 4K resolution but that simply allows you To input at 4K and have it scaled down To 1080p Additionally you would double The input delay to 16 milliseconds which Is not something we would recommend Nonetheless the image quality while Gameplay is exceptional The color reproduction is deep and Rich Which is frequently distractingly Lacking on less expensive projectors and The picture detail is maintained Consequently utilizing the x1300i does Not feel like gaming through a chiffon Curtain but rather like an open window Into a game world even on an uneven and Somewhat off-white wall There's no major ghosting or blurring Even during high contrast frames such as A barrel exploding in the dead of night And the picture quality allows you to Pick up details from a great distance

The built-in speakers are surprisingly Punchy and the 30 000 hour lamp life Means it'll last a while longer than the Speedier BenQ model provided you don't Block the exhausts As long as it can be mounted on the Ceiling which is the optimal location There should be no problem ensure you Have adequate space for a long throw Projector prior to making a purchase it Has great brightness so sunlight Shouldn't interfere with your gaming Experience as with the rest of the Projectors on our list we discovered That this one functions best in the dark This projector has the kinds of speeds One would expect from a Sleek gaming Display Thanks for watching that's all for now And hope all of you guys enjoy the video Thanks [Music] [Music]

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