Best Gaming Keyboards 2023 – Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards 2023

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[Music] The best gaming keyboard is an essential Peripheral for any serious gamer whether You're an avid Sports gamer an m o Player with complex ability rotations or Just a gamer looking for a great looking Keyboard to complement their rig And here are the top 5 best gaming Keyboards of 2023 [Music] You can buy it at the link in the Description below the video [Music] Thank you Number five Steel series Apex Pro 200 US dollars The steelseries Apex Pro is an Incredible model for gaming although it Doesn't have 44 RGB zones dedicated Macro keys and included PBT keycaps like The Corsair K100 RGB This keyboard has proprietary omnipoint Switches which allow you to adjust the Pre-travel distance on a per key basis It means you can set your waste keys to A minimal pre-travel distance for a Super sensitive gaming experience but You can also keep the rest of your keys At a more standard pre-travel distance For chatting away without worrying about Typos There's also a whole host of Hardware Features like a programmable OLED screen Where you can display a gif or an image

Or you can use the screen to make On-the-fly settings adjustments Or if you want a game with a controller On your PC you can use the USB Pastor Feature to connect it of course it's no Surprise that the latency on this Keyboard is outstandingly low so it's Well up to the task of handling any gain You throw at If you don't care about RGB zones or Having the kitchen sink built into the Keyboard this keyboard is a solid Choice As it adds a whole new dimension of Customizability to a high performing Gaming board Performance Wise It's among the best Gaming keyboards which makes its 199 Dollars price tag worth the splurge Foreign Number four Razer Huntsman 2 200 US dollars So you're looking for a gaming keyboard Because you want to go fast and get a Competitive Edge Mechanical keyboards are a strong start But the Razer Huntsman V2 lets you go Even further with Optical switches and An 8 000 Hurst polling rate By using optical key switches Razer Avoids one of the main things slowing Traditional mechanical keyboards down Debounce De-bounds can add a few milliseconds of Delay to a mechanical switch registering

An input and in competitive games every Millisecond counts instead the Huntsman Offers two Optical switch options clicky For a Snappy response and satisfying Sound or linear for a quieter and Smoother typing experience Of course the Razer Huntsman V2 goes Well beyond having technically excellent Switches It offers up a solid design that looks Dazzling on your desk with custom RGB Lighting options for each key You'll find a comfortable plush wrist Rest on Deck as well though it attaches With magnets so you can easily add or Remove it as you please There's even enough onboard memory to Store up to five profiles and you'll be Able to make quick adjustments to your Audio with dedicated media controls Foreign Number three Rocket Vulcan 121 ammo 160 US Dollars The rawcap Vulcan 121 ammo is arguably One of the most unique looking Mechanical gaming keyboards you'll find On the market Rather than having keycaps that cover up The key switches this keyboard only has Keycaps over the top of the key leaving The rest exposed The Vulcan ammo 121 features a sleek Black chassis with a subtle grain design On top of which you'll find brightly

Colored translucent key switches and Ultra thin black keycaps If you set the keyboard up with rainbow Lighting effects which the rocket swarm Software lets you do you may find it Difficult to tear your eyes away Of course rocket didn't just make the Vulcan 121 ammo look like this just for The hell of it Its reduced keycaps only weigh half as Much as regular ones allowing them to Reset quicker and that extra time can Give you an advantage over opponents It's also about anti-ghosting and nkro To ensure every Stoke is registered In terms of feel Rocket's mechanical Titan tactile switches fall somewhere Between the speed of a Cherry MX red Mixed with stronger tactile feedback That you would get from a typical Cherry MX Brown All the keys are even remappable plus Some macro keys are thrown in Number two Logitech g910 Orion spark RGB 85 US Dollars Logitech g910 Orion spark is undoubtedly A high-speed New Age gaming keyboard Its Flagship in-game arcs control allows You to keep an eye on your system's GPU Usage GPU memory CPU Health Etc The keyboard boasts of its exclusive Roamer G mechanical switches that Contribute 25 faster actuation getting

Better command over your keystrokes Furthermore the nine built-in Programmable G Keys enable you to Customize your commands and Achieve Super fast maneuvering qualities within Seconds Simply install the app on your Smartphone and put it in the dedicated Slot of your keyboard As a result you can strategize your Gameplay or pause the game considering Your PC or laptop status The keyboard includes pre-loaded Lighting profiles of 300 plus games that Make each game session special Furthermore with 16.8 million Vivid Color profiles you can pick any color That suits your eyes and game Number one Corsair k70 RGB tcal 150 US dollars A compact tkl version of corsair's Excellent full-size k70 RGB amk2 gaming Keyboard the 150 US Dollars k70 RGB Takeal is designed for Esports but has Features any competitive gamer will Appreciate It uses corsair's axon processing Technology to get a polling rate up to 8 000 Hertz that virtually eliminates the Chance that input lag is going to cost You a victory At 8 000 Hurst it reports key presses Every 0.125 milliseconds and it has a 4 000 Hurst keys can rate four times

Faster than competing keyboards so it's Both detecting and transmitting Keystrokes far faster than the average Gaming keyboard with a 1 000 Hertz Polling rate Corsair used Cherry MX red mechanical Switches though in some regions it will Be offered with MX speed or silent Switches as well The regular linear red switches are fast Smooth and just reliably good There's perky RGB backlighting shining Through durable double shot pbtk caps And Corsair also includes some textured Keycaps for gaming Corsair's issue software was overhauled Recently to make setting up lighting Programming macros and remapping keys More straightforward while you can Create Limitless profiles and lighting Layers that are accessible when using IQ You can also store up to 50 individual Profiles to the keyboard's onboard Memory Those are accessible without running AQ And even when you're on systems that Don't support IQ You can also store up to 20 lighting Layers if you're looking for a fast Full-featured compact keyboard for FPS And mlba games the k70 RGB kale has you Covered [Music] [Applause]


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