Best Gaming HDD of 2022 | The 5 Best Gaming Hard Drives Review

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The best gaming hard drive allows you to Store your files or games with extended Memory it improves the performance of Your PC or gaming console while reducing The live timing games Hello guys in this video we're looking At the five best gaming hard drive of 2022 and if you want more information we Also put the links in the description Box down below thanks Starting our list with number five we've Got the Seagate barracuda when it comes To PC gaming and general desktop Computing everyone knows the name Seagate Seagate is one of the most Trusted names in the world of data Storage because it has been making Computer parts and storage solutions for 40 years Seagate Barracuda is our pick for the Best low-cost hard drive for gaming it Is a high performance drive that is both Fast and flexible and it is a great deal This is a standard internal 3.5 inches HDD that connects via a SATA connector Making it compatible with pretty much Any desktop PC on the market it's great For Triple A games due to its high Capacity and the basic models come with One TB of storage space and Seagate now Offers drives up to 14 TB in size which Makes for 9 unmatched storage capacity Unless you plan on installing every Single title from your game library at

The same time it's highly unlikely You'll ever run out of space with such a Massive drive all of the drives in the Barracuda series spin at 7200 RPM so you Won't need to purchase the largest hard Drive to enjoy good gaming performance As is usually the case with HDD Manufacturers that being said we'd Suggest avoiding the 1tb model if you Also want a larger cache and all drives Come with 256 MB of cash except the 1tb Model which comes with just 64 NB While that isn't much of a deal breaker For everyday use it can your Game's performance especially for super Demanding games that rely on loading Speed to deliver the best experience There's also the matter of value as You're getting better performance and Storage on a 2tb at just a slightly Higher price Speaking of prices Seagate has the best 2tb HDD for gaming and the drives cost Just slightly above fifty dollars Meaning that you're essentially paying Under thirty dollars per terabyte that's Already an amazing value but the cost Per terabyte drops as the capacity Increases meaning that larger disks are An even better value the 2tb one is Still a sweet spot though it's Affordable without sacrificing any Performance making it a well-balanced Hard drive for gaming and since it's

Seagate's most popular product they're Bound to have a lot in stock Foreign Next with number four we've got the WD Blue internal hard drive Another big name in the world of Computer storage is the Western Digital Corporation or WD for short WD is Another American old-timer and innovator When it comes to hard drives among the Many products that this company offers Today there's no denying that its most Popular gaming HDD Is WD blue The HDD are color-coded so the green Line is the eco-friendly low power Consumption one red drives are for Nas Systems black is Enthusiast level and External drives and the blue ones are All rounders we wanted a budget-friendly Solution for this list so we chose the Blue drive to say that WD blue is a Popular choice would be an Understatement it has almost become a Default choice for many gamers looking To expand their storage on a budget Let's talk about price first this is an Incredibly affordable gaming hard drive Available for under forty dollars for a 500 GB model or just a few dollars more For a 1tb drive the latter is the best Option right now if you're building a Multi-drive configuration or planning a Raid setup we're recommending the 1tb Drive over 2tb and other bigger models

Because of how WD makes these HDD the 1tb model spins at both 7 200 RPM and 5400 RPM and all higher capacity drives Are locked to 5400 RPM which is not Ideal in this day and age Compared to seagate's best HDD for Gaming WD blue with 2tb of storage is Simply not a great deal on the flip side Some of these bigger drives are equipped With 256 MB of cash but we highly Recommend shopping around and deciding Yourself whether it's worth sacrificing RPM for a bigger cache All in all WD blue remains a good choice Even in the age of SSD dominance Solid State Technology still can't offer the Same value for terabytes of storage and Content creators who record and edit Many gameplay videos will still find Plenty to like with this gaming hard Drive Next up at number three we've got the Shiba X300 Chiba is an I.T giant that needs no Special introduction and this Japanese Company has been in business for nearly 150 years and is responsible for some of The best tech in our homes It made quite a splash on the PC storage Market with its prestigious line of X 300 hard drives these aren't your Everyday HDD as they're more secure and Faster than nearly anything else on the Market right now

Toshiba x 300 is a performance Drive Marketed around gaming and content Creator segments of the market it'll be The best gaming HDD if you're not just Playing games but also creating content Around them at first glance this hard Drive might not seem that different from Any other hard drives for PC it spins at 7200 RPM connects to a SATA port and it Doesn't come in a fancy case but its True strength lies in all the tech Toshiba managed to fit into it first of All the storage capacity the minimum Capacity is 4 TB and there are models With up to 16 TB of storage which is Unlikely to leave any gamer wanting Additionally these hard drives come with Large caches of up to 512 MB ensuring Maximum performance for your apps It's not just the best gaming hard drive It can also protect your data from External damage all x 300 models have a Dual stage actuator design which allows Faster and safer data access in addition Toshiba added an internal shock sensor To ensure no data is lost while its Stable platter reduces Vibrations by Stabilizing the motor on both ends the Only real downside of these drives is The price starting at almost 100 these Aren't the most affordable hard drives For gaming and the prices can get quite High if you're going for 8 or more TB of Storage space but if you're creating 4K

Gaming content the Toshiba x 300 is Simply a must buy for your rig and there Are no other drives that can store so Much data and still run fast At number two we've got the Seagate fire Cuda the way Seagate fire kyuta was Designed is especially interesting at Its core it's a 7200 RPM hard drive or 5400 RPM drive if you go with a 2.5 Inches version it doesn't even have a Large cache just the standard 64 MB However it uses the latest Nan flash Memory with 8GB of extra capacity that Acts as a true buffer this flash storage Isn't directly available to users Instead the hard drive uses it to store Files for quick access and it's all Automated and requires no extra setup Just connect it to the SATA port booted Up and you're ready to go it can't Compete with solid-state drives but it Definitely pulls ahead of a regular hard Drive that's another reason why this is A popular HDD for gaming consoles Especially the last generation PlayStation and Xbox One devices both Consoles came with hard drives installed But manufacturers didn't stop users from Switching out these drives for faster SSH g1s the only thing to remember is to Purchase the 2.5 inches model as it is The one compatible with laptops and Consoles If you want the best loading speeds in

Your games but pricey SSD are out of the Question fire Cuda is the top gaming HDD For you depending on the game you'll see Loading speeds up to five times faster Than what you get with standard drives Even if it doesn't come close to the Blister and read and write speeds of a Solid-state drive this is an incredible Upgrade from the age-old tech best of All these drives are very durable secant Issues The Five-Year warranty with each Unit and 2.5 inches drives employ Additional power saving features to Prolong the drive's life and reduce Heating the only downside is the limited Storage capacity as they only come in One TB and two TB versions so if you Need more storage you'll have to get a Regular HDD The last product on our list is the WD Black P10 Aside from PC drives Western Digital Also makes the best HDD for console Gaming here we're talking about the WD Black P10 gaming Drive unlike other Drives listed here this is an external Drive however it has performance Comparable to an internal hard drive Through a speedy USB 3.2 connection The P10 looks quite good and really Stands out due to the black industrial Looking case with the logo imprinted in Bold font perhaps it's no surprise that There's also a Call of Duty themed model

Of course we can't Crown at the best WD HDD for gaming simply because of its Appearance especially not when it comes To console gaming as consoles are moving To SSD for storage but keeping Compatibility with previous generations Gamers are facing a dilemma on one side Is a super fast SSD powered by pcie4 but On the other is limited storage and a Rough reminder that Call of Duty can Easily take up over 200 GB of HDD space Luckily both PlayStation and Xbox Support load of old gen games through a 3.0 USB which is where the WD black P10 Comes to the rescue this drive is at the Top of the gaming hard drives list Thanks to its performance in USB 3.2 gen 1 connection Western Digital states that P10 can reach static transfer speeds of 140 megabits per second and with a Considerable storage capacity of up to 5 TB you can rest assured that you'll Always have your gaming library with you Ready to go if your console's operating System is up to date you won't even need To format it specifically for a gaming Console while WG black doesn't come Cheap it is the best hard drive for Gaming if you like free games the Selection of freebies changes from time To time and retailers often have Different offers so make sure you check What's in the gift basket before Snatching one of these drives up

And it is a must-have for any gamer who Likes to play various games across Different console Generations Thanks for watching that's all for now And hope all of you guys enjoy the video Thanks [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music]

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