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The best gaming desk can quite literally Change the way you game a good gaming Desk should have enough room for your Keyboard mouse and monitor and it should Also be sturdy and easy to use Hello guys in this video we're looking At the five best gaming desks of 2022 And if you want more information we also Put the links in the description box Down below thanks Starting our list with number five we've Got the erazi arena Ultra wide curved Gaming desk the erazi arena gaming desk Is a popular option for those looking to Load their desk up with monitors or a Single Ultra wide display with a surface That's 63 inches long and a depth of 32 Inches there's plenty of desk space for Not only your displays but your mouse Keyboard and any other gaming Accessories you want the matte material Comes in an array of color options as Well as a pure black auction that Ditches some of the stylings for a more Understated look notably this gaming Desk comes with a large mouse pad that Matches the shape and size of the Surface area converting the entire top Of the desk into a usable pad this is a Hefty mouse pad that weighs 7 pounds so You don't have to worry about it sliding Around all the time while it lacks bonus Accessories like a cup holder or headset Hook the air Aussie gaming desk adds

Meaningful features you'll probably Appreciate more including the ability to Adjust the height of the desk that means You don't have to worry about your Gaming chair fitting under the desk or That your monitor will be at the prop Ergonomic height you can easily Customize the arizi desk to your desired Height the arrowsy arena desk also has a Great cable management system with three Cutouts in the desk and a mouse or pad Surface that allow you to hide cables in A net underneath the table in addition The feet are adjustable as well so be Sure to follow the assembly instructions Carefully and tighten the screws in the Feet to prevent wobble overall if you Have an ultra wide gaming monitor or Want to have an impressive array of Gaming displays in front of you at the Same time the air Aussie Arena can Handle all that at a reasonable price Next with number four we've got the Flexispot en1b gaming desk The plexus body n 1B may not have the Catch's name here but it is a strong Motorized adjustable desk that is Perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade Their gaming or home office setup and it Will do all of this for a reasonable Price The flexible can be adjusted from a Height of 27.8 inches to a height of 47.6 inches which should cover all of

Your sitting and standing needs the Control panel can remember up to four Different height settings it moves Smoothly at a rate of one inch per Second and makes just under 50 decibels Of noise while running and you can also Set your height manually and the four Digit display will show you the current Level Stability is of course the most Important thing you want from a desk if Every day is bouncing along as you type It doesn't matter if you're sitting or Standing you're going to want to break It up the good news is that the Flexipose is Rock Solid even though I Have an old screen the flimsy stand it Doesn't move even with my most Aggressive emails when you raise and Lower the desk the smooth action Instills confidence as well and it's Just as sturdy at its highest position It's easy to put together and it takes Just over an hour to turn the two boxes Into a desk that works and can be used In many ways it would have been nice to Have a few more pre-drilled holes for The control box and a central beam but The surface is easy to screw into with a Little effort the only bad thing about The desk is that there are no sensors to Stop the motor if it hits something when It's going down this could be expensive If your chair gets caught under it or

Upsetting if it's your pet overall the Flex-a-spot en1b gaming desk is a great Desk that can be used while sitting or Standing and doesn't cost a lot Next up at number three we've got the BDI stance gaming desk The BDI stance is beautiful which is the First thing you'll notice the satin Edge Tempered glass surface and powder coated Steel legs set it apart from cheaper Standing desks which often have laminate Surfaces that are easy to scratch BDI Says that its glass finish protects Against scratches and fingerprints and Are experience mostly backs up that Claim it took more than an hour to put Together and since it weighs more than 100 pounds we recommend having a second Person around to help stand it up the 48 By 24 inch desk was more than enough Room but if you need more space you can Get a six to six by 30 inch desk Overall this dance has a modern Minimalist look and the tempered glass Finish gives off a strong CEO of a Techstar tub Vibe which you can decide Is a good thing or not the modesty panel Is nice for hiding sloppy cable work but You don't need if you plan to put the Desk in the corner of a room However this desk doesn't come cheap the Stands retails for around one thousand Four hundred fifty dollars and this Doesn't include the cost of the keyboard

Drawer or modesty panel much like a good Couch a good desk cost a lot up front But will last you years but spending Around 1 700 on a desk is probably a Non-starter for most Gamers you could Buy a high-end PC and a cheaper desk for The same amount The only big problem with stance as a Gaming desk is that it doesn't have a Lot of storage space you can hide a Keyboard and mouse in an optional Keyboard drawer which has little holes For the cables to go through the surface Of the keyboard drawer is a rough rubber That doesn't look good and doesn't work Well as a gaming mouse surface for Day-to-day use if you skip the drawer Invest in a giant mouse pad to give you All the gaming surface you need without Smudging the glass Sure it's super pricey but if you have About one thousand four hundred fifty Dollars burning a hole in your pocket And are looking to class up your work And play Space the BDI stands electric Lift desks are seriously well crafted And stylish At number two we've got the Lion Light Dk04f the lion lie dk-04f is the Ultimate gaming desk simply because it Will essentially also be your PC and its Security device as well it's going to be Incredibly hard for any would-be Thief To make off with your rig should it be

Housed inside this weighty Beast with a One meter width this Behemoth is the Smaller sibling as well but Lion Light Also makes the dk-05f in which you can Fit two discrete gaming PC The desk itself is not that easy to Build however the individual legs are Super heavy and the metal chassis isn't Much better you'll need a hand making it Or maybe an engine winch There were also some misaligned screw Holes on my review sample though that Has not impacted its impressive solidity In the end even with a couple of Monitors mounted directly on the desktop It's a robust desktop even at its full Height then there's that tempered glass Top it's frosted which makes the Included RGB strips look great when your System's fully built but at a single Button press it can be made crystal Clear so you can gaze adoringly down Into your PC insides it's completely Unnecessary but I love it however it's a Blessing and a curse because even the Best gaming mouse will need a good mouse Mat with that glass surface beneath it But at one thousand five hundred dollars It's insanely expensive and with just a One year warranty that feels a little Stingy too and that's also without any Of the components needed actually to Build a PC into it all told that's a Hell of a lot for a gaming desk and a

Lot for a PC chassis but it is a lovely Lovely thing for the serious enthusiast The last product on our list is the Flexi spot compared eg8 Standing desks are generally what comes To mind when one thinks of gaming desks But if you're someone who's worried About the health effects of sitting too Much or who suffers from back pain a Standing desk is worth considering the Flexi spotcom heart eg8 is one of the Top standing desks we tested and it Works great as a multi-purpose desk for Both gaming and working from home Available in either all black or all White kamhari G8 has a Sleek glass top That gives the desk a premium look and Feels and it's as expensive as it looks Coming in at 500 for the list price However if you're looking to invest in a Standing desk we think the compar eg8 is Worth the price for its Bevy of features Powered by a motor that plugs into the Wall this standing desk is operated by a Small control panel on the right side Which is up and down arrows that you use To raise or lower the desk to your Preferred height Notably four programmable height presets Are available so you can State your Preferred standing and sitting Heights And share the desk with others if needed A child lock prevents the desk from Being activated accidentally and there's

An anti-collision feature as well though We do have issues getting this to work Every time when we tested this desk The compart eg8 also has three USB Charging ports so you can easily charge Smaller devices like your phone and Tablet while keeping them close by Assembly is surprisingly simple and Quick as well Overall if gaming is your only Consideration you may be better off Choosing one of the other desks on this List that offer gaming specific features But if you want a desk that you can do Work at as well as play games and one Start taking more standing breaks the Kamhar eg8 is an excellent choice Thanks for watching that's all for now And hope all of you guys enjoy the video Thanks [Music] [Music]

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